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False Promises
by: Violet Hamilton

Zebra Regency Romance, September 1988

Lovely, titian-haired Verity Howard had disliked & womanizing Capt. Alastair Glendenning on sight, despite her brother's admiration. She was all too familiar with men of his stamp--men like the stepfather she had fled to Brussels to escape. And when she learned her brother was killed at the Battle of Waterloo, her dislike turned to hatred. For even as the brash commanding officer delivered the tragic news, his eyes were raking appraisingly over her, and his offer of help sounded suspiciously like an invitation to his bed!

Glendenning did not know what had possessed him to give his word to the dying young soldier that he would look after his sister. But give his word he had, and he would not go back on it -- no matter how the little chit resisted his efforts. After what he had heard about her relationship with her stepfather, it was no use trying to gammon him with her air of innocence. He knew damn well that beneath her icy disapproval beat a heart as warm and willing as any woman's -- at least, where a man like him was concerned!

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False Promises

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
September 1988
Time Period:
Regency: Brussels, Belgium
Alastair Glendenning
Verity Howard
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