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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with N

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Nicholas St. John - (Book: 10 Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord)
Nicholas Daventry - (Book: Abandoned Bride, The)
Nicholas, Marquis de Vere - (Book: Abducted Bride, The)
Nash Renfrew - (Book: Accidental Wedding, The)
Nicholas Forrester - (Book: Across a Rebel Sea)
Nicholas Hurst - (Book: Adventurer's Bride, The)
Noah Mitchum - (Book: Against All Odds (reissue))
Noah McCloud - (Book: Albuquerque)
Nigel, Marquis of Stronbert - (Book: Alicia)
Night Raven - (Book: Amber Treasure)
Nick MacKinnon - (Book: Angel in Marble)
Nathan Hale - (Book: Angel in the Mail, An)
Noble - (Book: Anything For Love)
Nick Larrabee - (Book: Arizona Lovestorm)
Nicholas Delaney
Earl of Stainbridge
- (Book: Arranged Marriage, An)
Nicholas Delaney - (Book: Arranged Marriage, An (reissue))
Nicholas Delaney - (Book: Arranged Marriage, An (reissue))
Noah Lawrence, Sir - (Book: Baronet's Wife, A)
Nicholas - (Book: Be My Prince)
Nicholas Reynolds, Major - (Book: Beauty and the Scarred Hero)
Nicholas Wright - (Book: Beauty and the Spy, The)
Nicholas Beauvallet, Sir - (Book: Beauvallet)
Nicholas Beauvallet - (Book: Beauvallet (new edition))
Nick Windsor - (Book: Because of You)
Nikolaos - (Book: Betrothed to the Barbarian)
Neil Dvorak - (Book: Better Days Ahead)
Newlyn St. Ives
Viscount Launceston
- (Book: Bewitching Hearts)
Nicolas Craven - (Book: Beyond Seduction)
Nathaniel Howland, Captain - (Book: Beyond the Sea)
Nicholas Varon
Duke of Sommesby
- (Book: Black Duke's Prize, The)
Nigel Moorhaven, Marquis of Blackshire - (Book: Blue Devil, The)
Noah LeCroix - (Book: Blue Moon )
Nicholas Daventry - (Book: Bluestocking Dilemma, The)
Nathan Grey
Earl of Lindsey
- (Book: Book of Scandal, The)
Nathaniel Vaughan
Lord Price
- (Book: Borrowed Kisses)
Nick Harding - (Book: Bounty Hunter, The)
Nicholas McMurtry - (Book: Briana (ebook))
Nicholas Fortune - (Book: Bride of Fortune)
Nick Taggart - (Book: Cactus Flower)
Nathaniel Hamlin - (Book: Cajun Caress)
Neil Devlin - (Book: Captain Devlin's Captive)
Nicholas Sidney, Captain Sir - (Book: Captain's Castaway, The)
Nathanial Hawk - (Book: Captain's Lady, The)
Noah Kincade - (Book: Captive Pride)
Niccolo Campioni - (Book: Champion )
Nicholas FitzTodd, Baron of Crane - (Book: Champion, The)
Navarro Breed - (Book: Chase The Wind)
Nick Durango - (Book: Cherish The Night)
Nicholas Ballinger, Captain - (Book: Cheyenne Sunrise)
Nathan - (Book: Cheyenne Surrender)
North Walker - (Book: Cheyenne Wife)
Nicholas St. Austell - (Book: Christmas with the Duchess)
Nigel Farnham - (Book: Counterfeit Lady)
Lord Hatherleigh
- (Book: Country Chit, A)
Nicolas Rémy, Captain - (Book: Courtesan, The)
Nick Burnham - (Book: Crossings)
Nicholas Stanhope
Lord Cranham
- (Book: Cruel Lord Cranham)
Niall fitz Julien - (Book: Crystal Heart, The)
Nathan Chasing Elk - (Book: Dakota Dreams)
Nathan Chasing Elk - (Book: Dakota Dreams (reprint))
Nathan Wolfe - (Book: Dancing on Snowflakes)
Nicholas Grimshaw - (Book: Danger's Kiss)
Nick - (Book: Dangerous Man, A)
Nicholas Seyton
Sir Harry Tate
- (Book: Daring Masquerade)
Nicholas Brisbane - (Book: Dark Enquiry, The)
Nicholas Bragg
Earl of Dragmore
- (Book: Dark Fires)
Nicholas Bragg
Earl of Dragmore
- (Book: Dark Fires (reissue))
Nicholas Hale
Captain R.N.
