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Flame Run Wild, A
by: Christine Monson

Avon Books, February 1988

After the death of her husband, Liliane del Pinal is forced by her uncle to marry the Comte Alexandre de Brueil and to spy on him in order for them to get rid of their dangerous neighbor, a friend to the French king Phillip.

Liliane is determined to prove that her uncle and cousin are responsible for the sudden death of her beloved Diego and to protect the life of the Comte. But she didn't expect to fall in love with her mistrusting and reserved new husband.

For Alexandre, Liliane is a temptation he cannot resist even though he knows that she might be his downfall. He does not trust her but his heart and peace of mind are lost forever.

When Alexandre is called to join his king on the crusade to Palestine, Liliane follows in disguise. Under the hot desert sun and amidst the battle for Acra they love each other, hurt each other and save each other's lives. But will they overcome their pride and suspicion to have the family and love they both long for so desperately and will they be able to survive the deadly schemes of Liliane's relatives?

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Flame Run Wild, A

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Avon Books
Publish Date:
February 1988
Time Period:
Historical: Crusades 1095-1200
Alexandre de Brueil
Liliane del Pinal
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