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Eagle's Song, The
by: Marylyle Rogers

Pocket Books, December 1992

LINNET: Brimming with sweet innocence, dutiful and obedient Linnet felt like a caged bird as sole lady of Castle Radwell and daughter of its Norman lord. Then she spied the elusive golden-haired stranger in her father's great hall and her fantasies took flight. Here was the hero to steal her breath away and inspire her wild, wild dreams. Only after he had scaled the battlements to enter her chamber did she realize he was her father's sworn enemy, the infamous Eagle, and he had swooped down to take her captive...

RHYS: Held hostage for ten years by the conquering Normans, Prince Rhys of Wales returned to find his home burned and lands ravaged. His fighting skills soon made him the legendary outlaw Eagle, and only cunning would protect his birthright. He had noticed the adoring looks of the pampered Lady Linnet, but not until he stood in her room with the candlelight on her ivory skin did he behold the charms that would make her abduction more dangerous than he planned...

Now forests dark and deep lay before them as the Eagle carried Linnet toward an unknown destiny where mortal danger would surround them, and where passion would never let them part...

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Series: Eagle series
Eagle's Song, The - Book 1
Twilight Secrets - Book 2

Eagle's Song, The

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Pocket Books
Publish Date:
December 1992
Time Period:
Historical: Wales - (800-1460) Medieval
Year Book Takes Place:
Rhys ap Griffith
Lady Linnet
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