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Endless Seduction
by: Rosalyn Alsobrook

Zebra Heartfire, July 1992

Why was that man pointing a gun at her? Lovely Leona Stegall had troubles enough, what with trying to keep her family's mercantile afloat in the aftermath of the Civil War, but she certainly had no enemies! Then the gunman grabbed her roughly, and that's the last thing Leona remembered until she opened her eyes and gazed up at the handsomest man she'd ever seen. When her rescuer's touch turned passionate, Leona felt herself responding, her senses aflame. Thrilling to the stranger's ardent kisses and the feel of his strong hands cradling her body, she yearned to lose herslf in a firestorm of caresses in the arms of her blue-eyed hero . . . whoever he might be!

Dr. Lathe Caldwell was exhausted from five long years of tracking Zeb Turner, the vicious outlaw who'd stolen his inheritance and killed his brother. Now, he'd cornered the bandit here in Little Mound, Texas and he had him dead to rights . . . until Zeb grabbed a young woman, used her as a shield, then rode away out of gunshot range. Lathe bent to examine the wounded beauty . . . and felt far more than compassion as he touched her satiny flesh. Vengeance would have to wait! He'd carry this curvaceous miss to safety, awaken her with kisses, then claim her in love's fiery embrace for one long Texas night of soaring ecstasy.

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Endless Seduction

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Zebra Heartfire
Publish Date:
July 1992
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1800-1890) West
Lathe Caldwell
Leona Stegall
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