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by: Dolores A McCabe

Authorhouse, May 2006

The story is based upon facts drawn from KING HARALD'S SAGA and from various chronicles of the age.

NORTHWIND is a study of the clash of two cultures, the free-spirited, pagan, wild and reckless viking way of life and the proper, peace-loving, highly civilized world of Catholic Celtic Ireland.

NORTHWIND is set in the early Ninth Century. It follows the Ivarsson House and its fortunes throughout the world and back home to Norway. Eirik Ivarsson is the youngest son of Ivar, a Norwegian nobleman. His half-brother, Harald, is the son of Ivar and his second wife, a Welsh woman. The two brothers are inseparable, until an unfortunate series of events causes them to go their own ways. Eirik sails to Ireland and steals Moira from her homeland. Times are very hard in Norway. Eirik is forced to flee, but returns for his Irish wife and once again steals her from his sister's home. He and his brothers take to the rivers, and the adventure begins! The Eternal Triangle forms the theme of the relationships between Eirik and his half-brother and Moira. The dark Prophesy given first by Maegrith and then again by Ota the Seeress plays itself out as the Ivarssons gust through the world, seeking a home for themselves and a future for their children.

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Publish Date:
May 2006
Time Period:
Historical: Viking (789 - 1066)
early Ninth Century
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