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Eye On Romance
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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Lynsay Sands
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I was born in 1142 which is why my first love is historicals. I’ll let you guess why I love stories of immortals…er…well, vampires to you people. When I first started writing the family history, everyone was up in arms, afraid I was revealing too much, but I explained they were being published as fiction and I wouldn’t use real names. Of course, that was before I found I just couldn’t write the stories with other names… Just kidding! I couldn’t resist. Of course, I’m not a vampire. I wouldn’t mind being one. It would be a heck of a diet and I’m always looking for a successful diet, but despite not being a vampire…well…a gal can dream can’t she? And that’s what books are; waking dreams or stories, tales to amuse, entertain and distract us from everyday life. I love books. Reading books takes me away to other worlds and on grand adventures I just couldn’t have otherwise. Writing them does the same, but also lets me play God for a bit. I know that sounds weird, but when writing my stories, I decide who lives and dies, who succeeds or fails and so on. I can give the good guys the happy endings they deserve and be sure the bad guys lose and get their comeuppance. Unfortunately, that’s something that doesn’t always happen in real life. Perhaps that’s why writers write. Maybe we writers are all secret control freaks, wanting to control the world. Or maybe we’re just dreamers lucky enough to be able to make a living at dreaming. Either way I love writing and would do it whether I was paid for it or not. But I’m very very grateful to be able to share these stories with you. I hope they help you escape your troubles and trials if only for a little bit, and I hope they make you smile…You can be certain I’m often chuckling myself silly while writing them. Enjoy!

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Book Series
An English Bride in Scotland
Devil of the Highlands
Madison Sisters
Book List
Always (07/00)

Bliss (09/01)

Brat, The (05/07)

Brat, The (reprint) (04/11)

Chase, The (12/04)

Chase, The (reprint) (04/11)

Countess, The (02/11)

Deed, The (12/00)

Deed, The (mass market) (08/11)

Devil of the Highlands (01/09)

English Bride in Scotland, An (06/13)

Heiress, The (03/11)

Hellion and the Highlander (03/10)

Highlander Takes a Bride, The (07/15)

Husband Hunt, The (02/12)

Key, The (01/03)

Key, The (reprint) (11/12)

Knight of My Dreams (reprint) (05/14)

Lady Pirate (06/16)

Lady Pirate (01/01)

Love Is Blind (08/06)

Perfect Wife, The (09/05)

Perfect Wife, The (reprint) (04/11)

Reluctant Reformer, The (02/02)

Sweet Revenge (02/00)

Sweet Revenge (reissue) (11/14)

Switch, The (08/99)

Switch, The (reissue) (11/13)

Taming the Highland Bride (01/10)

To Marry a Scottish Laird (06/14)

What She Wants (09/02)

What She Wants (reprint) (04/11)


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