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Eye On Romance
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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Search by Heroine

Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroines with first name starting with F

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Francesca - (Book: All About Passion)
Francesca Reay - (Book: All I Desire)
Fiona Drummond Stewart - (Book: Angel of Skye)
Felicity Bell - (Book: Beauty and the Beastie)
Frederica (Rica) - (Book: Bed of Spices, A)
Francesca Dunroy - (Book: Bedding The Heiress)
Felicia Campbell - (Book: Beloved Impostor)
Freddy Roark - (Book: Best Man, The)
Fiona Hay - (Book: Betrayed)
Florence Fairleigh - (Book: Beyond Innocence)
Fortuna Morley - (Book: Blind Fortune)
Fiona MacClure - (Book: Bold Rebel Love)
Felicity Moore - (Book: Born to Love)
Favel Farington - (Book: Bride Of Pendorric)
Felicity Harrison - (Book: Bride Wore Blue, The)
Fury van der Rhys - (Book: Captive Secrets)
Florie Gilder - (Book: Captured By Desire)
Felicia Brook - (Book: Chance Encounter, A)
Faith Butler - (Book: Chances Are)
Faye - (Book: Charming the Devil)
Faith Taylor - (Book: Chase the Wind)
Fawn - (Book: Chosen Woman)
Frederica - (Book: Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue (mass market))
Franchine - (Book: Comanche Magic)
Fancy Jordan - (Book: Corbin's Fancy)
Fancy Jordan - (Book: Corbin's Fancy (reissue))
Fanella Quinby - (Book: Counterfeit Coachman, The)
Felicity Harwood - (Book: Countess by Contract)
Fiona Byrne - (Book: Crimson Lady, The)
Fire Dancer - (Book: Dance With Fire)
Fenella Hawke - (Book: Dangerous Duke, The)
Felicity Monahan - (Book: Dangerous Joy)
Felicity Monahan - (Book: Dangerous Joy (reprint))
Felicity Taylor - (Book: Dangerous Lord, The)
Frederica Chesterton - (Book: Daring Deception)
Fiona MacElder - (Book: Daring Twin, The)
Francesca Cahill - (Book: Deadly Affairs)
Francesca Cahill - (Book: Deadly Caress)
Francesca Cahill - (Book: Deadly Desire)
Francesca Cahil - (Book: Deadly Illusions)
Francesca Cahill - (Book: Deadly Kisses)
Francesca Cahill - (Book: Deadly Love)
Francesca Cahill - (Book: Deadly Pleasure)
Fiona Bradford - (Book: Dedicated Villain, The)
Fabienne Argonac Craigmont - (Book: Dedication)
Faith Ann Becket - (Book: Desert Sunrise)
Flora Sommers - (Book: Destiny's Dream)
Frederica d’Avillez - (Book: Devil You Know, The)
Faith Montague - (Book: Devil's Lady)
Finnea Winslet - (Book: Dove's Way)
Felicity Carraway - (Book: Earl's Runaway Bride, The)
Fancy Fourney - (Book: Ecstasy's Fancy)
Felicite - (Book: Embrace and Conquer)
Felicite - (Book: Embrace And Conquer (ebook))
Francis Wilbraham - (Book: Errant Earl, The)
Felicity Mayfield - (Book: Ever His Bride)
Faith O'Malley - (Book: Extreme Measures)
Faith Ackerly - (Book: Faith)
Faye Price - (Book: Family Album)
Fancy Cranson - (Book: Fancy)
Francine Bourne - (Book: Fancy Lady)
Fanny Talbott - (Book: Fanny)
Felicia Harding - (Book: Felicia)
Felicity Rhoades - (Book: Felicity's Folly)
