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Night We Kissed, The
by: Laurie Brown

Zebra, October 2003

Book 2 - Masquerade series
A Woman With A Secret
Impersonating her young friend Precious is the most bizarre thing American Cordelia Weston has ever done, but in order to find her sister Emily’s errant British fiancé, Cordelia needs the aid of her friend’s family in London. Of course, the charade would be much easier to perpetrate if a certain charming nobleman determined to court Emily would stop interfering!

A Man With A Mission
When Anthony Burke, the Viscount Deering, receives an imperative from the Diplomatic Corps to secretly uncover a Confederate agent en route to London, all evidence points to a wily female. Flirtatious Emily Weston is the likely candidate — but spirited Precious is the girl who fascinates him!

A Night They’ll Never Forget
The tangled masquerade is complicated by Burke’s suspicions, dangerous international intrigue, and assorted bumbling relatives — not to mention one passionate night together that promises to change everything Burke and Cordelia believe about love!

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Series: Masquerade series
Truth about Cassandra, The - Book 1
Night We Kissed, The - Book 2
Christmas Wedding, The - Book 3

Night We Kissed, The

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Publish Date:
October 2003
Time Period:
Historical: England - (1837-1901) Victorian
Year Book Takes Place:
Anthony Burke
Viscount Deering
Cordelia Weston
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