- (Book: Daughter of the Dreadfuls)
Nathaniel Bonner - (Book: Dawn on a Distant Shore)
Nicholas Devlin - (Book: Deception So Agreeable)
Nathan Sloan, Captain - (Book: Desert Bride)
Nick Hammonton - (Book: Desert Enchantress)
Nate Brannigan - (Book: Desire's Treasure)
Neil MacCurrie - (Book: Destiny, The)
Neville Hathaway, Sir - (Book: Digging Up Trouble)
Nicholas Saville
Viscount Redfern
- (Book: Draw Down the Darkness)
Nicholas Winston Saber Esquire - (Book: Dream Fever)
Noah Winters - (Book: Duke's Disaster, The)
Nicholas Staunton - (Book: Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right)
Nathan Carraway,
- (Book: Earl's Runaway Bride, The)
Nicholas, Marquess of Danforth - (Book: Easter Courtship, An)
Nicholas Dubose - (Book: Ecstasy's Fancy)
Nicholas Chambers - (Book: Education of Mrs. Brimley, The)
Nathan Dunbar
Marquess of Hawksley
- (Book: Elizabeth's Gift)
Nate Foster - (Book: Embers of the Heart)
Nicholas Drake - (Book: Emerald Rain)
Nick Ross - (Book: Engagement, The)
Nathan Oriel - (Book: Entwined)
Nicholas Woodward
Marquis of Stanton
- (Book: Exquisite)
Neville Hathaway, Sir - (Book: Faire Game)
Nicholas Pencarrow
Duke of Westbourne
- (Book: Fallen Angel)
Nicholas Pencarrow
Duke of Westbourne
- (Book: Fallen Angel (UK))
Neville Colston, Sir - (Book: First Waltz, The)
Nicholas Somerville
Earl of Lyndhurst
- (Book: For All Eternity)
Nathaniel James Atwood - (Book: Forever a Lord)
Nakon - (Book: Forever Passion)
Noah Campbell - (Book: Forgiving)
Neils - (Book: Fountain Of Dreams)
Nicolas Weare - (Book: Friday Dreaming)
Nicholas Sinclair - (Book: Friday's Child)
Napier Todd - (Book: Friday's Girl)
Nicholas Hatton - (Book: Gentleman's Demand, The)
Nathaniel Chandler - (Book: Gentleman's Game, A)
Nathan Langford
Marquess of Ashborne
- (Book: Gift of Love, A)
Marquess of St. James
aka Pagan
- (Book: Gift, The)
Nick Tremayne - (Book: Girl Who Knew Too Much, The (hardcover))
Ned Ridley - (Book: Girl, The)
Niall Glenlyon - (Book: Glenlyon's Bride)
Ned Lockton, Captain - (Book: Golden Season, The)
Nicholas Lattimer - (Book: Golden Thread, The)
Neville Hathaway, Sir - (Book: Grave Intentions)
Nicholas Kincaid - (Book: Guarding a Notorious Lady)
Nicholas Kincaid - (Book: Guarding a Notorious Lady)
Lord Montacute
- (Book: Halloween Magic)
Nate Stokes - (Book: Handbook to Handling His Lordship, The)
Nicholas Sinclair - (Book: Handsome Devil)
Norton Foxhall, Earl of Granby - (Book: He Said No)
Nigel Deveraux - (Book: Heart in Jeopardy, A)
Nate Dolan - (Book: Heart of a Texan)
Nicholas Wyndham - (Book: Heart Possessed, A)
Neil Forbes - (Book: Heart Queen, The)
Nicholas Dearborne - (Book: Heart Too Proud, A)
Lord Kincaid
- (Book: Hearts Folly
(aka Venus))
Nicholas Rainolds, Lord - (Book: Hearts in Disguise)
Nicholas Brogan - (Book: Hearts Run Wild)
Nicholas Guyon, Captain - (Book: Heather)
Niall MacGregor - (Book: Heaven and the Heather )
Nicholas Sharpe - (Book: Heaven to Touch)
Nathaniel Gresham - (Book: Heir to the Duke)