Fern Sproull - (Book: Fern)
Fiona - (Book: Feuds and Fantasies)
Fenice d'Aix - (Book: Fire Song)
Fanny Waverley - (Book: First Rebellion, The)
Fantine Delmere - (Book: First Season)
Flame Chadwick - (Book: Flame)
Fleur Bosanquet - (Book: Fleur- Di-Lis)
Ferelith Durliston - (Book: Flight from the Harem (UK))
Frances Dean - (Book: Foolish Fancy)
Francesca Kane - (Book: Forever Love)
Fancy DuBose - (Book: Forever My Fancy)
Fox - (Book: Foxfire Bride)
Francesca Camden - (Book: Francesca)
Francesca - (Book: Francesca)
Francesca - (Book: Francesca)
Francesca Shelwood - (Book: Francesca)
Francesca - (Book: Francesca's Rake)
Frederica Merrivale - (Book: Frederica)
Frederica Merrivale - (Book: Frederica (new edition))
Frederica Armitage - (Book: Frederica in Fashion)
Fredericka Hedgeworth - (Book: Fredericka's Folly)
Frideswid Edborough - (Book: Friday Dreaming)
Francesca Wyndham - (Book: Game of Love, The)
Frederica Bracewell - (Book: Gamekeeper's Lady, The)
Faye Poincaré - (Book: Gentle Passion, A)
Fiona - (Book: Glen of Frost)
Fanny - (Book: Glitter and the Gold, The)
Faith Collins - (Book: Golden Chances)
Faine Tillery - (Book: Halverton Scandal, The)
Fancy Kingston - (Book: Heart of Fancy)
Fiona Blackstock - (Book: Hero in the Highlands)
Flanna MacGowan - (Book: Highland Flame)
Frances Murray - (Book: Highland Flame)
Fiona MacCarran - (Book: Highland Groom, The)
Fiona Sinclair - (Book: Highland Surrender)
Fiona MacEnory - (Book: Highland Warrior)
Fiona MacEnroy - (Book: Highland Warrior (mass market--reissue))
Flora MacLeod - (Book: Highlander Unchained)
Farah Leigh Mackenzie - (Book: Highwayman, The)
Faith Ryan - (Book: Hired Gun)
Fanny Ingram - (Book: His Lordship's Reward)
Fiona MacLean - (Book: How to Abduct a Highland Lord)
Fiona MacLean - (Book: How to Abduct a Highland Lord (Hardcover))
Fiona Libourg - (Book: How to Be a Scottish Mistress)
Felicia Arsdale - (Book: Husband for Holly, A)
Francesca Penrose - (Book: I Thee Wed)
Fallon - (Book: If You Give a Rake a Ruby)
Frederica Montgomery - (Book: Impulsive Governess, The)
Frances - (Book: Incomparable Countess, The)
Faith Hamilton - (Book: Indian Maiden, The)
Fenella Morland - (Book: Innocent Deceiver, The)
Faith Cooper - (Book: Into His Arms)
Francine Giles - (Book: Invincible Viscount, The)
Farrell Kirwan - (Book: Irish Bride, The)
Fionna O'Donnel - (Book: Irish Enchantress, The)
Frances Whittier - (Book: It Takes Two to Tangle)
Flanna Brodie - (Book: Just Beyond Tomorrow)
Fanny Epping - (Book: Kiss Me Again)
Francesca Mackenzie - (Book: Kiss Me Forever)
Faith Wilkins - (Book: Kissing In The Dark)
Francine Walsingham - (Book: Lachlan's Bride)
Faith Wickham - (Book: Lady Faith)
Fiona Hawthorn - (Book: Lady Fiasco)
Fortune McQueen - (Book: Lady Fortune)
Falcarrah Colburne - (Book: Lady From Spain, The)
Felicia Easton - (Book: Lady Madcap)
Frederica MacKivern - (Book: Lady's Lesson, A)
Fenella Standish - (Book: Lady's Revenge, The)
Fiona Fairchild - (Book: Let It Be Love)
Fiona - (Book: Lion of Ireland)
