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Eligible Bride, An
by: Janice Bennett

Zebra Regency Romance, September 1989

A Secret Escapade . . .
Miss Helena Carstairs was tired of being sensible. For months she had been secretly selling her own embroidery to a modiste to keep her younger siblings in food and clothing. So when she was mistaken for a shop assistant, she impulsively played along and modeled a schockingly low-cut gown for the handsome Duke of Halliford. Mortified by that notorious rake's bold scrutiny and compromising remarks, she slipped away quickly, thankful to have kept her identity hidden . . .

An Inescapable Secret . . .
Halliford was in the country for one reason only -- to fulfill a promise to look after Captain Carstair's children. The last thing the cynical Corinthian desired was a passel of brats on his hands, particularly when he was in the distasteful process of finding a suitable wife -- one who was sensible, beyond reproach, and properly grateful for the honor of his name. Then he came face to face with the oddly familiar Helena, and the solution to all their problems was obvious. To his fury, Helena turned down his proposal. Halliford, however, was not a man to take no as an answer. Nor was he above resorting to some very persuasive means to get what he wanted . . .

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Series: Carstairs series
Eligible Bride, An - Book 1
Tempting Miss, A - Book 2
Logical Lady, A - Book 3
Lady's Champion, A - Book 4

Eligible Bride, An

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
September 1989
Time Period:
Regency: Guardian- Ward
Duke of Halliford
Helena Carstairs
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