Nick Tremaine - (Book: Hell's Raging Fury)
Niall Gilvry - (Book: Her Highland Protector)
Nathan Lantry - (Book: Her Wyoming Man)
Nathaniel Chamberlain - (Book: Hero Worship)
Nicholas Leighton
Earl of Stone
- (Book: Hidden Inheritance)
Nick Gray - (Book: High Plains Wife)
Niall MacDonald - (Book: Highland Destiny)
Nigel Murray - (Book: Highland Honor)
Nigel Murray - (Book: Highland Honor (reissue))
Nicholas fitz Hugh - (Book: Highlander Betrayed)
Neville Fitzgerald - (Book: Highwayman, The)
Neil Claremont
Earl of Derrowford
- (Book: Hint of Heather, A)
Nicholas Hawken - (Book: His Lady Fair)
Noah - (Book: His Secondhand Wife)
Nick Stanton
Duke of Vail
- (Book: His Secret Duchess)
Nicholas Blum - (Book: His Stolen Bride)
Nicholas DuVille - (Book: Holiday of Love, A)
Nicholas Adair - (Book: How to Beguile a Duke (ebook))
Nicholas Hartley - (Book: How to Deceive a Duke)
Nate - (Book: How to Manage a Marquess)
Nathaniel Sherringham - (Book: How to Rescue a Rake)
Nicholas Bruce - (Book: How to Seduce a Queen: A Medieval Romance Novel)
Nick Greenwald - (Book: Hundred Summers, A)
Nikolai Volkhov - (Book: Ice King, The)
Nikolai Volkhov - (Book: Ice King, The (UK))
Noah Ericson - (Book: If You were Mine)
Neville - (Book: Impetuous)
Noel, Viscount Reversby - (Book: In Pursuit of a Proper Husband)
North Sheffield-Ryland - (Book: In Your Arms Again)
Nicholas, Duke of Rothay - (Book: Indecent Proposition, An)
Nicholas Barre - (Book: Independent Woman, An)
Nick - (Book: Infamouse Proposal, An)
Nicholas Calloway - (Book: Inheritance, The)
Noah Sandleton - (Book: Innocent Betrayal)
Noel Paxton - (Book: Innocent Passions)
Nathan Thorne - (Book: Inside Paradise)
Nathanial Bonner - (Book: Into the Wilderness)
Noah Wilde - (Book: Into The Wilderness (Hardcover))
Nathaniel Gascoigne - (Book: Irresistible)
Nathaniel Gascoigne - (Book: Irresistible (reprint))
Nathaniel Gascoigne - (Book: Irresistible [reissue])
Noel, Viscount Temple - (Book: Julia's Spirit)
Nathan Montgomery, U.S. Marshal - (Book: Kansas Lawman's Proposal, The)
Nicholas Shea
Earl of Kenton
- (Book: Kenton's Countess)
Nicholas - (Book: Kissing Bough, The)
Nicholas Stafford,
Earl of Thornwyck
- (Book: Knight in Shining Armor, A)
Nick Black - (Book: Knight's Kiss, The)
Nathan Christopher Thornton - (Book: Lady and the Footman, The)
Nicolas des Inocennts - (Book: Lady and the Unicorn, The)
Neville Farr
Earl of Farringdon
- (Book: Lady Blue)
Nathaniel - (Book: Lady Confesses, The)
Nicholas Rivers,
Lord Arnside
- (Book: Lady Diana's Darlings)
Nicholas Strangefellow - (Book: Lady Fortune)
Nicholas Morley,
Earl of Longueville
- (Book: Lady in Gray)
Nicholas Grantly - (Book: Lady in Waiting)
Nathan Wynter - (Book: Lady Iona's Rebellion (ebook))
Nathaniel Knightridge - (Book: Lady of Sin)
Neville Roscoe - (Book: Lady Risks All, The)
Nathan Adams, Lord - (Book: Lady Sarah's Fancy)
Nicholas Lynton - (Book: Lady Scoundrel)
Nikolas Acton - (Book: Lady's Wish, A (ebook))
