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Sweetest Dark, The
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Fanciful Heiress, The
by: Valerie King

Zebra Regency Romance, June 1990

A Romantic Miss . . .
Authoress Meg Longville was utterly aghast to learn that the disreputable Lord Worthen was enamored of her. True, she had been attentive to him, but only because she meant to use him as a model for the villain in her next romance novel! Worthen simply did not satisfy her image of a dashing hero, for it was well known that the handsome rogue refused on principle to duel in matters of honor. But the ungallant aristocrat had asked for her hand and Meg's father had consented. Now she had no recourse but to flee, for she would never marry a man who did not measure up to her dreams of selfless chivalry and breathless romance.

A Demanding Suitor . . .
Lord Worthen had little regard for Meg's fantasies of passion and sacrifice and he would brook no more of her resistance to his suit. It seemed the accomplished Miss Longville was sorely in need of a few lessons on the nature of true love and real life . . . and he was just the man to provide them. By the time he was through with his adorable Meg, she would know the difference between frivolous fiction and enticing fact!

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Fanciful Heiress, The

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
June 1990
Time Period:
Regency: Love- Unacceptable- Unrequited- Unexpected
Viscount Worthen
Meg Longville
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