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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroines with first name starting with E

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Ellie Stratham - (Book: Abducted by a Prince)
Elsbeth Ker - (Book: Abduction, The)
Elspeth Hamilton - (Book: Absolution (Hardcover))
Emily Vane - (Book: Accidental Bride, The)
Emily Chesterfield - (Book: Accidental Countess, The)
Eilis Dunbarton - (Book: Accidental Highland Hero, The)
Emily Goodenough - (Book: Adventuress, The)
Ellie Wanderley - (Book: Affair of the Heart, An)
Elizabeth - (Book: Affair, The (ebook))
Eva Eberhart - (Book: After All)
Eliza Sheringham - (Book: After the Kiss)
Evelyn Amherst - (Book: All Men Are Rogues)
Elizabeth Cameron
Countess of Havenhurst
- (Book: Almost Heaven)
Eden Mallory - (Book: Always Her Hero)
Emily Winslow - (Book: Amazon Quest, The)
Edwina - (Book: Amber Treasure)
Emmaline Dove - (Book: And Then He Kissed Her)
Evangelina Brenthaven - (Book: Angel)
Eleanor Chivenham - (Book: Arranged Marriage, An)
Eleanor Chivenham - (Book: Arranged Marriage, An (reissue))
Eleanor Chivenham - (Book: Arranged Marriage, An (reissue))
Esme - (Book: Art of Duke Hunting, The)
Elizabeth Chesterfield Hawthorne - (Book: Ask For It)
Elizabeth - (Book: Ask For It (reprint))
Elyssa Sutton - (Book: Autumn Lover)
Elinor Ashton - (Book: Autumn Rain)
Elaine Metcliffe - (Book: Awaken, My Love)
Emma O'Toole - (Book: Ballard of Emma O'Toole, The)
Emily Russell - (Book: Bandera's Bride)
Elizabeth Watson - (Book: Baron and the Bluestocking, The)
Eleanor Bowman - (Book: Bedding Lord Ned)
Countess of Goreham
- (Book: Bedeviled Barrister, The)
Eliza Bloome - (Book: Before the Scarlet Dawn)
Elin - (Book: Beguiled)
Ella Rossmara - (Book: Beloved)
Emily - (Book: Beloved Avenger)
Eliza Lowe - (Book: Beloved Protector)
Emma Beringer - (Book: Beringer Heiress, The)
Eve Thorne - (Book: Best of Both Rogues, The)
Elizabeth Cummings - (Book: Beth)
Elizabeth Bethingame - (Book: Bething's Folly)
Elana - (Book: Betray Not My Passion)
Eleanor Becket - (Book: Beware of Virtuous Women)
Elona - (Book: Beware the Conqueror (UK))
Emily Merriman - (Book: Bewitched)
Elizabeth Fosdale - (Book: Bird in Hand, A (ebook--reissue))
Elena Leighton - (Book: Black Sheep's Return, The (ebook))
Emma Harding - (Book: Blade and the Bath Miss, The)
Emily Gorton - (Book: Blazing Passion)
Elizabeth Mainwaring - (Book: Blood Moon Over Bengal)
Elise - (Book: Blue Heaven, Black Night)
Elisabeth Elham - (Book: Bluestocking)
Eugennia Welch - (Book: Bluestocking on His Knee, The)
Emma Marie Rourke - (Book: Bodine's Bounty)
Emma Reece - (Book: Bonds That Break, The)
Evelyn - (Book: Book of Scandal, The)
Enid of Glyneira - (Book: Border Bride)
Ellen Irvine - (Book: Border Fires)
Ellen MacArthur - (Book: Border Lord's Bride, The)
Ellen MacArthur - (Book: Border Lord's Bride, The (reprint))
Evangeline Hallowell - (Book: Bounty Hunter and the Heiress, The)
Emily Thorpe - (Book: Bow Street Gentleman)
Eliane - (Book: Breath of Heaven)
Evelyn Whyte - (Book: Bridal Favors)
Emily Cannon - (Book: Bridal Veil, The)
Eve Faraday - (Book: Bride Enchanted)
Emily Crane - (Book: Bride to Be)
Emily Kendall - (Book: Brides For Sale)
Elise Martin - (Book: Brides of Durango: Elise)
Eleanor Lyndon - (Book: Brighter Than The Sun)
Elaine Howard - (Book: Buccaneer Bride)
Emmaline Pickworth - (Book: Burning Plains, The)
Emma Clifford - (Book: Butler Did It, The)
Esmerelda MacClure - (Book: By My Heart Betrayed)
Elizabeth Brooke - (Book: By Royal Decree)
Eulalie Gibb - (Book: Cactus Flower)
Emily Merriweather Harding - (Book: Calico Countess, The)
Emmily Evans - (Book: Calling of Emily Evans, The)
Eliza Lytton - (Book: Captain Hawkins' Dilemma)
Elise - (Book: Captain's Vixen, The)
Eleanor Nash - (Book: Captive of the Harem)
Enya - (Book: Captive, The)
Erica Lane - (Book: Carried Away)
Edwina Hargrove - (Book: Casanova Code, The)
Emily Potter - (Book: Case for Romance, A (ebook))
Elizabeth Langham - (Book: Cat and the Countess)
Elizabeth Rossiter - (Book: Chance Encounter, A)
Elinor - (Book: Chance of Love)
Elisande Cadby - (Book: Charming the Chieftain)
Elizabeth (Beth) Johnson - (Book: Chase the Wind)
Emily Brockton - (Book: Cherished)
Elizabeth MacKenzie - (Book: Cherokee Rose)
Eugenia Mae Spotswood - (Book: Child of the South (trade))
Elizabeth de Lacy - (Book: Chosen For the Marriage Bed (US edition))
Elizabeth de Lacy - (Book: Chosen for the Marriage Bed (UK))
Elinor Browning - (Book: Christmas Blessing, A)
Emma - (Book: Christmas Bliss (ebook))
Elizabeth Gore-Langton - (Book: Christmas Charade, A)
Evalyn Pennington - (Book: Christmas Kiss, A)
Eleanor Transome - (Book: Christmas Promise, A)
Ernestine Matthewson - (Book: Christmas Treasure, A)
Emma Harrison - (Book: Christmas Wedding Wager, A)
Emma - (Book: Christmas with the Duchess)
Evangeline Starke - (Book: City of Jasmine)
Emily Burnham - (Book: Colorado Captive)
Emma Fitzgerald - (Book: Complete Abandon)
Emily Brockinger - (Book: Compromised Hearts)
Emily Cordelia Mason Brockinger - (Book: Compromised Hearts)
Emily Grace - (Book: Convenient Pretense, A)
Ellie Mitchum - (Book: Convenient Wife, A)
Eve Townsend - (Book: Countess and the Cowboy, The)
Emily Selwick - (Book: Countess Confessions, The)
Eliza Blacknall - (Book: Countess of Scandal)
Elizabeth Norrington - (Book: Country Cotillion, A)
Essie Spreckelmeyer - (Book: Courting Trouble)
Eleanor of Aquitaine - (Book: Courts Of Love, The)
Elizabeth Phelps - (Book: Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter, The)
Ellie Jo Cade - (Book: Cowboy Christmas, A)
Elizabeth Richards - (Book: Cowboy, The)
