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Forever Tree, The
by: Rosanne Bittner

Bantam Books, March 1996

They Came from Two Different Worlds . . .
Will Lassater had come to California to build a logging empire, never expecting to fall in love with this golden land. Then he beheld the exotic Spanish beauty called Santana, and the rugged New Englander was forever lost.
In her dark, luminous eyes he saw all that was beautiful and irresistible about this rich and fertile country -- all that he wished to possess yet did not fully understand.

But Nothing and No One Could Keep Them Apart . . .
With every beat of her innocent heart Santana knew that this tall, handsome, blue-eyed American was the only man she could ever love. But between Santana and Will stood a lifetime of tradition -- and a powerful and ruthless Spanish don who would kill any man who dared to covet his intended bride.
Now, as Will's dream of Lassater Mills becomes a reality, he will risk everything to make Santana his own. And though love cannot protect them from vengeful enemies or the fires of change raging across this land, it may give them the strength to face an uncertain future, and in the midst of tragedy the courage to begin anew . . .

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Forever Tree, The

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Bantam Books
Publish Date:
March 1996
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1800-1890) West
Will Lassater
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