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Fire & Ice
by: Anne Avery

Love Spell, July 2001

Released under the publisher's multi-author mini-series - “Love Spell: Candleglow"

Ten years ago Kate Mannheim fled the Grand House for New York vowing never to return. To Kate the old mausoleum represents nothing but frightening bad memories of cold people even if it is her family home. Even her mother's burial when Kate was nine turned ugly due to her grandmother's nastiness about the deceased Sara. However, her employers are retiring and she wants to buy their small bookstore, but needs her deceased mother's diamonds to do so. That is if the gems exist. So here in the winter of 1933 Kate returns to North Dakota to obtain her mother's possessions from the Grand House. Though her spiteful grandmother just died, Kate quickly realizes that the current matriarch Aunt Ruth remains as acerbic as ever, but her uncle looks very frail. However, Elliot Carstairs' arms look even more inviting than when they were youthful lovers. As they rekindle the flame, she wonders if she can trust him to help her find the missing diamonds?

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Fire & Ice

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Love Spell
Publish Date:
July 2001
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1900-1930) Early American
Year Book Takes Place:
North Dakota
Elliott Carstairs
Kate Mannheim
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