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Fairy Tale
by: Jillian Hunter

Pocket Books, April 1997

Capture the grandeur of moat-encircled castles, the tradition of proud Highland clans, and the splendor of a romance so thrilling and passionate is the stuff of fairy tales!

Duncan MacElgin, of the devil's own reputation and sinful past, had been forced to return home to his crumbling Scottish castle-only to be ambushed by a woman! Worse, the tartan-clad female was impertinent, unrepentant, and beautiful ....

Convinced Duncan was the enemy, Marsali Hay ordered her bedraggled clansmen to attack the powerful chieftain. She never dreamed he was the infamous "Black Duncan," returning to bring his embarrassing clan of rebels under control. Determined to assert his authority, Duncan vows that Marsali will pay dearly for her mistake. The price for revenge, however, could be higher than he'd bargained for.

Marsali and her eccentric clansmen have more than a few surprises in store for their unsuspecting laird--a meddling old wizard and apprentice witch among them. But when Marsali confronts danger, Duncan realizes that in order to regain control of his castle, he might have to fight the battle of his life ...and surrender his hardened warrior's heart.

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Fairy Tale

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Pocket Books
Publish Date:
April 1997
Time Period:
Historical: Scotland - (1714-1811) Georgian era (UK)
Duncan MacElgin
Marsali Hay
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