Felicity Wilcox - (Book: Little Night Mischief, A)
Felicity Wilcox - (Book: Little Night Mischief, A)
Faustina Kennett - (Book: Lonely Earl, The)
Felicity Langley - (Book: Love Letters From a Duke)
Felicity - (Book: Love Match, The)
Frances Atherton - (Book: Love's a Stage)
Flame - (Book: Love's Elusive Flame)
Frederica - (Book: Loves of Lord Granton, The)
Fiona Mallory - (Book: Loving Spirit)
Frances Thorne - (Book: Maddening Lord Montwood, The)
Felicity Bennett - (Book: Making of a Gentleman, The)
Francesca Stanton - (Book: Man of His Own, A (hardcover))
Florence Washburn - (Book: Married by Mistake)
Fosca Loredan - (Book: Masquers, The)
Fiona MacLennan - (Book: Master of Castle Glen)
Frances Holden - (Book: Matters of the Heart)
Frances Hart - (Book: Men And Women's Club, The)
Flair Bowen - (Book: Midnight Fire)
Frances Kilbracken - (Book: Midsummer Magic)
Frances Kilbracken - (Book: Midsummer Magic (reissue))
Fiona - (Book: Miser of Mayfair, The)
Fiona Grant - (Book: Miss Fiona's Fancy)
Frederica Barry - (Book: Mistress Mischief)
Francesca - (Book: Mistress of Scandal)
Felicity LeBeau, Captain - (Book: Moment In Time, A)
Faith Brown - (Book: Montan Dawn)
Finch More - (Book: More and More)
Fia Maclean - (Book: Much Ado About Marriage)
Frederica Sayers - (Book: My Dear Duchess)
Frederica Sayers - (Book: My Dear Duchess)
Faye - (Book: My Lady Faye)
Folie Hamilton - (Book: My Sweet Folly)
Fleur, Lady Marston - (Book: Mystery Kiss, The)
Fantine Delarive - (Book: No Place for a Lady)
Felicity Talbot - (Book: Noble Heart, A)
Flora Buchanan - (Book: Once a Rogue)
Fia MacLean - (Book: One Lucky Lord)
Felicity Dyson - (Book: Only for Love)
Felicity Channing - (Book: Paper Princess, The)
Felicia Dupree - (Book: Passion's Springtime)
Frances - (Book: Pastel)
Francesca Verdant - (Book: Perfect Match, A)
Faith Merridew - (Book: Perfect Stranger, The)
Fiona - (Book: Perfecting Fiona)
Fancy Flambeau - (Book: Pleasuring the Prince)
Fleur Fontaine - (Book: Price of Pleasure, The)
Fallon - (Book: Princess of Fire)
Felicity - (Book: Prisoner of the Harem)
Faith Irons - (Book: Promises of Honor)
Fia Merrick - (Book: Ravishing One, The)
Fanny Becket - (Book: Reckless Beauty, A)
Favor McClairen - (Book: Reckless One, The)
Faith Cooper - (Book: Redemption of the Duke)
Felicity - (Book: Refining Felicity)
Felicia Lacebridge - (Book: Reluctant Debutante, The)
Frances, Lady Pembridge - (Book: Return Engagement)
Fenella Trentham - (Book: Rogue's Embrace, A)
Felicity Parteger - (Book: Rogue's Proposal, A)
Frances Hanwell - (Book: Runaway Heiress, The)
Faith McBride - (Book: Runaway McBride, The)
Fanny Draper - (Book: Runaway Miss (UK))
Fiona McQuade - (Book: Satan's Mistress)
Falling Water - (Book: Savage Kiss)
Faith - (Book: Scandalous Lady, A)
Florentina - (Book: Scandalous Proposition, A)
Frances Stewart - (Book: Scottish Lord, The)
Freya - (Book: Sea Jewel)
Felicity Wentworth - (Book: Sea of Temptation)
Fleur Hamilton - (Book: Secret Pearl, The)
