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Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroines with first name starting with G

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Georgiana Thayne - (Book: Abducted Heiress, The)
Gwen - (Book: Accidental Duchess, The)
Gwen - (Book: Accidental Duchess, The (reissue))
Gwennelyn of Segrave - (Book: Another Chance To Dream)
Gypsy Elliott - (Book: Anything for You)
Gail Saunders - (Book: Arrangement, The)
Gwynneth Dunlevvy - (Book: Baron and the Bookseller, The)
Gisela of Brinkhurst - (Book: Baron's Bride, The)
Gisela of Brinkhurst - (Book: Baron's Bride, The (UK))
Gabriella Frechette - (Book: Baron's Quest, The)
Gates Underhill - (Book: Bartered Heart, The)
Gytha - (Book: Beauty And The Beast)
Gytha - (Book: Beauty and the Beast (reissue))
Gytha - (Book: Beauty and the Beast (reissue))
Gytha - (Book: Beauty and the Beast (reprint))
Georgie Kennedy - (Book: Becoming Georgia)
Genny Hayes - (Book: Behind a Lady's Smile)
Genevieve Crowfoot - (Book: Bittersweet Summer)
Grace Wagner - (Book: Blinded By Grace)
Georgiana Maitland - (Book: Bliss River)
Georgiana Blakelow - (Book: Bluestocking and the Rake, The)
Gwendolyn Wilder - (Book: Bride and the Beast, The)
Grace - (Book: Bride of a Scottish Warrior)
Gwenda Vickers - (Book: Brighton Road)
Genevieve Chauvelin - (Book: Brittany)
Gillian Tate - (Book: Buried Secrets)
Gwenhwyfar - (Book: Camelot's Destiny)
Grace Renfair - (Book: Captain and the Wallflower, The)
Glory Summerfield - (Book: Captain's Bride)
Georgiana Raithwaite - (Book: Captain's Lady, The)
Gina Tuiz - (Book: Captive Conquest)
Gabrielle Brooks - (Book: Captive of My Desires)
Gillian - (Book: Captive, The )
Glory - (Book: Cheyenne Song)
Guenevere - (Book: Child of the Holy Grail)
Guinevere - (Book: Child Queen, The)
Geneva Langley - (Book: City of Ash)
Gwendolen - (Book: Claimed by the Highlander)
Georgina - (Book: Coach to Hell, The)
Gillian Dearly - (Book: Conquered by a Highlander)
Gwyneth - (Book: Conqueror)
Guenivere (Gwyn) de l'Ami - (Book: Conqueror, The)
Grace Dovercourt - (Book: Count's Charade, The)
Gabrielle Cheney - (Book: Courtesan, The)
Glory Shaw - (Book: Courting of Widow Shaw, The)
Glory Marie Day - (Book: Cowboy Who Came Calling, The)
Gabrielle Reynaud - (Book: Creole Angel)
Grace Russell - (Book: Crooked Hearts)
Gwyn - (Book: Crown of Passion)
Guinevere Holland - (Book: Cupid's Choice)
Gena Trowbridge - (Book: Dakota Desire)
Gwendolyn MacAlistair - (Book: Dance With Deception)
Gwenyth Killigrew - (Book: Dangerous Magic)
Gabrielle Rochon - (Book: Dangerous Masquerade, A (UK)
White Horses)
Gabrielle Foote - (Book: Darcy's Kiss)
Georgiana Rutledge - (Book: Daring Alliance, A)
Georgiana Huffington - (Book: Daring Liaison, A)
Georgiana Darleigh - (Book: Daughter of Destiny (reprint))
Gillian - (Book: Dawn In My Heart)
Gyanhumara (Gyan) - (Book: Dawnflight)
Grace - (Book: Deadlier Than the Rest (ebook))
Gillian Dashwoood - (Book: Desire Becomes Her)
Gillian Dashwood - (Book: Desire Becomes Her (reprint))
