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Education of Lady Frances
Miss Cresswell's London Triumph

by: Evelyn Richardson

Signet Regency, February 2006 ,
Two Regency classics reissued in 1 volume

Book 1 - “The Education of Lady Frances.”
Publisher: Signet - June 1989
Lord Julian Mainwaring, Marquess of Camberly, was the very opposite of Lady Frances Cresswell's ideal. Mainwaring was the dazzling star of a London society that Frances scorned. He treated females as sensual playthings, while Frances believed women should be informed and independent.
Frances had no wish to have anything to do with this arrogant lord. But when he ordered his niece and Frances's friend, Kitty, to London for the Season, Frances had to come along to protect the young innocent from his influence. There was no one, though, to protect Frances, as she learned how strong love's power was, and how frail her defenses.
Characters: Julian Mainwaring, Marquess of Camberly and Frances Cresswell

Book 2 - “Miss Cresswell's London Triumph.”
Publisher: Signet - October 1990
Bluestocking Cassie Cresswell must face down a local enchantress if she ever hopes to gain the favor of one Ned Mainwaring.
Characters: Ned Mainwaring and Cassandra Cresswell

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Education of Lady Frances<br>and<br>Miss Cresswell's London Triumph

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Signet Regency
Publish Date:
February 2006
Time Period:
Anthology- Regency
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