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Emerald Silk
by: Janet Lane

Five Star Publishing/Expressions, April 2008

This fast-paced romantic adventure is set in autumn, 1448 at England's Applewood hose fair in Somerset. Noblemen and traveling Gypsies alike have gathered to sell their finest stallions. The midnight peace is shattered when monastic knights invade the camp to reclaim a treasured chalice stolen by a Gypsy. The attack sets in motion a string of deadly pursuits, a mystery murder, and a political crisis involving the most prominent bishop in England. This historical adventure unfolds when Kadriya arrives at the horse fair, where the charming Gypsy King, Teraf, will announce their betrothal. Kadriya stands at his side, basking in the warmth of her realized dream. The dream becomes a nightmare, though, when Teraf is accused of stealing the emerald chalice and a fierce knight, John Wynter, delivers her fiance to the gallows. Sir John hates foreigners, but it is this man alone who holds the key to Kadriya's freedom. His bigotry blinds him, though, and if this humble knight cannot improve his vision, he may fail in his duty. In a single bell's toll, their lives and happiness rest on finding the power of love--and one elusive chalice.

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Series: Coin Forest
Tabor's Trinket (ebook) - Book 1
Tabor's Trinket - Book 1
Emerald Silk (ebook) - Book 2
Emerald Silk - Book 2
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Emerald Silk

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Five Star Publishing/Expressions
Publish Date:
April 2008
Time Period:
Historical: England - (1399-1471) House of Lancaster
Year Book Takes Place:
Somerset, England
Teraf, John Wynter
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