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Faire Game
by: Jo Ann Ferguson

Zebra Regency Romance, June 2003

A killer takes aim...
After a hair-raising Season in London, Lady Priscilla Flanders is eager to return to the pastoral charm of Stonehall-on-Sea, and the simple pleasures of Lord Stenborough's annual Michaelmas Faire. Sure that the travelling players and the brightly colored tents of wares will erase the memory of a summer spent investigating murder, Priscilla is startled to hear that one of the actors has been killed by a crossbow. An unfortunate accident? She can only hope so. . .

Neville Hathaway is not so certain. One of his friends was injured in the incident-and he cannot bear the idea that Priscilla or her children will come to harm. When the vicar urges Priscilla to get to the bottom of the matter as she has done so admirably before, Neville is determined, as usual, to help. But while their snooping leads to some very pleasant moments alone together, he suspects that it may also lead them into straight into danger. . .

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Series: Priscilla Flanders Mysteries
Rather Necessary End, A - Book 1
Grave Intentions - Book 2
Faire Game - Book 3
Greatest Possible Mischief, The - Book 4
Digging Up Trouble - Book 5
Wedding Caper, The - Book 6

Faire Game

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
June 2003
Time Period:
Regency: Blackmail- Criminal Plot- or Murder
Neville Hathaway, Sir
Lady Priscilla Flanders
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