Genevieve Saint-Georges - (Book: Desire in Disguise)
Grace Cabot - (Book: Devil Takes a Bride, The)
Grace Chastain - (Book: Devil's Necklace, The)
Goldie Mae - (Book: Diamonds and Dreams)
Glenna Ashe - (Book: Doubletree, The)
Genny - (Book: Dreams of An Eagle)
Gwyneth Douglas - (Book: Dreams of Destiny)
Gina - (Book: Duchess In Love)
Gwen Prim - (Book: Duke and Miss Christmas, The (ebook))
Grace Kearly - (Book: Dusk with a Dangerous Duke)
Gillian - (Book: Earl Claims His Wife, The)
Gayle Renshaw - (Book: Ecstasy Wears Emeralds)
Ginny Parker - (Book: Eden Creek)
Genevieve LaCroix - (Book: Edge of the Wilderness)
Genevieve Elliot - (Book: Embrace the Day)
daughter of Black Ewen
- (Book: Embrace the Sun)
Gemma Baird - (Book: Enchanted Prince, The)
Gabrielle Jerningham - (Book: Enchanting Pleasures)
Gina Charles - (Book: Enchantment)
Giana Van Cleve - (Book: Evening Star)
Gareth of Faucon - (Book: Falcon's Honor)
Gillian Harwell - (Book: Family for Gillian, A)
Georgianna Beverly - (Book: Family Matchmaker, The)
Grace Wren - (Book: Fascination)
Gwenhwyfar - (Book: Fate of Camelot)
Graceann Warrington - (Book: Father Christmas)
Glynna O'Rourke - (Book: Fiery Virginia Jewel)
Grania - (Book: Finn Mac Cool)
Garnet Scott - (Book: Flint)
Gideon Wakefield - (Book: Fool Me Once)
Grace Welbourne - (Book: For Her Love)
Georgia Milton - (Book: Forever and a Day)
Grace Thomas - (Book: Forever Autumn)
Gabriella Gordon - (Book: Gabriella)
Gabrielle Gallant - (Book: Gabrielle)
Gabrielle Marie de St. Germain - (Book: Gabrielle)
Gabrielle Darcy - (Book: Gabrielle's Gamble)
Georgiana Oversham - (Book: Galatea's Revenge)
Georgiana Newbury - (Book: Gamble, The)
Garnet Dulan - (Book: Garnet (Hardcover))
Gem McBride - (Book: Gemfire)
Georgiana Burton - (Book: Gentle Conquest)
Georgina Anderson - (Book: Gentle Rogue)
Georgina Anderson - (Book: Gentle Rogue (ebook))
Georgiana Bellewether - (Book: Gentleman Thief, The)
Georgina Power - (Book: Georgina (reissue))
Ghost Dancer - (Book: Ghost Dancer)
Gilliane - (Book: Gilliane)
Gilliane - (Book: Gilliane (reissue))
Ginnie Webster - (Book: Ginnie Come Lately)
Ginnie Webster - (Book: Ginnie Come Lately (UK))
Griet - (Book: Girl With a Pearl Earring)
Glory Sutton - (Book: Glory and the Rake)
Glory - (Book: Glory, Glory)
Ginevra Mallard - (Book: Golden Lure, The (UK))
Grace Ackerly - (Book: Grace)
Grania, Grace O'Malley - (Book: Grania)
Georgiana Black - (Book: Greatest Lover Ever, The)
Genevieve Rohan - (Book: Grey Hawk's Lady)
Guenevere - (Book: Guenevere: Queen of the Summer Country)
Gudrun - (Book: Gundrun's Tapestry)
Gwendolen Quarters - (Book: Gwendolen)
Gwendolen Quarters - (Book: Gwendolen (reissue))
Glynna Williams - (Book: Half-Breed's Lady)
Genevieve LaCroix - (Book: Heart of the Sandhills)
Ginny Makepeace - (Book: Heart's Gamble, The)
Gilliane de Lacey - (Book: Hearts of Fire)
Gilleis and Madonna Benedetta - (Book: Heaven Tree Trilogy)
Genevieve de Renalt - (Book: Her Irish Warrior)
Gina Briganti - (Book: Her Lone Protector)