Elina Vannier - (Book: Creole Nights)
Elena - (Book: Crimson Heart)
Evelyn Gifford - (Book: Crimson Rooms, The)
Eleanor Chase - (Book: Crown Of Glory)
Emmaline - (Book: Crystal Heart, The)
Emma Sommerton - (Book: Damnable Rogue, A)
Emmeline de Lonnieres - (Book: Damsel's Defiance, The)
Epona - (Book: Danelaw)
Emma Wakefield - (Book: Dangerous)
Elise Ashford - (Book: Dangerous Arrangement, A)
Eleanor Scarborough - (Book: Dangerous Man, A)
Eva de Maubourg - (Book: Dangerous Mr. Ryder, The)
Elissa Tauber - (Book: Dangerous Passions)
Elissa Tauber - (Book: Dangerous Passions (reissue))
Elisa Murphy - (Book: Danzig Passage)
Elizabeth Bennet - (Book: Darcy's Story (Trade))
Elena Lopez - (Book: Dare to Love)
Emma Danvers - (Book: Daring Miss Danvers)
Ellie Dearborne - (Book: Daring Wager, A)
Eva Carin - (Book: Dark Lady, The)
Elizabeth - (Book: Dark Masquerade)
Elise Dewey - (Book: Date with Dishonor, A)
Emily Chandler - (Book: Daughter of an Earl, The)
Ellen - (Book: Daughter of Isis)
Emma Drenville - (Book: Daughter of the Dreadfuls)
Elizabeth - (Book: Dawn on a Distant Shore)
Edilean Talbot - (Book: Days of Gold (Hardcover))
Emma Woodhill - (Book: Dear Deceiver)
Elizabeth Bennet - (Book: Dear Mr. Darcy)
Elizabeth Ward - (Book: Deceived)
Evangeline de Beauchamps - (Book: Deception, The)
Emma - (Book: Deed, The (mass market))
Eva - (Book: Defiant)
Evelina Poulet - (Book: Defiant Heart, The)
Elise d'Evereaux - (Book: Defiant Surrender)
Countess of Iddesford
- (Book: Delightful Folly, A)
Ellenor - (Book: Desiring the Highlander)
Elizabeth Wainwright - (Book: Desparate Hearts)
Elizabeth Garner - (Book: Desperado Passion)
Emmaline St. Joseph - (Book: Desperate)
Eileen Ronley - (Book: Destiny, The)
Eleanor Webster - (Book: Devil and Miss Webster, The)
Eleanor Enderby - (Book: Devil in My Arms, The (ebook))
Evangeline Jenner - (Book: Devil in Winter, The)
Elena of Lamont - (Book: Devil of Kilmartin, The)
Evelinde d'Aumesbury - (Book: Devil of the Highlands)
Elizabeth Carlile - (Book: Devil Takes A Bride)
Emmaline Marlowe - (Book: Devil Wears Plaid, The)
Eveline Seton - (Book: Devil's Bargain, The)
Elaine Farrington - (Book: Devil's Dare, The)
Elysia - (Book: Devil's Desire (reissue))
Elspeth - (Book: Devil's Own)
Emma Boscastle - (Book: Devilish Pleasures of a Duke, The)
Ellie Rutherford - (Book: Diamond Dreams)
Eloise Allyngham - (Book: Disgrace and Desire (UK))
Eleanor Faringdon,
Marchioness of Burford
- (Book: Disgraced Marchioness, The (UK))
Elinor - (Book: Disgraceful Mr. Ravenhurst, The)
Elizabeth - (Book: Distant Relations)
Emma Sinclair, MD - (Book: Doctor's Homecoming, The)
Elianna (Ellie) Parrish - (Book: Doctor's Wife, The)
Emeline Wright - (Book: Down in the Valley)
Elizabeth of York - (Book: Dragon and the Rose, The)
Eastra - (Book: Dragon Prince, The)
Emerald - (Book: Dream Lover)
Elinor Dalrymple - (Book: Dubious Miss Dalrymple, The)
Elaina McAllister - (Book: Duchess of Carbon County)
Emmaline Martin - (Book: Duke of Shadows)
Elizabeth Granford - (Book: Duke's Daughter, The)
Emily Winters - (Book: Duke's Diamonds)
Elizabeth Keaton - (Book: Duke's Downfall, The)
Elinor Aspinall - (Book: Duke's Messenger, The)
Eleanor Ramsay - (Book: Duke's Perfect Wife, The)
Emalie Montgomerie - (Book: Dumont Bride, The)
Eleanor Gibbs - (Book: Earl With the Secret Tattoo, The (ebook))
Eden Paxton - (Book: Early Dawn)
Emilyann Arcott - (Book: Early Engagement, An)
Elizabeth Harrington - (Book: Easter Charade, The)
Emily Fairfield - (Book: Easy Conquest)
Eden - (Book: Eden)
Eden Whitney - (Book: Eden's Promise)
Elswyth, Princess of Mercia - (Book: Edge of Light, The)
Emma Brimley - (Book: Education of Mrs. Brimley, The)
Eleanor - (Book: Eleanor and the Marquis)
Eleanor - (Book: Eleanor and the Marquis (UK))
Elizabeth Calvert - (Book: Elizabeth)
Elizabeth Fields - (Book: Elizabeth and the Major)
Elizabeth Wydner - (Book: Elizabeth's Gift)
Elizabeth Dancy - (Book: Elizabeth's Rake)
Elizabeth, Countess of Westhampton - (Book: Elizabeth, The Enchantress)
Elli Pride - (Book: Ellie Pride (UK))
Emily Ensworth - (Book: Elusive Bride, The)
Elyza Leigh - (Book: Elyza)
Elyza Leigh - (Book: Elyza (reissue))
Emily Wyndham
aka Margaret Nelson
- (Book: Emerald Duchess, The)
Eliot Sinclair - (Book: Emerald Rain)
Eulalie Pritchard - (Book: Emerald Rain)
Emerald O’Hearn - (Book: Emerald's Hope)
Emilie Gallant - (Book: Emilie)
Emily Ventrable - (Book: Emily)
Emily Grantwich - (Book: Emily and The Dark Angel)
Emily Grantwich - (Book: Emily and the Dark Angel)
Emily Freemantle - (Book: Emily Goes to Exeter)
Emily Hughes - (Book: Emily's Beau)
Emily Gardner - (Book: Emily's Captain)
Emily Dane - (Book: Emily's Equal)
Emily Pearce - (Book: Emily's Wish)
Emma Chalmers - (Book: Emma and the Outlaw)
Emma Cummins - (Book: Emma's Folly (Hardcover))
Elizabeth - (Book: Empire of the Heart)
Emmaline Hatter - (Book: Enchantment, The)
Eilan Dougan - (Book: Enchantment, The)
Ellie Porter - (Book: Endless Night)
Emily Fairfax - (Book: Enter The Hero)
Emily Howland - (Book: Enterprising Lord Edward, The)
Emily Howland - (Book: Enterprising Lord Edward, The)
Eugenie Villaret - (Book: Enticing Miss Eugenie Villaret)
Ella Fairmont - (Book: Escapade)
Eugenia Liddiard - (Book: Eugenia (reissue))
Eugenia Liddiard - (Book: Eugenia (reissue))
Eugenia Marie Scott - (Book: Eugenia's Embrace)
Elizabeth DeQuincy - (Book: Exiles, The)
Edain - (Book: Eyes of Love)
Elizabeth Summers - (Book: Falcon and the Dove, The)
Esperanza - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Elizabeth I - (Book: Fatal Fashione, The)
Elise Laffont - (Book: Fierce Eden)
Elise Laffont - (Book: Fierce Eden (reissue))
