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Fortune's Bride
by: Victoria Malvey

Pocket Books, November 2000

Lady Alyssa Porter refuses to leave the future to chance. Determined to provide for her younger sister after the death of their parents, she conceives a most ingenious -- if somewhat shocking -- plan. Soon the exotic beauty is masquerading as Zora, gypsy fortune-teller extraordinaire. Before long, using intuition, wit, and a flair for high drama, she is the latest darling of the town, invited to the finest of homes and introduced to the most interesting of men.

Intrigued by tales of the mysterious gypsy, Mr. Ian Fortune is amused by her audacity as she spins beguiling tales for enthralled lords and ladies. Certain that Zora is neither gypsy nor seer, he is nonetheless enchanted by her bold ruse, though he wonders if others will take the deception so lightly. Drawn to her vibrant beauty, he vows to win her confidence and learn her secrets. For even the most fiercely independent female sometimes yields to the pleasures of a man's protection. And though this lady may not hold the future in her hands, she does hold the key to his heart.

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Fortune's Bride

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Pocket Books
Publish Date:
November 2000
Time Period:
Regency: Secrets- Deception- Hidden Past
Ian Fortune
Lady Alyssa Porter
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