Georgiana Knight - (Book: Her Only Desire)
Gillian de l'Eau Clair - (Book: Hidden Heart, The)
Guinevere - (Book: High Queen, The)
Gillyanne Murray - (Book: Highland Bride)
Gillyanne Murray - (Book: Highland Bride (mass market--reissue))
Gillyanne Murray - (Book: Highland Bride (reissue))
Glynis MacPherson - (Book: Highland Desire)
Gisele - (Book: Highland Honor)
Gisele - (Book: Highland Honor (reissue))
Gillian MacKay - (Book: Highland Warrior)
Genevieve McInnis - (Book: Highlander Most Wanted)
Gwyneth Hall - (Book: His Bride)
Grace Cheval - (Book: His Every Kiss)
Gabriella St. George - (Book: His Favorite Mistress)
Gwenyth de Auburd - (Book: His Lady Bride)
Grace Edgewood - (Book: His Saving Grace)
Glenda MacKay - (Book: His Wicked Promise)
Georgie - (Book: Homeless Heiress, The)
Georgie - (Book: Homeless Heiress, The (UK edition))
Grace - (Book: Honeysuckle Song)
Genevra Ralston - (Book: How to Ruin a Reputation)
Georgiana Hartley - (Book: Impetuous Innocent)
Georgina Forsythe - (Book: Impetuous Twin, The)
Glynis MacIain - (Book: In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams)
Gillian Prescott - (Book: Inconvenient Marriage, An)
Gillian Thorncliff - (Book: Independent Woman, An)
Georgiana Lacy - (Book: Infamous Sea Bath, An)
Grace Warren - (Book: Intimate Deception)
Gillian Edwards - (Book: Irish Rake, The)
Greta Schliessmayer - (Book: It Was Like This)
Grace Rutherford - (Book: Jewel Box, The)
Gabriella Paloma - (Book: Jewel of the Sea)
Genevra - (Book: Jousting With Shadows)
Genevra - (Book: Jousting With Shadows (UK))
Gigi Barrington - (Book: Joy Forever, A)
Grace Listen - (Book: Just Grace (Hardcover))
Gretchen Ames - (Book: Kentucky Woman)
Grace Walsingham - (Book: Kilts and Daggers)
Genen Armstrong - (Book: King's Mistress, The)
Gwenyth Owens - (Book: Kiss of Fate, A)
Genevieve Summerville - (Book: Klondike Wedding)
Gabrielle de Lauren - (Book: Knight Dreams)
Guenevere - (Book: Knight of the Sacred Lake, The)
Gaira - (Book: Knight's Broken Promise, The (ebook))
Gisela Anne Balewyne - (Book: Knight's Reward, A)
Grace Marlowe - (Book: Lady Be Bad)
Gwendolyn Tremayne - (Book: Lady Midnight)
Gelina รณ Monaghan - (Book: Lady of Conquest)
Gillian MacGregor - (Book: Lady of the Mist)
Glynis Muldoon - (Book: Lady Reckless)
Georgina Beaumont - (Book: Lady Rogue)
Georgina Beaumont - (Book: Lady Rogue (ebook))
Gwendolyn Devane - (Book: Lady Scandal)
Grace Reilly - (Book: Lawman's Redemption, The)
Gwyn Morgan - (Book: Lord Diablo's Demise)
Gianelle Dejiat - (Book: Lord Of Temptation)
Georgina Harvard - (Book: Lord Rivington's Lady)
Georgiana Marland - (Book: Lord Ryburn's Apprentice)
Georgianna Exley - (Book: Lord Sin)
Georgiana, Marchioness of Ware - (Book: Lord Ware's Widow)
Grace Eversleigh - (Book: Lost Duke of Wyndham, The)
Grace Wyne - (Book: Love From The Ashes)
Grace Sheffey - (Book: Love With The Perfect Scoundrel)
Gwendolyn Townsend - (Book: Love With The Proper Husband)
Georgie Carteret - (Book: Love's Gambit)
