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Five Golden Rings (Anthology)
by: Katherine Sutcliffe

Zebra, October 2000 ,
Jo Beverley,
Brenda Joyce,
Kat Martin,
Fern Michael.

Five bestselling authors deck the halls with romance for the holidays in this special collection, of previously published short stories, each featuring an Introduction by its author.

Book 1 -
Jo Beverley — Twelfth Night
Lady Alice Conyngham was jilted exactly six years ago. Now, at this year's Christmas festival, she must face the scandal of years past and the gentleman to whom she'd given her heart.

Book 2 -
Brenda Joyce — The Miracle
In a remote castle on a windswept island, an American beauty challenges a wild Irish nobleman . . . and finds that after innocence, passion comes-and a very special Christmas gift.

Book 3 -
Kat Martin — Christmas Angel
Despite having been on opposite sides of the war, Yankee doctor josh Coltrane is unprepared for the continued bitterness of long-lost love Angel Summers. Can these two former sweethearts learn to forgive and forget the past?

Book 4 -
Fern Michaels — A Bright Red Ribbon
Alone in her car, a weary traveler becomes lost in a blizzard. But a dog wearing a scarlet ribbon will lead Morgan Ames to a safe haven . . . and into the arms of a most unlikely hero.

Book 5 -
Katherine Sutcliffe — Home for Christmas
Virginia Valemere is barely hanging on to her prized horses. Her father's desperate need for medical attention may tip her over the edge. Virginia's enigmatic new neighbor Dr. Neil Ellison could wind up being her hope for salvation, or her ruin.
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Five Golden Rings (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
October 2000
Time Period:
Anthology- Historical: Seasonal- Christmas etc.
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