Nicholas Kincaid - (Book: Laird for Christmas, A)
Nicholas de Burgh - (Book: Last de Burgh, The)
Nathaniel Cooper - (Book: Last Heiress, The )
Nesbitt Duke - (Book: Libby's London Merchant)
Nick - (Book: Lifetime of Heaven, A)
Niall of the Seven Betrayals - (Book: Lily Fair)
Nicholas - (Book: Lord Nick's Folly)
Neil Spelling - (Book: Lord Nightingale's Christmas)
Nicholas Chastain
Earl of Wickenshire
- (Book: Lord Nightingale's Debut)
Nicholas Scott,
- (Book: Lord of Devil Isle)
Nicholas, Sir - (Book: Lord of Dunkeathe)
Nicholas, Viscount Wyndham - (Book: Lord Satan's Bride)
Niccolo da Stresa - (Book: Lost Princess, The (Large Print))
Nicholas - (Book: Louisiana Rose)
Nathaniel "Nate" Dempsey - (Book: Love From The Ashes)
Nicholas Eden - (Book: Love Only Once)
Nicholas Eden - (Book: Love Only Once (ebook))
Nolan Elliott - (Book: Love's Hidden Treasure)
Nicholas Le Blanc - (Book: Love's Magic)
Nick Thurston - (Book: Lover's Kiss, A)
Niall McLaren - (Book: Lover, The)
Nicolas Mortimer - (Book: Lovers and Enemies)
Nicholas Talmage
Earl of Shelbourne
- (Book: Lovers Forever)
Nicholas Talmage - (Book: Lovers Forever (reprint))
Nicholas O'Shea - (Book: Luck Be a Lady)
Nikolai Romanovin - (Book: Mad for the Plaid)
Nicholas, Lord Sinclair - (Book: Madam Mystery)
Nicholas Grenville, Sir - (Book: Makeshift Marriage, The)
Nicholas Beauchamp
Earl of Winslow
- (Book: Margarita)
Nick Hastings - (Book: Married by Midnight)
Nicholas Hollander
Earl of Kendale
- (Book: Marrying Mischief)
Nicholas de Caen - (Book: Marsh King's Daughter, The)
Nicolas Montvert - (Book: Master of All Desires, The (reprint))
Nicholas Grant - (Book: Matter of Honor, A)
Nicolas Beauvais - (Book: Memories and Ashes)
Noel Magnus - (Book: Merry Widow, The)
Nicholas Challoner - (Book: Midnight's Wild Passion)
Ned Mainwaring - (Book: Miss Cresswell's London Triumph)
Nicholas Halliday - (Book: Mistaken Widow, The)
Nicholas Saint-Just - (Book: Moonlight and Memories)
Nigel Hayves
Earl of Debenham
- (Book: Moonlight Veil)
Nate Bartholomew - (Book: Most Unsuitable Husband, The)
Nick Balfours - (Book: My Buffalo Soldier)
Prince of Glarien
- (Book: My Dark Prince)
Nicholas Lyon
Earl of Kincreag
- (Book: My Devilish Scotsman)
Nicolai Alexandrov, Prince - (Book: My Footman, My Prince (ebook))
Noel Clifford
Lord Hawke
- (Book: My Lady Faire)
Nicholas Chandler
Viscount Thayne
- (Book: My Lady's Prisoner)
Nicholas St. Ives
Earl of Claremont
- (Book: My Lady's Servant)
Nate Lang - (Book: Nate)
Notah Begay - (Book: Navajo Night)
Nevada - (Book: Nevada Dawn)
Nicholas Haddonfield - (Book: Nicholas)
Nick DaCosta/Godfrey Woodbaine - (Book: Nick of Time)
Night Hawk - (Book: Night Flame)
Night Hawk - (Book: Night Hawk's Bride)
Night Raven - (Book: Night Raven)
Night Thunder - (Book: Night Thunder's Bride)
Night Wind - (Book: Night Wind's Woman)
Night Wolf - (Book: Nightwolf)
Nicholas Daventry - (Book: No Greater Love)
Nathan Kincaid - (Book: No Sweeter Paradise)
Earl of Framingham