Gloria Daniels - (Book: Love's Glorious Gamble)
Geoffrey/Nicholas Talcott - (Book: Love's Labyrinth)
Glory Carpenter - (Book: Loving Glory)
Gilly - (Book: Lurid Lady Lockport, The)
Gwendolyn Adams - (Book: Mad Earl's Bride, The (ebook--reprint))
Grace - (Book: Madcap Miss)
Gillian Hexham - (Book: Maiden Bride)
Gwynne ap Moran - (Book: Maiden Warrior, The)
Georgianne Venables - (Book: Major and the Country Miss, The (UK))
Glory Clark - (Book: Man for Glory, A)
Gabrielle Darcy - (Book: Man in the Green Coat, The (Hardcover))
Gwendolyn Rossiter - (Book: Mandarin of Mayfair, The)
Georgina Fitzhardinge - (Book: Marriage Mart, The)
Grace - (Book: Marriage of Mercy)
Grace MacEachin - (Book: Marriage Ring, The)
Genevieve Stafford - (Book: Marrying Season, The)
Gina Buxton - (Book: Masked Heiress, The)
Garnet Sinclair - (Book: Master of her Heart)
Gemma Peartree - (Book: Master of Sin)
Georgianna Mead - (Book: McKenna's Fortune)
Gillian of Thaxted - (Book: Mercenary's Bride, The)
Gillian Davies - (Book: Merely the Groom)
Gwendolyn de Leon - (Book: Midnight Magic)
Ginny - (Book: Midnight Secrets)
Gabrielle St James - (Book: Midnight Thunder)
Georgiana - (Book: Minx of Mayfair, The)
Georgiana Darcy - (Book: Miss Darcy Falls in Love)
Gillian Davenport - (Book: Miss Davenport's Christmas)
Georgiana Grey - (Book: Miss in a Man's World)
Georgina Herron - (Book: Miss Jesmond's Heir)
Georgianna Pennington - (Book: Miss Pennington's Choice)
Grace Forbush - (Book: Missing Heir, The)
Grace Templar - (Book: Mistress of Rossmor)
Georgiana Carrington - (Book: Moment of Madness, A)
Gina Westcott, Lady Whitelaw - (Book: Mr. Rushford's Honor)
Gina Westcott
now Lady Whitelaw
- (Book: Mr. Rushford's Honour (UK))
Glynis Chatwin - (Book: Much Compromised Lady, A)
Glynis Chatwin - (Book: Much Compromised Lady, A (reissue))
Gabrielle Denning - (Book: Music Box, The)
Gillian MacDonell - (Book: My Devilish Scotsman)
Gillian Dryden - (Book: My Fair Princess)
Gabriella Redclift - (Book: My Lady Beloved)
Gwyneth - (Book: My Lady Knight)
Grace Dalrymple - (Book: My Lady Scandalous)
Gwennor Southford - (Book: My Lady's Honor)
Grace Kenwood - (Book: My Notorious Gentleman)
Georgiana Southwold - (Book: Nabob's Ward, The)
Grace Fairchild - (Book: Never a Gentleman)
Georgiana - (Book: Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover)
Genny Paxton - (Book: Night Storm (reissue)
(Box Set))
Grace Cavanaugh - (Book: No Angel's Grace)
Georgia Wells - (Book: No Greater Love)
Genevieve LeSage - (Book: No Sweeter Ecstasy)
Gillian Leigh - (Book: Noble Intentions)
Gillian Leigh - (Book: Noble Intentions (reissue))
Gemma Westin - (Book: Noble Nephew, The)
Grace Fisk - (Book: Once An Angel)
Georgiana Escott - (Book: One Night of Passion)
Genevieve Delacroix - (Book: One Red Rose)
Gabrielle - (Book: One Rogue Too Many)
Grace Gautheier - (Book: One Touch of Scandal)
Grace Elizabeth Livingston - (Book: Painted Horse)
Georgina Hanover - (Book: Paper Tiger)
Georgette Frost - (Book: Passion Favors the Bold)