Elise Laffont - (Book: Fierce Eden (ebook))
Elise Laffont - (Book: Fierce Eden (reissue))
Elizabeth of Rivaux - (Book: Fire and The Fury, The)
Erin Conroy - (Book: Flame on the Sun)
Elizabeth Markham - (Book: Flirt, The)
Eddy Carmichael - (Book: Forbidden)
Emilee Hogan - (Book: Forbidden Desires)
Ellyn Douglass - (Book: Forbidden Fires)
Erin Richards - (Book: Forbidden Flame)
Eleanor Collingwood - (Book: Forbidden Lord (reissue))
Emily Fairchild - (Book: Forbidden Lord, The)
Erika Van Hamel - (Book: Forever in Time)
Eleanor Hawke - (Book: Forever Your Earl)
Elizabeth Fairchild - (Book: Forgetful Lady, The)
Elizabeth - (Book: Fortunate Belle, The)
Esmeralda Talbot - (Book: Fortune's Bride)
Esmeralda Talbot - (Book: Fortune's Bride (reissue))
Elena - (Book: Fountain Of Secrets)
Emily - (Book: Fountains of Paradise)
Emilia Gwendolyn Carrington - (Book: Four Nights with a Duke)
Edith Hanson - (Book: Friday's Girl)
Elizabeth Westbrook - (Book: From A Distance)
Eva Edwards - (Book: From the Dust)
Elsie MacGregor - (Book: Frost Fair Fiancé)
Emily Cheswick - (Book: Frustrated Bridegroom, The)
Evelyn Gibbons - (Book: Full Circle)
Elizabeth I - (Book: Fyre Mirror, The)
Emma Sophie Robinson - (Book: Game of Hearts, A)
Emma Morris - (Book: Garden Intrigue, The)
Ellie, American photojournalist - (Book: Gates of Zion, The)
Elizabeth Montwright - (Book: Gentle Warrior)
Eve Hawthorne - (Book: Gentleman Always Remembers, A)
Elizabeth Harewood - (Book: Gentleman Never Tells, A)
Elinor Hargrove - (Book: Gentleman's Guide to Scandal, A )
Elizabeth Norland - (Book: Gentlemen's Agreement, A)
Emily Meriton - (Book: Genuine Article, The)
Emmaline Carruthers - (Book: Gerrity's Bride)
Elizabeth Stevens - (Book: Ghostly Screams of Stormhaven, The)
Esther - (Book: Gilded Chamber, The)
Elizabeth Bennett - (Book: Glass Beach)
Elspeth Victoria Kildrumond - (Book: Glenlyon's Bride)
Erin Winslow - (Book: Golden Angel, The)
Elena - (Book: Golden Desire)
Emily Pearson - (Book: Golden Straw, The)
Elizabeth Sadler - (Book: Gossamer)
Evelyn Thorne - (Book: Greatest of Sins, The)
Elizabeth Garner - (Book: Green Fox, The)
Erica Stone - (Book: Guarded Heart, The)
Esme Harcourt - (Book: Gypsy Lover)
Emma Davenport - (Book: Hand & Heart of a Soldier)
Emily Portsman - (Book: Handbook to Handling His Lordship, The)
Esme Byron - (Book: Happily Bedded Bliss)
Edwina Huntington - (Book: Harmony)
Edwina Huntington - (Book: Harmony (reprint))
Emma Townsend - (Book: Hat Box, The)
Eden - (Book: Hawk)
Elizabeth Huntington - (Book: Hawk's Passion)
Evelyn Dennsworth - (Book: He Said Yes)
Elizabeth D'Auvers - (Book: Heart of a Knight)
Elizabeth Boleyn - (Book: Heart of Gold)
Evelynn - (Book: Heart of the Phoenix, The)
Eliza Thoroughgood - (Book: Heart of the Storm)
Elizabeth Cordell - (Book: Heart Too Proud, A)
Emily Fairfax - (Book: Heart's Desire, The)
Edwina Ladoux - (Book: Heartbreak Creek)
Edwina Ladoux - (Book: Heartbreak Creek (reprint))
Emma Reece - (Book: Hearts That Hold, The)
Elizabeth Cambridge - (Book: Heather Wild)
Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Robinson - (Book: Heaven Knows)
Emilia Highhart - (Book: Heir and the Spare, The)
Elizabeth Deravenel - (Book: Heir, The (reprint))
Elizabeth Caldwell - (Book: Hell Raiser, The)
Eileen Pierce - (Book: Her Holiday Family)
Evie Carlisle - (Book: Her Kind of Man)
Eliza Jane Sutherland - (Book: Her Montana Man)
Emma Douglas - (Book: Her One And Only)
Emma McBride Tate - (Book: Her Outlaw)
Esmerelda Fortune - (Book: Her Perfect Earl)
Ella Reed - (Book: Her Wyoming Man)
Elspeth (Bessie) - (Book: Hidden Heiress)
Elizabeth of Bredon - (Book: Hidden Honor)
Elizabeth of Bredon - (Book: Hidden Honor (UK))
Eliza Wyatt - (Book: Hidden Places)
Emmeline Harding - (Book: High Country Bride)
Emma Seaton - (Book: High Seas to High Society)
Duchess of Herridge
- (Book: Highland Dichess, A)
Edana MacLean - (Book: Highland Fire)
Elen Burnard - (Book: Highland Lady)
Elizabeth Campbell - (Book: Highland Outlaw)
Esme - (Book: Highland Rogue, London Miss)
Elspeth Murray - (Book: Highland Vow)
Ellen Farnsworth - (Book: Highlander Unbound)
Elizabeth Harrison - (Book: Highlander's Dark Seduction, The (ebook))
Evelyn Godewin - (Book: Highlander, The)
Elizabeth - (Book: Highwayman, The)
Elle Bowie - (Book: Hinterlands, The)
Elissande Edgerton - (Book: His At Night)
Emma Parrish - (Book: His Dark Kiss)
Emma Astyn - (Book: His Destiny)
Eleanor Blackwell - (Book: His Unsuitable Viscountess)
Eva Russell - (Book: His Wicked Reputation)
Elizabeth Canham - (Book: His Wicked Sins)
Emily Shaw - (Book: Home Fires)
Eyes-of-the-Sky - (Book: Homecoming)
Elizabeth I - (Book: Hooded Hawke, The (Hardcover))
Evelyn Gray - (Book: Hope Rising)
Epona of the Kelti - (Book: Horse Goddess, The)
Eliza Flyte - (Book: Horsemaster's Daughter, The)
Eloise - (Book: House of Satan)
Elizabeth - (Book: Houseparty, The)
Emily Rutherford - (Book: How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back)
Elizabeth Tarryton - (Book: How to Handle a Scandal)
Edie - (Book: How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days)
Elizabeth Hotchkiss - (Book: How to Marry a Marquis)
Eden Whitney - (Book: How to Marry a Royal Highlander)
Evie Whitney - (Book: How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy)
Elizabeth Royle - (Book: How to Propose to a Prince)
Emilie - (Book: How to Tame Your Duke)
Eleanor Caulfield - (Book: I Loved a Rogue)
Emma Greyson - (Book: I Thee Wed)
Emma Greyson - (Book: I Thee Wed (First edition))
Elizabeth Caulfield - (Book: I'll Be Yours (ebook))
Emma Hathaway - (Book: If His Kiss Is Wicked)
Elise Worthen - (Book: If Only)
