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Elizabeth and the Major
by: Lynn Collum

Zebra Regency Romance, August 1997

He Quite Forgot His Manners
Miss Elizabeth Fields, a spinsterly vicar's daughter, had been invited to the strangest party of her rather uneventful life. She was to accompany her shy friend Juliet to an eccentric relation's estate where the finest of the several young ladies present would be chosen as the heir. Elizabeth was determined to put forward Juliet's case. Major Roderick Shelton had the same idea . . . that his flighty half sister would become mistress of a vast fortune.

She Was Determined to Be Rude
Now Elizabeth and Roderick were rivals at this most unusual soiree, and someone was attempting to sabotage Juliet's chances. Elizabeth thought the major was the culprit; he believed her to be a scheming minx. Soon a battle of wits was on between miss Elizabeth and Major Roderick, advancing through the drawing rooms, charging on horseback across the lawns, ending up in hand-to-hand combat and a most compromising tendre which could end in Elizabeth's ruin . . . or a smitten officer’s most passionate surrender!

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Elizabeth and the Major

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
August 1997
Time Period:
Regency: Antagonists- Competitors- Opposites
Roderick Shelton, Major
Elizabeth Fields
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