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Felicity's Folly
by: Marilyn J. Clay

Zebra Regency Romance, March 1997

ONE RAP FOR YES... Left without a sixpence, Felicity Rhoades, at three-and twenty, has vowed never to marry again. She intends to become a woman of independent means by taking in boarders. The "boarding house" is Rhoades Arbor, her late husband's grand estate; her "lodgers" will be the hoi polloi; and her first important guest is a titled gentleman.

TWO FOR NO... Unfortunately the best-laid plans... are going to the ghosts! The Earl of Maitland arrives pursued by a headless horseman. The other boarders turn out to be a pair of eccentric spinsters and a psychic. Strange noises are causing consternation; the garden is inexplicably being dug up every night; and Felicity becomes giddy whenever the charming earl is near.

...THREE FOR A WEDDING! As for the earl he thinks Felicity is quite balmy...and very beautiful. But every time he tries to embrace her, things go bump in the night. Something very odd is happening at Rhoades Arbor and it may lead a landlady and a certain captivated lord into the shadowy unknown--as a buried secret reveals the most thrilling mystery of all: love!

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Felicity's Folly

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
March 1997
Time Period:
Regency: Secrets- Deception- Hidden Past
Earl of Maitland
Felicity Rhoades
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