Emily Durbin - (Book: If You Could Read My Mind)
Ellen Harding - (Book: Illicit Love of a Courtesan, The)
Emma Denton - (Book: Imperiled Heiress, The)
Eden Berenger - (Book: Improbable Eden)
Elizabeth Prym - (Book: Improper Miss Prym, The)
Emma Chegwidden - (Book: In Bed With the Duke)
Eliza Cynster - (Book: In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster: A Cynster Novel)
Evelyn Cross - (Book: In Scandal They Wed)
Elizabeth Armstrong - (Book: Infamous Marriage, An (ebook))
Emma - (Book: Infamouse Proposal, An)
Eleanor - (Book: Inherited Bride (UK))
Emily St. Simon - (Book: Innocent Betrayal)
Eleanore de Montfort - (Book: Innocent, The)
Evangeline de Beauchamps - (Book: Intimate Deception, An)
Elizabeth Middleton - (Book: Into the Wilderness)
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Foley - (Book: Irish Rogue)
Evleen O'Fallon - (Book: Irish Upstart, The)
Espri - (Book: Island Fire (reissue))
Elise Fountain - (Book: It Started with a Scandal)
Ellena - (Book: Italian, The)
Eden Miller - (Book: Jade Moon)
Elisa Murphy - (Book: Jerusalem Interlude)
Emily Lawrence - (Book: Josh)
Eulalie (Lollie) Grace LaRue - (Book: Just A Kiss Away)
Elizabeth Stanton - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Emma Sanders - (Book: Keeper of the Spirit (ebook))
Elizabeth Shield - (Book: Kidnapped Bride, The (ebook))
Eirica MacDougall - (Book: Kilted Governess, The (ebook))
Evangeline - (Book: King of the Isle)
Eleanor - (Book: King's Champion, The)
Elizabeth of York - (Book: King's Daughter, The)
Emma Van Court - (Book: Kiss The Bride)
Elinor Sanders - (Book: Knight In A Black Hat)
Elizabeth Brackendale - (Book: Knight's Vengeance, A)
Emmeline Spencer - (Book: Knights Divided)
Elaine of Corbenic - (Book: Knights of the Round Table: Lancelot)
Enid - (Book: Knights of the Round Table: Geraint)
Emma Bau - (Book: Kommandant's Girl, The)
Elizabeth Copeland - (Book: Lady Confesses, The)
Elise Sutton - (Book: Lady Dares, A)
Elinor Tremaine - (Book: Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventures)
Elizabeth Croyden - (Book: Lady Elizabeth)
Emily Tremaine - (Book: Lady Emily's Exotic Journey)
Eugenia Abbott - (Book: Lady Eugenia's Holiday)
Evie Windham - (Book: Lady Eve's Indiscretion)
Emily Longesley - (Book: Lady Folbroke's Delicious Deception)
Elisande Redding - (Book: Lady in Shadow)
Elizabeth Beresford - (Book: Lady Knightley's Secret)
Viscountess Darrow
- (Book: Lady Leprechaun)
Emily Stowen - (Book: Lady Linford's Return)
Eugenia Wolverton - (Book: Lady No More, A)
Eleanor of Nantes - (Book: Lady of Fire)
Eleanor - (Book: Lady of the Butterflies (hardcover))
Eleanor - (Book: Lady of the Butterflies (paperback))
Edwina Delbraith - (Book: Lady's Command, The)
Emmeline Howell - (Book: Lady's Fancy, The)
Elizabeth - (Book: Lady's Tutor, The)
Estrela - (Book: Lakota Princess)
Elizabeth - (Book: Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter)
Elizabeth Wyndham - (Book: Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter, The (reprint))
Elizabeth Hill - (Book: Last Bride in Texas, The)
Ellie Jenkins - (Book: Last Cahill Cowboy, The)
Emery Montbard - (Book: Last de Burgh, The)
Elizabeth Kingsley - (Book: Last Goodbye, The)
Elizabeth Meredith - (Book: Last Heiress, The)
Elizabeth Meredith - (Book: Last Heiress, The (mass market reissue))
Elizabeth Longford - (Book: Last Leprechaun, The)
Esmeralda Swift - (Book: Last Night with the Duke)
Ellis Pennington - (Book: Legacy of Secrets)
Elizabeth Curtin - (Book: Legend of Love, The)
Ellen Graham - (Book: Legend, The)
Elizabeth “Libby” Ames - (Book: Libby's London Merchant)
Elizabeth Walters - (Book: Libertine's Kiss)
Elizabeth White - (Book: Light a Penny Candle)
Ellie, American photojournalist - (Book: Light in Zion)
Elizabet - (Book: Lion Heart)
Elspeth Carmichael - (Book: Lion of the North)
Esme Brentmor - (Book: Lion's Daughter, The)
Eleanor Collins - (Book: Little Bit Sinful, A)
Elizabeth Carstairs - (Book: Logical Lady, A)
Emily Fielding - (Book: London Claimant, The)
Evelina - (Book: London Ladies, The)
Evelyn Ruddick - (Book: London's Perfect Scoundrel)
Elizabeth Barrett - (Book: Lone Star Lovesong)
Ellen O'Brian - (Book: Loner's Lady)
Elinora Browning - (Book: Lord Dashwood Missed Out (novella))
Elinor O'Day - (Book: Lord Dearborn's Destiny)
Evangeline Ramsey - (Book: Lord Gray's List)
Elspeth Parkstone - (Book: Lord Greywell's Dilemma)
Emily Stapleton - (Book: Lord Hawkridge's Secret )
Emma Rutherford - (Book: Lord Kane's Keepsake)
Eliza Farrell - (Book: Lord Lightning)
Evelynne Marriott - (Book: Lord Monteith's Gift)
Eugenia Chastain - (Book: Lord Nightingale's Love Song)
Eve Upshall - (Book: Lord of Devil Isle)
Ellen of Wakelin - (Book: Lord of Lyonsbridge)
Ellen Kellaway - (Book: Lord Of The Far Island)
Emma - (Book: Lord of the Keep (ebook))
Evelyn Chambers - (Book: Lord of Wicked Intentions)
Enid MacLean - (Book: Lost In Your Arms)
Ellen Hern - (Book: Love Almost Lost)
Emma - (Book: Love Duel, The)
Elizabeth Bellingham - (Book: Love Lies Weeping (Hardcover))
Elizabeth Bellingham - (Book: Love Lies Weeping (trade paperback))
Elizabeth Trent - (Book: Love Only Once)
Edana of Kenley - (Book: Love Within, The)
Elizabeth - (Book: Love's Claimant)
Electra Lassiter - (Book: Love's Serenade)
Elaina McAllister - (Book: Lover's Gold)
Elizabeth McKay - (Book: Loving Elizabeth)
Elizabeth Bennet - (Book: Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley)
Elizabeth Cameron - (Book: MacLaurin's Lady)
Elaine of Rockland - (Book: Mad Knight's Bride, The (ebook))
Emma Lawrence - (Book: Madcap Heiress, The)
Elizabeth (Beth) Ackerley - (Book: Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, The)
