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Flowers for Mama (Anthology)
by: Mona Gedney

Zebra, April 2002 ,
Cindy Holbrook, Mary Kingsley

Just in time for Mother's Day comes this collection of stories by three beloved Regency authors that celebrates the special joy of a mother's love for her children — and the charming romance of a mother in love.

Book 1 - Mona Gedney: “ A Match for Lady Verity.”
Time Period: Regency
Lady Verity Devlin will do almost anything for her cherished sons, Alexander and Julian — except marry again. In her mind, once was quite enough, especially since it was not a union of her choosing. But although her eldest son has a pressing reason for asking her to wed a particular groom, Verity will not hear of it. Until the proposed groom begins to press his case himself, and in the most romantic manner.

Book 2 - Cindy Holbrook: “The Lady Does Not!”
Time Period: Regency
Rosalind Treemont has never wished for marriage or motherhood. With two brothers, three cousins, and a rambling family estate, why should she wish for more trouble? Unhappily, her retriever, Jessica is of an opposite mind, bringing home all manner of small creatures to “mother” in the barn. Then the dog brings home a wounded man, and for Rosalind, romance is suddenly far more attractive!

Book 3 - Mary Kingsley: “The Runaway Duchess.”
Time Period: Regency
Katharine, Duchess of Trent, has never flinched from her duties to her children or her home, but one more careless note from her husband Robert asking her to plan another last-minute dinner is outside of enough. Within minutes, Katharine runs away, intending to teach her errant family how much they depend upon her. She doesn't expect Robert to give chase — and certainly not to court her all over again!

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Flowers for Mama (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
April 2002
Time Period:
Anthology- Regency
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