Gwendolyn Meadows - (Book: Passion of the Purple Plumeria, The )
Gillian Winthrop - (Book: Passionate Rebel, The)
Grace Merridew - (Book: Perfect Kiss, The)
Gabrielle La Coeur - (Book: Perfect Mistress, The)
Gabrielle Carelton - (Book: Perfect Strangers)
Gillian Kentwell - (Book: Perilous Journey, A)
Georgiana Cressington - (Book: Portrait of a Forbidden Lady)
Gabrielle Aumont - (Book: Prayer and a Promise, A)
Gwenhwyfar - (Book: Prelude to Camelot)
Gwyn Barrie - (Book: Princess Charming)
Genevra Hazeldine - (Book: Prior Engagement, A)
Genevieve MacPhail - (Book: Prisoner, The)
Gigi Rowland - (Book: Private Arrangements)
Grace Howard - (Book: Promise Of Spring, A)
Glenna - (Book: Promised Splendor)
Gwendoline - (Book: Proposal, The)
Guinevere - (Book: Queen of Camelot (Anthology))
Gloriana Carlisle - (Book: Queen of My Heart)
Giselle - (Book: Queen of the May)
Garnet Winters - (Book: Rage to Love)
Genevieve Barret - (Book: Rake's Midnight Kiss, A)
Grace Hetherington - (Book: Rake's Wicked Proposal, The)
Gillian and Bridgid - (Book: Ransom)
Gabrielle - (Book: Rapture's Dream)
Grace Crabtree - (Book: Rascal, The)
Georgianna - (Book: Rash Reckless Love)
Glenys Shea - (Book: Raven's Bride)
Genevieve Latour - (Book: Reckless Seduction)
Genevieve Latour - (Book: Reckless Seduction)
Geneva Garner - (Book: Redemption (Hardcover))
Ginger Fitzpatrick - (Book: Reluctant Debutante, The)
Glory Townsend - (Book: Renegade Moon)
Genevieve Rawlings - (Book: River's Treasure, The (ebook))
Grace McCammon - (Book: Rogue and the Heather, The)
Grace - (Book: Rogue's Return, The)
Ghislaine "Gilly" de Lorgny - (Book: Rose at Midnight, A)
Gillian Ames - (Book: Rules For a Lady)
Georgina Bennett - (Book: Runaway Duchess, The)
Georgina White - (Book: Runaways, The)
Gillian Browne - (Book: Savage Fury)
Gillian Browne - (Book: Savage Passion)
Gabrielle MacLaren - (Book: Savage Storm)
Grace Benton - (Book: Saving Grace)
Grace Benson - (Book: Saving Grace)
Grace Sullivan - (Book: Say Goonight, Gracie)
Gemma Maitland - (Book: Scandal's Daughter)
Gabriella Banning - (Book: Scandalous)
Georgia Maybury - (Book: Scandalous Countess, A)
Gabrielle de Brienne - (Book: Scarlet Angel)
Gilberta De Beers - (Book: Scarlet Kisses)
Gillian Cameron - (Book: Scottish Companion, The)
Gwendolyn Tarrant - (Book: Second Match, A)
Gwenllian Lloyd - (Book: Secret Hunter, The)
Grace Penworth - (Book: Secret Scribbler, The)
Gabrielle Laurence - (Book: Secrets of the Heart)
Grace Danvers - (Book: Seduced By His Touch)
Gelis MacKenzie - (Book: Seducing a Scottish Bride)
Gabrielle of St. Biel - (Book: Shadow Music)
Gemma Sinclair - (Book: Shetland Summer)
Genevieve Shelby King - (Book: Shoe Queen, The)
Gabrielle St. Clair - (Book: Silent Heart)
Glenda - (Book: Silken Rapture)
Glenda Galvez - (Book: Silken Rapture (reissue))
Gemmi Andrews - (Book: Silken Shadows)
Gwyneth of Northumbria - (Book: Simon's Lady)
Glynis MacNeil - (Book: Sinner, The)
Gilly McCoy - (Book: Siren's Song, The (ebook))
Gillian Ross - (Book: Sizzle All Day)