Elizabeth Sloane - (Book: Magnate)
Emma Oliver - (Book: Magnolia Nights)
Elizabeth - (Book: Maid of the Border)
Elizabeth Ingram - (Book: Major's Guarded Heart, The)
Elinore of Evenbough - (Book: Malcolm's Honor)
Emma Chadwell - (Book: Mama's Disappointment)
Elizabeth 'Beth' Pudding - (Book: Man In A Kilt, A)
Elizabeth - (Book: Man of Consequence)
Elizabeth - (Book: Man of Consequence (UK))
Elizabeth Murray - (Book: Man of the Mist)
Emma Chambers - (Book: Marriage Bargain, The)
Ellie Hill - (Book: Marriage Trap, The)
Emily Tarrant - (Book: Marriage Wager, The (reprint))
Elizabeth Cummings - (Book: Marry Christmas)
Emily Bright - (Book: Marry Me)
Elizabeth Dunaway - (Book: Marry the Man Today)
Emily Lovenye - (Book: Marrying Mischief)
Eleanor Massie - (Book: Marrying the Captain)
Emma Fitzwilliam - (Book: Marrying the Major)
Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald - (Book: Masquerade (reissue))
Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald - (Book: Masquerade, The)
Elin Morris - (Book: Match of the Century, The)
Ellen Donovan - (Book: Matt)
Eden Grant - (Book: Matter of Pride, A)
Emma Grenville - (Book: Matter of Scandal, A)
Evie Cole - (Book: McAlistair's Fortune)
Elizabeth - (Book: Meddlesome Ghost, The)
Elena Malone - (Book: Mercenary's Kiss, The)
Elizabeth Grantham - (Book: Merry Gentleman, The)
Elizabeth Grantham - (Book: Merry Gentleman, The (UK))
Elizabeth Beckworth - (Book: Midnight Bride, The)
Emmanuelle de Beauvais - (Book: Midnight Confessions)
Elinor Fielding - (Book: Midnight Magic)
Emma Watkins - (Book: Midnight Pleasures With A Scoundrel)
Elizabeth Thornhill - (Book: Midnight Raider)
Erin Sterling - (Book: Midnight Rose)
Eden Pembrook - (Book: Mine Forever)
Eleanor McKittrick - (Book: Mirage)
Elizabeth Hatton - (Book: Misfit Marquess, The)
Emma Cheney - (Book: Miss Cheney's Charade)
Emily Clarkson - (Book: Miss Clarkson's Classmate)
Evelyn Dower - (Book: Miss Dower's Paragon)
Eliza Foxburn - (Book: Miss Eliza's Gentleman Caller)
Ellen Grimsley - (Book: Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career)
Eden Henderson - (Book: Miss Henderson's Secret)
Emily Mirren - (Book: Miss Mirren Mission, The (ebook))
Evangeline Plympton - (Book: Miss Plympton's Peril)
Elizabeth Scott - (Book: Miss Scott Meets Her Match)
Emily Winbolt - (Book: Miss Winbolt and the Fortune Hunter)
Elizabeth Devlin - (Book: Mississippi Flame)
Elise - (Book: Mistletoe Wager, The)
Ellen Trevayne - (Book: Mistress of Mishap)
Elena O'Toole - (Book: Moonfire)
Eavin O’Flannery Dupre - (Book: Moonlight and Memories)
Esme Montrose - (Book: Moonlight Enchantment)
Elizabeth Beaulieu - (Book: Moonlight Surrender)
Edwina Langston - (Book: Moonlight Wish, The)
Evelyn Moore - (Book: More Than a Stranger)
Ella Dinsmore - (Book: Morning Glory)
Eliza Kent - (Book: Mostly A Lady)
Elizabeth Bennet - (Book: Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One)
Emma - (Book: Mr Knightley's Diary)
Emily Wallace
Dowager Viscountess Tuncliffe
- (Book: Mr. McAllister Sets His Cap)
Eliza Budley - (Book: Mrs Budley's Fall From Grace)
Elisa Lindheim - (Book: Munich Signature)
Enid Jamison - (Book: My Buffalo Soldier)
Evangeline van Artevalde - (Book: My False Heart)
Elinor Richards - (Book: My Lady Governess)
Eleanor Marigate - (Book: My Lady Mischief)
Elayna of Wulfere - (Book: My Lady Runaway)
Elizabeth Carstairs - (Book: My Lady's Dare)
Elysia Rougemont - (Book: My Lady's Favor)
Elianne du Hommet - (Book: My Lady's Temptation)
Estelle Lebrun - (Book: My Lady, My Love)
Elizabeth Brown - (Book: My Lord Rakehell)
Emily Harper - (Book: My Ruthless Prince)
Evelyn Hadley-Attwater - (Book: My Wicked Little Lies)
Emily St. Aubert - (Book: Mysteries of Udolpho, The)
Elizabeth DeLisle - (Book: Mysterious Heir, The)
Emma Peterson - (Book: Naked Marquis, The)
Eliza Austerleigh - (Book: Natural Attachment, A)
Elise - (Book: Nectar from a Stone)
Emmaline Stanhope - (Book: Never Kiss A Duke)
Emma Malloy - (Book: Never Love a Cowboy)
Emily Grey - (Book: Never Marry A Stranger)
Eveline Armstrong - (Book: Never Seduce a Scot)
Edwina - (Book: Night Raven)
Eugenia Paxton - (Book: Night Storm)
Emy Du Maurier - (Book: Nights of Fire)
Edwina Winfield - (Book: No Greater Love)
Emma Masterson - (Book: No Ordinary Mistress (ebook novella))
Elizabeth Bowes - (Book: No Sweeter Heaven)
Esmerelda Fine - (Book: Nobody's Darling)
Elena Leighton - (Book: Not Just a Governess)
Ellie Rosewood - (Book: Not Just a Wallflower)
Eugenia Bryant - (Book: Not Proper Enough)
Elizabeth Medford - (Book: Nothing But Scandal)
Eleanor - (Book: Nothing Else Matters (reissue--ebook))
Eleanora Villars - (Book: Notorious Angel, The)
Eleanora Villaars - (Book: Notorious Angel, The)
Elenora Villars - (Book: Notorious Angel, The (ebook))
Eleanora Villars - (Book: Notorious Angel, The (Hardcover))
Evie Duggan - (Book: Notorious Countess Confesses, A)
Eliza Dauntry - (Book: Notorious Eliza (ebook))
Eleanor Whitcombe - (Book: Notorious Lady, A)
Eleanor Trevithick - (Book: Notorious Marriage, The )
Elsbeth, Countess Mercer - (Book: Nude, The)
Elizabeth Lawrence - (Book: O'Brian's Bride)
Elizabet Armstrong - (Book: Oath Taken, An)
Eloise Hamelin of Lelleford - (Book: Once a Bride)
Eleanor Tennant - (Book: Once A Dreamer)
Edwina Parrish - (Book: Once A Scoundrel)
Emily Scarborough - (Book: Once An Angel)
Eleanor de Lambert - (Book: Once and Future Love, A)
Edith Gilchrist - (Book: Once Upon a Tower)
Eleanor Dromorne - (Book: One Illicit Night)
Eleanor de Lacy - (Book: One Kiss from You)
Elspeth Braybrooke - (Book: One Knight Stands)
Esmee Hamilton - (Book: One Little Sin)
Emily Finnegan - (Book: One Pink Rose)