- (Book: Noble Deception)
Noble Britton - (Book: Noble Intentions)
Noble Britton - (Book: Noble Intentions (reissue))
Nathan Oliver - (Book: Not Quite A Gentleman)
Noa Calhoun - (Book: Notebook, The)
Nigel, Marquess of Edgeware - (Book: Nude, The)
Nicholas Beringar - (Book: Oath Taken, An)
Nicholas Buchanan - (Book: Of Dukes And Deceptions)
Nathaniel Kent - (Book: Of Noble Birth)
Nicholas Parrish - (Book: Once a Gentleman)
Nathan Alcott - (Book: Once A Rebel)
Nicholas - (Book: Once Upon A Wallflower)
Nicholas Caulfield - (Book: Once Upon a Wedding Night)
Nicholas Birmingham - (Book: One Golden Ring)
Neville Wyatt
Earl of Kilbourne
- (Book: One Night for Love)
Neville Wyatt
Earl of Kilbourne
- (Book: One Night For Love (reissue))
Nicholas Tenbury - (Book: One Night Scandal)
Nathaniel Colton - (Book: One Night With a Rake)
Nicholas, Viscount Lancaster - (Book: One Week As Lovers)
Nicholas Redford - (Book: One Wicked Night)
Neil Ballard - (Book: Other Groom, The)
Noah - (Book: Outlaw for Christmas, An)
Noah - (Book: Outlaw for Christmas, An (ebook))
Noah - (Book: Outlaw Heart)
Nicholas Faringdon - (Book: Outrageous Debutante, The)
Nicholas Faringdon,
- (Book: Outrageous Debutante, The (UK))
Nicholas Faringdon,
- (Book: Outrageous Debutante, The (UK- Hardcover- Large Print))
Earl of Windermere
- (Book: Pair of Rogues, A)
Nat Varien - (Book: Passion's Tender Song)
Nicholas Sabine - (Book: Passion, The)
Nicolas Huntington - (Book: Passionate Endeavor, A)
Norman - (Book: Pastel)
Nathan Wardale - (Book: Paying the Virgin's Price)
Noel Maddox - (Book: Peach)
Nicholas Blacklock - (Book: Perfect Stranger, The)
Nicholas Fenton - (Book: Pilfered Plume, The)
Nicholas - (Book: Pirate's Captive)
Nate Carter - (Book: Pirate's Possession, A)
NAthan Stanier - (Book: Piratical Miss Ravenhurst, The)
Nathan Harcourt - (Book: Portrait of a Scandal)
Nicholas Oglesby - (Book: Portrait of Desire)
Nicholas Oglesby - (Book: Portrait of Desire (mass market))
Nicholas Leigh - (Book: Portrait of Dreams)
Niall Campbell - (Book: Pride of MacDonalds, A)
Nicholas Monroe - (Book: Prince of Ravenscar (hardcover))
Nicholas - (Book: Prince's Bride, The)
Nick Gregory - (Book: Princess and the Peer, The)
Nick St. Germain
Prince of Santadorra
- (Book: Princess Charming)
Nicholas Blaire
Duke of Norwood
- (Book: Prodigal Daughter, The)
Nicholas Grey,
Viscount Longworth
- (Book: Promise to Return, A (UK))
Neeheeowee - (Book: Proud Wolf's Woman)
Nicholas Smithfield - (Book: Put Up Your Duke)
Nicholas Cathgar - (Book: Rag-Mannered Rogue, A)
Nathaniel - (Book: Railwayman's Daughter, The)
Nicholas Lytton - (Book: Rake and the Heiress, The)
Nicholas Lytton - (Book: Rake and the Heiress, The)
Neville Hathaway, Sir - (Book: Rather Necessary End, A)
Nicholas Walraven - (Book: Ravencliff Bride, The)
5th Earl of Ravensdene
- (Book: Ravensdene's Bride)
Nick Hatton - (Book: Ravished)
Nicholas Wythe - (Book: Rebecca)
Nathan Trent - (Book: Rebel Enchantress)
