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Winter Kittens (Anthology)
by : Kathryn Kirkwood ,
Judith A. Lansdowne, Jeanne Savery

From the busy streets of London, where the members of the ton prepare for the enjoyments of the winter social season, to the quiet villages and country manors, lords and ladies--aided by their matchmaking cats--set about the wonders of a winter courtship.

A Family for Felix by Kathryn Kirkwood

Every afternnon the cat that belongs to Lord Stonehill's sister disappears, only to return with a new toy or a bright ribbon. Intrigued, Stonehill follows the feline Felix, and finds the puss has a young family--and a new friend, the lovely Miss Margaret Whitmore, an avowed bluestocking. Stonehill thought London held no new pleasures...until Felix introduced the jaded peer to this special young lady.

Rescuing Rosebud by Judith A. Lansdowne

Having lost his wager, his intended bride, and his favorite horse, Lord Carrington is in no mood to be enchanted by the sweet kitten that tumbles down his chimney. Rosebud's mistress, Miss Winnifred Bittle, finds Carrington's coldness a great puzzle. Why should such a handsome gentleman rebuff all company? She's not even certain she wishes to further the acquaintance. But Rosebud soon has them both under the cat's paw...

The Four-Penny Catby Jeanne Savery

The reclusive Lord Manningford is delighted when the widowed author Carolyn Weston replies to his gift of a kitten--worth only a penny--with charm and wit. Alas, their hopes of friendship are threatened by Manningford's knowledge of a betrayal in Carolyn's past. Can the one-penny kitten who brought them together inspire romance in two troubled people and prove himself a four-penny cat?


Winter Kittens (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
January 1999
Anthology- Regency

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