Evelyn Starr Johnson - (Book: Only You)
Erica - (Book: Outcast)
Elizabeth St. John - (Book: Outrageous)
Elenora Lodge - (Book: Paid Companion, The)
Evie - (Book: Paper Roses)
Evelyn MacGregor - (Book: Paradise Redeemed)
Eleanor Beckett - (Book: Passion Wears Pearls)
Emma Tremayne and Bria McKenna - (Book: Passions of Emma, The)
Edith - (Book: Paying the Viking's Price (ebook))
Ellianne Kane - (Book: Perfect Gentleman, A)
Elene Larpent - (Book: Perfume of Paradise)
Elene Larpent - (Book: Perfume of Paradise (ebook))
Elene Larpent - (Book: Perfume of Paradise (reissue))
Evangeline Clemens - (Book: Perils of the Heart)
Ellen Dunbar - (Book: Phantom Affair, A)
Baroness Randolph
- (Book: Phantom Husband, The)
Eve Dearing - (Book: Pleasure Trap, The)
Emily Longcliffe - (Book: Poet's Kiss, A)
Elisa Lindheim - (Book: Prague Counterpoint)
Emma - (Book: Pratt's Landing)
Eleanor Whiting - (Book: Prescott's Lady)
Evelyn Renshaw - (Book: Price of Temptation, The)
Eliza Martin - (Book: Pride and Pleasure)
Eliza Martin - (Book: Pride and Pleasure (reissue))
Eliza Martin - (Book: Pride and Pleasure (reprint))
Emma Stokehurst - (Book: Prince of Dreams)
Essylte - (Book: Prince of Dreams)
Elizabeth Penshurst - (Book: Prince of Magic)
Emma - (Book: Princess and the Peer, The)
Ellie Wold - (Book: Promise for Ellie, A)
Eden Thackery - (Book: Promise Me Love)
Eden Fairchild - (Book: Promise of Eden)
Elysse O'Neill - (Book: Promise, The)
Elaine - (Book: Promised to the Crusader)
Emily Townsend - (Book: Proper Companion, A)
Eve - (Book: Property of a Gentleman, The (UK))
Edwina Bollash - (Book: Proposition,The (ebook))
Emily Harrison - (Book: Quaker and the Rebel, The)
Eloise Rousell - (Book: Queen's Handmaiden, The)
Elizabeth I - (Book: Queene's Christmas, The)
Elizabeth I - (Book: Queene's Cure)
Elizabeth Fairchild - (Book: Quest for Vengeance)
Emily Rose d'Autrecourt - (Book: Raider's Bride, The)
Evaleen Murphy - (Book: Rainbow's End)
Ella Barron - (Book: Rainwater (Hardcover))
Ella Barron - (Book: Rainwater (paperback))
Elodie Lefevre - (Book: Rake to Redeem Her, The)
Emma Jensen - (Book: Rake's Guide to Pleasure, A)
Elinor Colton - (Book: Rake's Handbook: Including Field Guide, The)
Esther Jones - (Book: Rake's Progress)
Elaine Bayworth - (Book: Rake's Quarry, The)
Emily Townsend - (Book: Rapture Becomes Her)
Emily Townsend - (Book: Rapture Becomes Her (reprint))
Elise - (Book: Rapture's Bounty)
Ember Graham - (Book: Rapture's Delight)
Elspeth Fraser - (Book: Raven's Wish, The)
Evelyn Wellington - (Book: Rebel Dreams)
Evangeline Green - (Book: Rebel Heir, The)
Eppie - (Book: Redemption of Micah, The)
Elizabeth Clemens - (Book: Reese's Bride)
Elizabeth Clemens - (Book: Reese's Bride (reissue))
Emma Costello - (Book: Reforming Lord Ragsdale)
Elizabeth Walker - (Book: Regency Christmas II, A)
Emilynne Wellesley - (Book: Reilly's Law)
Emmeline Grantley - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Eugenie Palmer - (Book: Reluctant Countess, The)
Eliza Lawrence - (Book: Reluctant Governess, The (ebook))
Elinor Rochdale - (Book: Reluctant Widow, The)
Elinor Rochdale - (Book: Reluctant Widow, The (new edition))
Emma Parker - (Book: Renegade Most Wanted)
Ellie, American photojournalist - (Book: Return to Zion, The)
Emily Talcott - (Book: Rhyme and Reason)
Elizabeth Davenport - (Book: Ribbons in the Wind)
Elspeth Clayton - (Book: Riddle of the Deplorable Dandy, The)
Elspeth Stewart - (Book: Ride the Fire)
Elena de Carisenda - (Book: Rinaldi's Revenge)
Elise Braun - (Book: River's Edge)
Elizabeth Douglas - (Book: Rock, The)
Ellie Albright - (Book: Rogue in Sheep's Clothing, A)
Emma of York - (Book: Rogue Knight)
Elissa - (Book: Rogue's Embrace, A)
Elissa Longbourne - (Book: Rogue's Embrace, A (ebook))
Eve Reynolds - (Book: Rogue's Game, A)
Elizabeth Livingston - (Book: Rogue's Lady)
Emma Curtis - (Book: Rogue's Proposal, The)
Elizabeth Rowe - (Book: Roguish Gentleman, A)
Emily McBride - (Book: Romancing The West)
Emma Nesbitt - (Book: Romantic Rebel)
Easter Hazeltyne - (Book: Romany Rebel, The)
Elena - (Book: Rose and the Flame, The)
Erienne Fleming - (Book: Rose in Winter, A)
Esther Lowden - (Book: Royal Scamp, The)
Emaline Harrison - (Book: Ruby Necklace, The)
Elena Morrow - (Book: Ruined by Moonlight)
Elinor Wentworth - (Book: Ruins and Romance)
Eliza Merriweather - (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Emily Blake - (Book: Runaway Desire)
Emma of Fulford - (Book: Runaway Lady, Conquering Lord)
Emilie Hahn - (Book: Runaway Passion)
Evangeline Scoffield - (Book: Runaway Princess)
Emma Bancroft - (Book: Running from Scandal)
Elinor Harriman - (Book: Ruthless)
Eliza Hunter - (Book: Ruthless Heart)
Emerald Banyon - (Book: Ryan's Gold)
Elizabeth Bowcock - (Book: Sagebrush Bride)
Elena Barnes - (Book: Saint Who Stole My Heart, The)
Evie Mitchell - (Book: Sandalwood Tree, The (hardcover))
Erica Bennet - (Book: Satin Surrender)
Elizabeth - (Book: Savage Fire)
Elise Lesconflair - (Book: Savage Surrender)
Elizabeth Easton - (Book: Savage Wind)
Endredi - (Book: Saxon, The)
Emily Faringdon - (Book: Scandal)
Ellen Marling - (Book: Scandal Bound)
Elizabethe Everdean - (Book: Scandal in Venice (ebook))
Eleanor - (Book: Scandal of Lady Eleanor, The)
Emily Weston - (Book: Scandalous Bargain, A)
Emma Wright - (Book: Scandalous Lady Wright, The)
Esme Sedgewick - (Book: Scandalous Portrait)
Emily Spenser - (Book: Scandalous Proposal, A)
Countess of Dansmere
- (Book: Scandalous Secret, A (Hardcover))
Eliza Cade - (Book: Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright, The (reprint))
Eva Black - (Book: School for Brides, The)