Nathan Trent - (Book: Rebel Enchantress (re-issue))
Nicholas Darcy
Marquess of Bainbridge
- (Book: Reckless Bargain, A)
Nicholas Mansfield, Lord Ashton - (Book: Reilly's Heart)
Nardo - (Book: Reindeer Hunters, The)
Nicholas St. George - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Nicholas Stafford - (Book: Reluctant Cyprian, The)
Nicholas Raeburn - (Book: Reluctant Governess, The (ebook))
Nicholas Kenleigh - (Book: Ride the Fire)
Nicholas Kenleigh - (Book: Ride the Fire)
Nicholas Bellington,
Earl of Laughton
- (Book: Rogue's Revenge, The)
Nicholas Pasquale - (Book: Rogue's Salute)
Nicholas Pasquale - (Book: Rogue's Salute (UK))
Nicholas Hendry - (Book: Rogue, The)
Nicholas Blackthorne - (Book: Rose at Midnight, A)
Niall Riordan - (Book: Rose in the Mist)
Nicholas, Sir - (Book: Ruins and Romance)
Nicholas Bannion,
- (Book: Runaway Bride, The)
Nicholas Savron - (Book: Satin Ice)
Nicholas Mannering, Earl of Linton - (Book: Savage Miss Saxon, The)
Night Hawk - (Book: Savage Shadows)
Night Hawk - (Book: Savage Touch)
Nicholas Holligsworth, Sir - (Book: Scandal in Venice)
Nicholas Hollingsworth - (Book: Scandal in Venice (ebook))
Nicholas St. John
Earl of Lynton
- (Book: Scandal's Lady)
Nicholas Lovell - (Book: Scandalous Lady, A)
Nicholas, Lord Elyot - (Book: Scandalous Mistress, A)
Nicholas, Lord Elyot - (Book: Scandalous Mistress, The (UK))
Nicholas Steele
Marquess of Kerne
- (Book: Scottish Rebel, The)
Nicholas Bourne - (Book: Scoundrel Takes a Bride, The)
Nigel Bevelstoke
Viscount Turner
- (Book: Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, The)
Nicholas Lovayne - (Book: Secrets at Court)
Nicholas D'Arcy - (Book: Secrets of a Gentleman Escort)
Nicolas - (Book: Secrets of a Midnight Moon)
Nick - (Book: Secrets of a Scoundrel, The)
Nathan Boone - (Book: Secrets on the Wind)
Nick Montrose
Earl of Bridgeton
- (Book: Seduction of Sara, The)
Nicholas - (Book: Seductive)
Nash Sommerton - (Book: Sequins and Spurs)
Neil Severin - (Book: Shameless)
Napier - (Book: Shivering Sands, The)
Nicholas - (Book: Shy Duchess, The)
Nick Trelstad - (Book: Silver Desires)
Nicholas Lattimer - (Book: Silver Web, The)
Nicolai Ostrovsky - (Book: Sinful Alliance, A)
Niall Burke - (Book: Skye O'Malley)
Noah Wesley - (Book: Snow Angel)
Niale Macdonald - (Book: Someday Soon)
Nathan Price - (Book: Someone Irresistible)
Nicholas Tregarron - (Book: Spanish Witch, The (UK))
Nathan Walker - (Book: Spirit of the Mountain)
Nicholas Sverayov - (Book: Splendor)
Nathan Meyer - (Book: Spy's Reward, The)
Nicolas Villines - (Book: Stolen Love)
Nick Lawton - (Book: Storm of Passion)
Nathan Tremayne - (Book: Stormy Persuasion (hardcover))
Nicholas Cummings - (Book: Summer Storm)
Nicolas - (Book: Surrender To A Stranger)
Nicholas Dameron - (Book: Surrender To Love)
Nick Drummond - (Book: Surrender To The Fury)
Nicholas Danvers - (Book: Susannah's Secret)
Nicholas Seymour - (Book: Sweet Bargain)
Nathan Hunter - (Book: Sweet Fire)
Nick Langston - (Book: Sweet Texas Kiss)
