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Nobody, The
by: Diane Farr

Signet Regency, January 1999

Into the night she fled . . .
A nobody. Caitlin Campbell had overheard Lady Elizabeth's words all too clearly. A portionless country girl, she'd felt hopelessly out of place at this elegant soiree, and the insult was enough to send her fleeing - unescorted, no less - into the dark London streets. Alas, her defiant impulse only earned her more trouble when a mysterious man hastily approached, swept her into his arms, and kissed her!

He apologized at once, thankful for her help in eluding the ruffians who pursued him. Flustered, she left him in a huff, wishing only to forget the unsettling incident, endure the Season, and return to her pleasant, if passionless, life. But then the stranger's identity was revealed: he was Lord Kilverton - fiancé of the dazzling Lady Elizabeth herself. To complicate matters further, he was embroiled in a frightening intrigue, into which Caitlin was soon drawn.

And in the most startling turn of all, he began to find himself utterly, completely compelled by this headstrong little "nobody" . . .

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Nobody, The

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Signet Regency
Publish Date:
January 1999
Time Period:
Regency: Love- Unacceptable- Unrequited- Unexpected
Viscount Kilverton
Caitlin Campbell
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