Emily Maitland - (Book: Scoundrel)
Emma Linley-Kirov - (Book: Scoundrel's Honor)
Elise Dunthorpe - (Book: Scoundrel's Seduction, The)
Erica Armstrong - (Book: Sea Dream)
Eleanor Hardwick - (Book: Second Seduction of a Lady, The)
Eliza Bancroft - (Book: Secret Heiress)
Eloise Kelly - (Book: Secret History of the Pink Carnation, The)
Elsie Rand - (Book: Secret Nights)
Elizabeth - (Book: Secrets in Satin)
Elizabeth Ashburton - (Book: Secrets of a Scandalous Bride)
Esme Worthington - (Book: Seduce Me)
Elizabeth Montclair - (Book: Seduced)
Emily Redgrave - (Book: Seduction is Forever)
Ellen Cornelius - (Book: Seduction of Ellen, The)
Emma Hallaway - (Book: Seduction of his Wife, The)
Elizabeth Massey - (Book: Seductive)
Emily Harmon - (Book: See No Love (Hardcover))
Eleanor Cairn - (Book: Seize The Dawn)
Eleanor of Clarin - (Book: Seize the Dawn (reissue))
Elinor Dashwood - (Book: Sense and Sensibility (reissue))
Elizabeth Hanley - (Book: Serious Pursuit, A)
Eugenia Snowe - (Book: Seven Minutes in Heaven)
Evelyn Tucker - (Book: Shades of Honor)
Eudoxia Empress of Rome - (Book: Shadow of the Phoenix, The)
Emma Blair - (Book: Shores of Desire)
Eleanor Williams - (Book: Short Straw Bride)
Emily Carroll - (Book: Shy Duchess, The)
Eileen - (Book: Silver Enchantress)
Erin Conner - (Book: Silver Kiss, The)
Elizabeth Hastings - (Book: Silver Splendor)
Emma Worthington - (Book: Silver Squire, The)
Emily Fergeson - (Book: Silver Tomorrows)
Emelin - (Book: Silverhawk)
Elanor Griffin - (Book: Sin and Sensibility)
Elizabeth Mattingale - (Book: Sinister Spinster, The)
Elspeth Stewart - (Book: Sins of the Highlander)
Elspeth Stewart - (Book: Sins of the Highlander)
Elizabeth - (Book: Siren Song)
Elizabeth of Hurley - (Book: Siren Song (reissue))
Eve - (Book: Slightly Marrried)
Elizabeth - (Book: Snow Angel)
Eleanor - (Book: Snow White Bride, The)
Ella Brown - (Book: Snowbird)
Eleanor Archebold - (Book: So Wild A Kiss)
Elise - (Book: So Worthy My Love)
Emmaline Farnum - (Book: Soldier, The)
Emily Baird - (Book: Some Distant Shore)
Emmaline - (Book: Something About Emmaline)
Elthia Sinclare - (Book: Something More)
Elizabeth - (Book: Something Scandalous)
Elinore Denning - (Book: Spirited Bluestocking, A)
Emma Dunster
American Heiress
- (Book: Splendid)
Eden Winters - (Book: Splendor)
Evangeline Keating - (Book: Springwater)
Evangeline Keating - (Book: Springwater (reprint))
Eloise Bernal - (Book: Spy's Bride, The)
Emily Weatherley - (Book: Star-Crossed Bride, The)
Eliza Raeburn - (Book: Steal The Stars)
Eleanor Durbane - (Book: Still In My Heart)
Elly Kincaid - (Book: Stolen Bride of Glengarra Castle, The)
Eleanor de Warenne - (Book: Stolen Bride, The)
Elizabeth Willard - (Book: Stolen Love)
Emily Highfill Grant - (Book: Stowaway Bride)
Eleanor Hatton - (Book: Strange Likeness, A)
Elena Verano - (Book: Stranger's Kiss, A)
Eden Rourke - (Book: Sullivan)
Edith - (Book: Summer Lightning)
Eleanore Merrill - (Book: Summer's Gift)
Ellen Edmon - (Book: Summons to the Chateau D'Arc)
Evelyn D'Orsay - (Book: Surrender)
Emma Fairbourne - (Book: Surrender of Miss Fairbourne, The)
Eliza Hilliard - (Book: Surrender the Night)
Evelyn Wheaton - (Book: Surrender to a Scoundrel)
Eliza Merriman - (Book: Surrender To Love)
Ellie Jarrett - (Book: Sweet Autumn Surrender)
Eliza Wilder - (Book: Sweet Dalliance)
Emma Wallingford - (Book: Sweet Deception)
Eva Warrick - (Book: Sweet Revenge)
Emily Goodman - (Book: Sweet Spring)
Eleanor Hunt - (Book: Sweet Wild Love)
Eve Dinwoody - (Book: Sweetest Scoundrel)
Eden Devlin - (Book: Sweetwater Seduction (reissue))
Eulie Toby - (Book: Sweetwood Bride, The)
Eden Sinclair - (Book: Swept Away)
Eve Mane Sedgwick - (Book: Swept Away)
Eva MacArthur - (Book: Sword Maiden, The)
Eustacie - (Book: Talisman Ring, The (new edition))
Elizabeth Harley - (Book: Talk of the Ton (US))
Elspeth Campbell - (Book: Tall, Dark and Wolfish)
Eden Hamilton - (Book: Tame the Wild Heart)
Eliza Chalmers - (Book: Taming Eliza)
Eustacia Coleson - (Book: Taming Lord Renwick)
Emmaline Grey - (Book: Taming of Malcolm Grant, The)
Ellen Winship
dowager Marchioness of Braxton
- (Book: Tangled Web, The)
Eadyth - (Book: Tarnished Lady (mass market))
Evangeline Stuart - (Book: Taste of Seduction, A (ebook))
Eliza Fielding - (Book: Tattooed Duke, The)
Emma Lynn - (Book: Tavern Wench (UK))
Elizabeth York - (Book: Temptation & Twilight)
Emily Beauregard - (Book: Temptation and Surrender)
Elspbeth of Sunnandune - (Book: Temptation, The)
Eden Victoria Lindsay - (Book: Tempting Eden)
Esmeraude - (Book: Temptress, The)
Esther Miles - (Book: Tender Conquest)
Duchess of Wynd
- (Book: Tender is the Knight)
Erica Hansen - (Book: Tender Savage)
Erin Wentworth - (Book: Tender Stranger, The)
Emma Simms - (Book: Tennessee Bride)
Emily Abercrombie - (Book: Texan's Honor, A)
Emily Marcus - (Book: Texas Destiny)
Emily von Plotz - (Book: Texas Lonesome)
Elizabeth Chudderley - (Book: That Scandalous Summer)
Elizabeth Scott - (Book: These Hallowed Hills)
Emma - (Book: Thirteen Chances)
Elspeth MacGregor - (Book: This Fierce Splendor)
Emma - (Book: This Stolen Moment)
Eve Kendal - (Book: Thornbrook Park)
Elizabeth I - (Book: Thorne Maze, The)
Elizabeth Ashton - (Book: Thoroughly Compromised Bride, The)
Emily Anstey - (Book: Those Endearing Young Charms)
Elle Beaumont - (Book: Tides of Love)
Emma Robinson - (Book: Ties That Bind, The)
Elizabeth Kingsley - (Book: Time to Remember, A)
Erato - (Book: To Bed a Libertine (ebook))
Elizabeth Ashton - (Book: To Capture a Rake)
Eugenia Bailey - (Book: To Catch a Scoundrel)
Elizabeth Gilbert - (Book: To Court, Capture and Conquer (ebook))
Emma Hartwell - (Book: To Find You Again)
