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Flirt, The
by: Rachelle Nelson

Berkley Jove, December 1995

In the heart of Texas lives a family as big and bold as the state itself. The Daltrys are as different as they come, each with his or her own strengths -- and weaknesses. Every time a Daltry turns twenty years old they are presented with a task by their grandmother. These challenges are intended to teach then about character -- but they often learn quite a bit about love along the way . . .

Sons and Daughters, the Daltry family, a series written by the following authors:

  1. Book 1: Lorraine Heath - “The Ladies’ Man” ISBN: 051511636X
    The Task: Engaging Hercules “Lee” Daltry must quit ranching and be the town schoolmarm for a year . .
  2. Book 2: Linda Francis Lee - “The Wallflower” ISBN: 0515116831
    The Task: Shy Persephone “Persy” Daltry must spend a year in New York as a debutante . . .
  3. Book 3: Debra S. Cowan - “The Matchmaker” ISBN: 0515117110
    The Task: Loverboy C.J. Daltry must play cupid, he has one year to find a husband for a comely girl . . .
  4. Book 4: Rachelle Nelson - “The Flirt” ISBN: 0515117684
    The Task: Venus Daltry was the beauty of the family -- and she made sure everybody knew it! But the refined Texas belle almost lost her pretty head when her birthday labor was finally revealed. Venus was to spend a whole year riding on horseback from Texas to Nevada -- helping a dime novelist write his latest book!
    And the moment Venus met author Sanford Buchanan, she knew she was in big trouble. Sanford seemed rough, uncultured, and shall we say, blind to her legendary charms. But Venus's nightmare turns into a labor of love when she becomes smitten with her reluctant partner -- and is determined to make sure their story has a very happy ending . . .
  5. Book 5: Mary Lou Rich - “The Tomboy” ISBN: 0515118109
    The Task: Atalanta “Allie” Daltry has to learn to cook, dance, and be a lady . . .
  6. Book 6: Elaine Crawford - “The Perfect Gentleman” ISBN: 0515118451
    The Task: Entrepreneur Atlas “Bub” Daltry must put away his lists and take out a popular widow . . .

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Flirt, The

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Berkley Jove
Publish Date:
December 1995
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1800-1890) West
Sanford Buchanan
Venus Daltry
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