Fleur Hamilton - (Book: Secret Pearl, The (reissue))
Fiona Lachlan - (Book: Seduction at Christmas, A)
Francesca - (Book: Seduction of a Duke, The)
Fiona Hawkes - (Book: Seduction of an Unknown Lady, The)
Francesca La Rosa - (Book: Seduction of the Phoenix (ebook))
Francesca Waringham - (Book: Sensible Courtship, The)
Fern Spoull - (Book: Seven Brides: Fern (reissue))
Frederica Hammond - (Book: Seven For A Secret)
Fei Yen - (Book: Shadow's Stand)
Fern Radcliffe - (Book: Shadows of the Night)
Frances Mackenzie - (Book: Ship of Brides, The)
Frederica - (Book: Silken Bonds)
Fiona McFee - (Book: Silken Promises)
Felicia - (Book: Silver Devil, The)
Fan Winslow - (Book: Silver Lord, The)
Fan Winslow - (Book: Silver Lord, The (UK))
Frances Allard - (Book: Simply Unforgettable)
Fleur Monley - (Book: Sinner, The)
Fleur Monley - (Book: Sinner, The (reissue))
Fallon O'Rourke - (Book: Sins of a Wicked Duke )
Freyja Bedwyn - (Book: Slightly Scandalous)
Flame - (Book: Snow Fire)
Faith Butler - (Book: Speak to Me of Love)
Fosca Loredan - (Book: Splendid Torment)
Frances Sidney - (Book: Spymaster's Daughter, The)
Flora - (Book: Stolen Years, The)
Francis Hadley - (Book: Surprising Lord Jack)
Frannie Darling - (Book: Surrender to the Devil)
Frederica - (Book: Sweet Masquerade)
Felicia Edwards - (Book: Sweet Savage Splendor)
Fatima - (Book: Sword & the Sheath, The)
Faith Kelley - (Book: Tame the Wild Wind)
Fayth Graham - (Book: Tamed by Your Desire)
Felicity Harrington - (Book: Taming Rafe)
Fiona Finnegan - (Book: Tea Rose, The)
Fiona MacDougal - (Book: Tempt Me With Kisses)
Fleur Toogood - (Book: Testing Miss Toogood)
Felicity Morrow - (Book: Texas Blonde)
Faith Hudson (McDowell) - (Book: Texas Gold)
Faith Hudson (McDowell) - (Book: Texas Gold (UK))
Fancy Holleday - (Book: Texas Outlaw)
Floryn - (Book: Texas Touch)
Faith Linden - (Book: To Wed A Viscount)
Fiona Alistair - (Book: Touch of Scandal)
Frederica 'Plum' Pelham - (Book: Trouble With Harry, The)
Frederica Pelham - (Book: Trouble with Harry, The (reissue))
Felicity Malcolm Childe - (Book: Trouble With Magic, The)
Felicity, Lady Wren - (Book: Trysting Place, The)
Felicia Simmons - (Book: Tuesday's Child)
Fiona Ferguson - (Book: Twice Tempted)
Fionna O'Riordan - (Book: Veil of Passion)
Finola MacDonnell - (Book: Veil, The)
Fellis - (Book: Velvet Touch (Series: Velvet Clayburn - Book 2))
Francesca Robin - (Book: Very Daring Duchess, The)
Fiona - (Book: Viking)
Felicity Danby - (Book: Viscount Risks It All, The)
Fritha Kendrick - (Book: Warrior's Quest, A)
Felicity Merriwether - (Book: Wedding Affair, The)
Felicity Melville - (Book: What A Lady Wants)
Francesca Bridgerton - (Book: When He Was Wicked)
Francesca Bridgerton Stirling - (Book: When He Was Wicked (Epilogue-ebook))
Fern - (Book: Whisper Town)
Flame - (Book: White Fire)
Felicity Pedigrue - (Book: Wild Escapade)
Faith Tomlins - (Book: Wild Western Fire)
Fiona Fraser - (Book: Winter Fire)
Francesca Bonnard - (Book: Your Scandalous Ways)


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