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Sweetest Dark, The
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Endless Sky, The
by: Kathryn Davis

Pinnacle, May 1990

Book 2 - The Dakotas series
Bold, sensuous and undaunted, the Vallambrosa family returns to the Dakota badlands to make a lifelong dream come true.

The Badlands had won the first time. Angry rivals of the Marquis de Mores had brought his financial empire to its knees. Defeated, he and his family were forced to retreat, taking their ambition and glorious dreams with them.

Now, years later, the Marquis is gone, and his powerful and charismatic son Phillipe has returned to the wilds of the Dakotas with Medora. Medora -- the Marquis' vibrant, sensuous, and brilliant widow. They've come back...determined to build the successful empire that had so painfully eluded them years ago.

But there are still many who would plot their ruin, and Medora and Phillipe find themselves trapped in a struggle that threatens to overwhelm them. Courageously, the valiant family clings to its dreams . . . even as the daggers of a nightmare close in!

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Series: The Dakotas series
At the Wind's Edge - Book 1
Endless Sky, The - Book 2

Endless Sky, The

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Publish Date:
May 1990
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1800-1890) West
Dakota Badlands
Phillipe de Vallombrosa
Marquis de Mores
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