Emma Langolet - (Book: To Love a Dark Lord)
Eleanor Beckett - (Book: To Please a Lady)
Eugenie Belmont - (Book: To Pleasure a Duke)
Eleanore Pierce - (Book: To Romance a Charming Rogue)
Emma Portland - (Book: To Seduce an Angel)
Eloise Bridgerton - (Book: To Sir Phillip, With Love)
Elena - (Book: To Tempt a Viking)
Edith - (Book: To Touch the Knight)
Elspeth MacArthur - (Book: To Wed a Highland Bride)
Emma Hamilton - (Book: Too Great A Lady)
Emily Barnett - (Book: Too Hot To Handle)
Eliza Brentford - (Book: Too Tempting to Resist)
Ellen Drake - (Book: Too Tempting To Touch)
Evangeline Pemberton - (Book: Too Wicked To Kiss)
Elizabeth Langdon - (Book: Torchlight)
Emmaline Farnsworth - (Book: Touch of a Scoundrel)
Elissa Fraser
Maiden of Misterly
- (Book: Touch So Wicked, A)
Ellie Watson - (Book: Tracker, The)
Elizabeth Paxton - (Book: Traitor's Daughter, The)
Elizabeth Lancaster - (Book: Traitor's Embrace)
Eleanor Hart - (Book: Trapper, The)
Emily Fox - (Book: Treasure, The)
Emily Jean Barlett - (Book: True Love)
Elinor - (Book: True Spies)
Elizabeth Rothwell - (Book: Trust and Treason)
Emma Lancing - (Book: Turner's Woman)
Emma Delancy - (Book: Twice Blessed)
Emma de Leon - (Book: Twilight Magic)
Emily Cavell - (Book: Twilight with the Infamous Earl)
Emily Starbuck - (Book: Two Brothers - The Gunslinger)
Esmée Hamilton - (Book: Two Little Lies)
Eloise Kendall - (Book: Uncommon Courtship, An)
Eada of Pevensey - (Book: Unconquered)
Eada of Pevensey - (Book: Unconquered (reissue))
Eada of Pevensey - (Book: Unconquered (reprint))
Elizabeth Lowery - (Book: Unconventional Match, An)
Eleanor Glover - (Book: Under the Kissing Bough)
Eleanor Glover - (Book: Under the Kissing Bough (reissue))
Evelyn Marrington - (Book: Undercover With the Earl (ebook))
Elizabeth Gunning - (Book: Undone)
Evan Harte - (Book: Unexpected Blessings)
Esme Canville - (Book: Unladylike Offer, An)
Emily Collins - (Book: Unlikely Father, An)
Estella - (Book: Untamed Earl, The)
Emma Hotchkiss - (Book: Untie My Heart)
Emma Hotchkiss - (Book: Untie My Heart (ebook))
Elizabeth Armitage - (Book: Unwilling Bride, An)
Eloise Watkin - (Book: Utterly Devoted)
Emma Cresswell - (Book: Valentine Wish, The)
Elaine Deering - (Book: Valentine's Change of Heart)
Emmaline Mableau - (Book: Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy)
Elsa Fay - (Book: Valor Under Siege (ebook))
Eva filia Madoc - (Book: Vanquished by the Viking (ebook))
Emeline - (Book: Veiled Desires)
Elizabeth Chatworth - (Book: Velvet Angel)
Emma Smith - (Book: Vertigo)
Elisa Lindheim - (Book: Vienna Prelude)
Elienor of Baume-les-Nonnes - (Book: Viking's Prize)
Elisabeth Hamilton-Baythes - (Book: Virgin and the Viscount, The)
Ella Turner - (Book: Virgin Blue, The)
Ellice Traylor - (Book: Virgin of Clan Sinclair, The)
Elinor St. Ives - (Book: Virtue and Vice)
Ellen Markham - (Book: Virtuoso, The)
Elizabeth Effington - (Book: Visit From Sir Nicholas, A)
Emily Wolcott - (Book: Vows)
Elizabeth Shelby - (Book: Wagered Bride, The)
Emily Duprey - (Book: Wagering Widow, The)
Emily Duprey - (Book: Wagering Widow, The (UK))
Emmie Ryan - (Book: Wanted: The Texan)
Emily Beaumont - (Book: Wanton Bride, The (reissue))
Emily Beaumont - (Book: Wanton Bride, The (UK))
Eden Summers - (Book: Warrior)
Emma Trent - (Book: Warrior's Heart)
Eleanor Sinclair - (Book: Wayward Debutante, The)
Emma Armstead - (Book: Wayward Heiress, The)
Ellen Simpson - (Book: Web Of Love)
Ellen Simpson - (Book: Web of Love (reissue))
Eugenia Talbot - (Book: Wedding in Springtime, A)
Eliza Hammond - (Book: Wedding Trap, The)
Eleanor - (Book: What the Duchess Wants (ebook))
Edwina Ross - (Book: What To Wear To A Seduction)
Ella Dryden - (Book: Wheeling and Dealing)
Elise Stanhope - (Book: When A Duke Says I Do)
Eve Mountfloy - (Book: When a Rake Falls)
Elizabeth Alcester - (Book: When Angels Fall)
Eden - (Book: When Dreams Come True)
Elizabeth Wylder - (Book: When the Duchess Said Yes)
Ella Sanderson - (Book: When the Slipper Fits)
Elspeth, Lady Grafton - (Book: When You Love Someone)
Elizabeth Breckenridge - (Book: Where Heaven Begins)
Elizabeth Breckenridge - (Book: Where Heaven Begins (hardcover))
Elizabeth Ridgeway - (Book: While Passion Sleeps)
Emma York - (Book: Whirlwind Baby)
Elizabeth Matthews - (Book: Whirlwind Wedding)
Elise Louvois - (Book: White Apache's Woman)
Emily Ambrose - (Book: White Dawn)
Emma O’Brien - (Book: White Flame)
Eirica Macauley - (Book: White Nights)
Evelina Wylder - (Book: Wicked Captain, Wayward Wife )
Emma Kendrick - (Book: Wicked Corinthian, The)
Emma Kendrick - (Book: Wicked Corinthian, The (UK))
Eloise Goodwin - (Book: Wicked Games of a Gentleman, The)
Esmeralda - (Book: Wicked Intentions)
Eleanor Prescott - (Book: Wicked Lord at the Wedding, A)
Eva de la Mouriere - (Book: Wicked One, The)
Eva de la Mouriere - (Book: Wicked One, The (ebook reissue))
Elizabeth Woolcot - (Book: Wicked Promise)
Emma Avery - (Book: Wicked Wallflower, The)
Ellie Vyne - (Book: Wicked Wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne, The)
Eliza - (Book: Wild Desire)
Elizabeth Easton - (Book: Wild Embrace)
Ella Finch - (Book: Wild Heart)
Elizabeth Hamilton - (Book: Wild Montana Sky)
Emma - (Book: Wild Nights)
Ella Carson - (Book: Wild Roses (reprint))
Evangeline - (Book: Wild Savage Love)
Eden Campbell - (Book: Wild Texas Promise)
Elizabeth Trevelyan - (Book: Willful Widow, A)
Ellen O'Connell - (Book: Windfall)
Emma Winthrop - (Book: Wings of Morning)
Elspeth Quinn - (Book: With Eyes of Love)
Elektra Worthington - (Book: With This Ring)
Elspeth Murran - (Book: Wolf of Alvar, The (UK))


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