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Nebraska Fire
by: Lauren Wilde

Zebra, January 1989

What had she done? And why had she ever thought it would work? Taking her best friend's place as a tutor to Alex Cameron's nephew had not been a good idea, not at all. And now, staring into the virile rancher's smoldering steel - gray eyes proved Lisa Wentworth was right. He didn't want her on his ranch, caring for the young boy. He wanted her gone and out of his coal-black hair. Yet when he held her against his strong muscular chest, his hands caressing her soft, full curves, she felt his hard, lean body tremble, and his warm lips on hers, telling her not to listen to his foolish words . . . but only to the wild beating of his heart that begged her never to leave him . . .

Alex Cameron was absolutely shocked when he found a beautiful, delicate creature standing in the middle of the godforsaken prairie. And beautiful she was with hair that shone like the sun, dark violet eyes that blazed with passion, and a wide, sensuous mouth that was made for kissing. She was a lady, all right. First-class stuff. So what was she doing here? Was she running from the law? Or an irate husband? No matter. Lady or not, she spelled trouble, and he was sending her packing as soon as he could take her luscious body in his arms and lose himself in her sweet . . . Nebraska Fire

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Nebraska Fire

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Publish Date:
January 1989
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1800-1890) West
Year Book Takes Place:
Nebraska praire
Alex Cameron
Lisa Wentworth
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