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Halfbreed Warrior (reprint)
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Meet Patricia Hagan
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About Patricia
Pat is the published author of over forty books of romantic fiction. Several of her titles have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list. One of her books, "Ocean of Dreams", is based on her own shipboard romance when she met her former husband, a Norwegian engineer.

She is also a former Radio/TV Motorsports Journalist, covering NASCAR Grand National Stock Car Racing. Her work has won many awards by the National Motorsports Press Association.

Pat has cruised the eastern and western Caribbean extensively, as well as the Greek Islands, the fjords of Norway all the way to the North Cape, and has made several transatlantic crossings.

She prefers traveling single, because it gives her more opportunities to meet and make new friends. While she admits going solo is not for everyone, she says for her it is perfect, because she is an outgoing person, and, being a writer, enjoys meeting new "characters."

The only thing she does not like about traveling is having to leave behind her best friend and companion, Krysy, a 14-year old Wire-haired fox terrier.

Pseudonym/s: Patricia Hagan Howell, Maggie James

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Book Series
Coulter series
Book List
  Cupid's Kiss - (02/96)
Simply Heaven - (12/95)
Say You Love Me - (05/95)
Starlight - (07/94)
Orchids in Moonlight - (11/93)
Forever Kind of Love, A - (12/92)
Desire, The - (10/92)
Heaven in a Wildflower - (03/92)
Daring, The - (07/91)
Midnight Rose - (04/91)
Love and Triumph - (01/91)
Love and Honor - (09/89)
Love and Dreams - (09/88)
Love and Splendor - (10/87)
Love and Fury - (09/86)
Love's Wine - (07/85)
Savage Heart, This - (11/84)
Dark Journey Home - (11/83)
Winds of Terror - (11/83)
Golden Roses - (09/83)
Love and Glory - (03/82)
Passion's Fury - (01/81)
Souls Aflame - (04/80)
Raging Hearts, The - (10/79)
Love and War - (06/78)

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