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by: Kathryn Hockett

Zebra Ballad, September 2002

Book 3 - Vikings series
A Magnificent Horizon
Unaware he is the second son of a powerful Viking Jarl, dark-haired Sean was raised in an Irish monastery, destined to become a man of letters. But then he offers shelter to a lovely young slave — and changes his life forever. For when Natasha is recaptured and dispatched to Russia aboard a Danish Viking ship, Sean knows that he must rescue her. With Viking blood coursing through his veins, he ventures through the high seas to an exotic land — seeking his heritage, his family, and his lady love.

An Uncharted Passion
Tasha had admired handsome, powerful Sean from afar and sensed that he was a man who would offer his protection when she fled her captors. Though their time together blossomed quickly into passion, cruel fate soon tore her from his embrace. Now, aboard a slave ship bound for Russia, Tasha is stunned to be reunited with her heart’s desire, who has been transformed into a Nordic warrior with bone-deep courage — and to whom she will pledge her own destiny . . . wherever it takes her.

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Series: Vikings series
Outcast - Book 1
Conqueror - Book 2
Explorer - Book 3


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Zebra Ballad
Publish Date:
September 2002
Time Period:
Historical: Viking (789 - 1066)
Year Book Takes Place:
Ireland/Eastern Russia
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