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From This Day Forward
by: Victoria Thompson

Zebra, August 1997

A magnificent historical romance set on a Texas plantation during the Civil War. It is an unforgettable tale of two men and one woman . . . of honor lost and won . . . of a love that will steal your heart . . .

During the summer that the Yankees invaded Texas, young, wild Eric Ross stole Lori McClintock's innocence and turned her tender dreams of love to ashes. His brutal conquest left her more than devastated. Eric Ross, now away fighting with the Cavalry of the West, had left her with child.

When his older brother offered to marry her, Lori was stunned. For years, she had dreamed of being noticed by Adam Ross, of being taken to his sprawling plantation, of being adored-the way she secretly worshipped him. But in reality, Adam was a Southern gentleman; she was the daughter of a tenant farmer. He wanted her because her child would be a Ross . . . or so Lori believed. But now a battle had been ignited between brothers that was careening toward tragedy . . . threatening to expose a long-buried family secret . . . and awakening an unquenchable obsession not in one man, but in two . . .

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From This Day Forward

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Publish Date:
August 1997
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1861-1865) Civil War
Adam Ross
Lori McClintock
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