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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Meet Rexanne Becnel
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About Rexanne
Rexanne Becnel swears that if it weren’t for coffee, she could not be a writer. All her creativity comes out longhand, fueled by café au lait and the occasional bagel. At two cups and four pages a day, times fourteen years and nineteen novels, that would be . . . coffee overload!

But she’s not worried, because as long as New Orleans teems with coffee houses, she’s reassured that her head will teem with stories.

Rexanne lives in New Orleans with her husband and dog, Sadie, a lovable SPCA mutt. She says her husband is a lovable mutt, too, but she found him in the Architecture Department at the University of Southwestern Louisiana when she was nineteen. They live happily near their two grown children and large extended families.

When not writing or doing family duties, Rexanne spends as much time as possible playing volleyball. She plays in leagues around town (against twenty-year-olds with firm thighs and no varicose veins) as well as in Senior Olympic tournaments both local and national. Rexanne encourages everyone to exercise and have fun, and if they’re over fifty and really want to have a blast, to look into Senior Olympic competition.

And at the end of the day when she’s met her writing goals, and played volleyball until she’s exhausted, there’s always that other wonderful pastime: reading great books.

Rexanne is the critically acclaimed author of numerous novels. Her novel My Gallant Enemy won the Waldenbooks First-Time Romance Author Award and the Romantic Times Award for Best Medieval Romance by a New Author.

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Photo: Rexanne Becnel
Book Series
Maker series
Book List
  Heartbreaker, The - (11/03)
Bridemaker, The - (11/02)
Troublemaker, The - (11/01)
Matchmaker, The - (02/01)
Mistress of Rosecliffe, The - (03/00)
Knight of Rosecliffe, The - (06/99)
Bride of Rosecliffe, The - (09/98)
Dangerous to Love - (11/97)
Dance with the Devil, A (Anthology) - (10/97)
Thief of My Heart - (10/96)
Maiden Bride, The - (09/96)
Heart of the Storm - (11/95)
When Lightning Strikes - (03/95)
Where Magic Dwells - (06/94)
Dove at Midnight, A - (05/93)
Rose of Blacksword, The - (06/92)
My Gallant Enemy - (04/91)

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