Grace Hannah - (Book: Smuggler Wore Silk, The )
Gwynna Owen - (Book: So Reckless a Love)
Gertrude Barkley - (Book: Something Shady)
Glorianna Wilton - (Book: Sonoran Sunrise)
Glenna - (Book: Sound of the Heart)
Gillian Redford - (Book: Spinster and the Rake, The)
Georgina Witherspoon - (Book: Spirit of Love)
Genevieve Buchanan - (Book: Stardust of Yesterday)
Gaiety Smith - (Book: Starlight)
Gillian Forrester - (Book: Stealing Heaven)
Gillie - (Book: Stolen Dreams)
Grace Makepeace - (Book: Stroke of Genius)
Georgina Spalding - (Book: Surfeit of Suitors, A)
Gila - (Book: Surrender Sweet Stranger)
Grace Molloy - (Book: Sweet Charity)
Georgiana Westleigh - (Book: Sweet Cheat, The)
Georgina Denbigh - (Book: Sweet Remembrance)
Ginny Brandon - (Book: Sweet Savage Love (reissue))
Georgiana Trent - (Book: Sweetest Regret (ebook))
Gloria - (Book: Ten Thousand Charms)
Gabrielle LaFarge - (Book: Tender Fury)
Giulietta - (Book: Tender Rogue)
Gabrielle Price - (Book: Texas Ranger, Runaway Heiress)
Gillian of Warewick - (Book: This Is All I Ask)
Grace Carpenter - (Book: Three Weeks to Wed)
Gillian MacGuire - (Book: To Desire a Highlander)
Georgina (Gina) Pierce - (Book: To Marry an Heiress)
Grace Brisbane - (Book: To Seduce an Earl)
Georgianna Paget - (Book: To Win the Lady (UK))
Genny Wallington-Willis - (Book: Too Wicked to Love)
Genevieve Wallington-Willis - (Book: Too Wicked to Love)
Genevieve Ralston - (Book: Touch Me)
Genvieve Dreyford - (Book: True and Perfect Knight, A)
Genevieve Munroe - (Book: Twelve Days of Christmas, The)
Gwennie - (Book: Twilight Secrets)
Gabby Wade - (Book: Untamed Heart)
Grace Paget - (Book: Untouched)
Genevieve LaCroix - (Book: Valley of the Shadow)
Gabrielle de Beaucaire - (Book: Velvet)
Gwyn - (Book: Velvet Fire)
Grace O'Rourke - (Book: Violet Fire)
Grace O'Rourke - (Book: Violet Fire (reissue))
Gabriella Montini - (Book: Virgin's Secret, The)
Gemma Smith - (Book: Vision in Blue)
Gizela Talbot - (Book: Wake Not the Dragon)
Georgette Thorold - (Book: What Happens in Scotland)
Genevieve Eversea - (Book: What I Did For a Duke)
Grace Radclyffe - (Book: What the Duke Wants (ebook))
Galina Stepanova Razumova - (Book: Wheel of Fortune)
Grace Mabry - (Book: When the Duke Was Wicked)
Gabrielle Rochon - (Book: White Horses
A Dangerous Masquerade (UK))
Georgina Mowbray - (Book: Why Earls Fall in Love)
Gwyneth Evans Simms - (Book: Wicked at Heart)
Gwyneth Evans Simms - (Book: Wicked at Heart (ebook))
Gwen Maudsley - (Book: Wicked Becomes You)
Grier Hadley - (Book: Wicked in Your Arms)
Genevieve Camden - (Book: Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady)
Grace Crowther - (Book: Wicked Widow Meets Her Match, The)
Gillian Stafford - (Book: Wild and Sweet)
Geneva Patterson - (Book: Wild Rose)
Genova Smith - (Book: Winter Fire)
Genova Smith - (Book: Winter Fire (reissue))
Georgie Bridges - (Book: Wish Down the Moon)
Gwendolyn MacSween - (Book: Witch and the Warrior, The)
Glee Pembroke - (Book: With His Ring)


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