Niall MacCurran - (Book: Taming a Wild Scot)
Nicolas de Rochambeau - (Book: Tapestry of Pride)
Nicholas - (Book: Tears of Gold)
Nicholas Chantale - (Book: Tears of Gold (reprint))
Nicholas Garvey - (Book: Tempting A Texan)
Noah McClellan - (Book: Tempting Torment)
Noble Vincente - (Book: Texas Proud)
Nigel, Viscount Wroxley - (Book: Thief of Dreams)
Nicholas Davies - (Book: Thunder and Roses)
Noah Garrett - (Book: Tides of Love)
Nathaniel Seymour - (Book: To Catch a Scoundrel)
Nicholas Talbot - (Book: To Tame a Warrior's Heart)
Nathaniel Bennett - (Book: To Tempt a Rogue)
Nathaniel Stonewall
Earl of Reardon
- (Book: To Wed a Scandalous Spy)
Nicholas Barrington
Marquess of Woodvale
- (Book: Too Many Matchmakers)
Duke of Efington
- (Book: Touch Not The Cat)
Niall MacLaren - (Book: Tougher Than the Rest)
Nick Baron - (Book: Tracker, The)
Ned Carhart - (Book: Trial By Desire)
Norris Sutherland - (Book: Trouble with Highlanders)
Noah Sawyer - (Book: Twice Blessed)
Nicholas Cameron - (Book: Unconventional Duenna, An)
Nathaniel, Earl of Waterhouse - (Book: Undoing Of A Lady, The)
Nathaniel Matthews - (Book: Unexpected Wish, An (ebook))
Norman Wynford-Scott - (Book: Valor Under Siege (ebook))
Viscount St. Vire
- (Book: Vampire Viscount, The)
Nick, Lord Warrick - (Book: Vanity)
Nathaniel Praed - (Book: Velvet)
Lord Kincaid
- (Book: Venus
(aka Heart's Folly))
Nathanial Harrington - (Book: Virgin's Secret, The)
Nicholas, Earl of Seagrave - (Book: Virtuous Cyprian, The)
Nicholas Pryce
Viscount Somerton
- (Book: Viscount's Bawdy Bargain, The)
Nicholas Collingsworth, Sir - (Book: Visit From Sir Nicholas, A)
Noel Windram
Earl of St. Heiler
- (Book: Vivid Notions)
Nevada Blackthorn - (Book: Warrior)
Nicholas Warre - (Book: Wedding by Dawn, A)
Neville Hathaway, Sir - (Book: Wedding Caper, The)
Nicholas Stanhope
Marquess of Englemere
- (Book: Wedding Gamble, The)
Nigel Cavendish - (Book: What A Lady Wants)
Nicholas - (Book: When the Marquess Met His Match)
Neil Braedon - (Book: When the Splendor Falls)
Nicholas Derrington
Earl of Seacombe
- (Book: Whisper of Violets, A)
Noah Edenhall - (Book: White Magic)
Night Shadow - (Book: White Shadows)
Nick - (Book: Wicked Captain, Wayward Wife )
Nicholas Warring
Earl of Ravenworth
- (Book: Wicked Promise)
Neil Bronwyn, Earl of Havington - (Book: Wicked Truth, The)
Nicholas Ramsey
Viscount Richmond
- (Book: Widow In Scarlet)
Nick Dusaq - (Book: Widow Woman)
Nicholas Warwick - (Book: Widow's Gambit, The)
Noah Blake - (Book: Wild Hearts)
Nick Sanders - (Book: Wild Montana Sky)
Nicholas Chandler - (Book: Wild Rapture)
Night Hawk - (Book: Wild Rapture)
Nicholas St. James - (Book: Wild River Bride)
Nicholas Savron - (Book: Wild Silver)
Nicholas Colton - (Book: Wild Virginia Nights)
Nicholas Vail - (Book: Wizard's Daughter, The)
Nick Blackshear - (Book: Woman Entangled, A)
Nick Gentry - (Book: Worth Any Price)
Nate Avery - (Book: You Only Love Once)


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