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Errant Earl, The
by: Madeleine Conway

Zebra Regency Romance, August 2004

When Earl Lazenby of Edenbridge is grievously injured by a carriage accident in a small Cheshire town, the local doctor appeals to Miss Francis Wilbraham to take him in while he recovers. Though the earl is known for his seductive and dissolute ways, Fran nonetheless makes him welcome in her home…and, much to her surprise, finds her patient to be a kind and intelligent man. But others are quite unhappy about their growing friendship—including Miss Wilbraham’s other suitor…

Alexander Ferrars, Lord Lazenby, is weary of the mess he’s made of his life, the years he’s wasted in gambling and debauchery since leaving the army. But now, though both body and soul are damaged, a bright, unspoiled country lady has somehow filled his worn heart with warmth and hope. Her relations, however, have another, more respectable match in mind for the lovely Miss Wilbraham…especially when the earl's former mistress turns up murdered, and all clues point to him. Now, in his darkest hour, Alexander vows to spare Fran from the trouble that’s engulfed him. But love—and Miss Wilbraham—won’t be so easily defeated . . .

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Errant Earl, The

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
August 2004
Time Period:
Regency: Danger- Fear- Suspense
Alexander Ferrars
Earl Lazenby of Edenbridge
Francis Wilbraham
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