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Ann Major

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Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroines with first name starting with J

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Julia Hastings - (Book: Abandoned Bride, The)
Joanna Winterton - (Book: Abandoned Rake, The)
Julia Frant - (Book: Abduction of Julia, The)
Jenny Chandler - (Book: Abduction of Miss Jenny Chandler, The (ebook))
Jezebel Clinton - (Book: Actress & the Marquis, The)
Jane Caldwell - (Book: Adventurer's Bride, The)
Juliet Laverick - (Book: After the Abduction)
Jenny Ashley - (Book: After the Storm)
Jacintha Howard - (Book: All for Love)
Jillian St. Erney - (Book: Alluring Lady, An)
Jane Mayberry - (Book: Almost A Princess)
Josie and Cleo - (Book: Always and Forever)
Judith Beaufort - (Book: And Heaven Too)
Juliet Grafton-Moore - (Book: Angel's Fall)
Joanna - (Book: Apache Flame)
Jessica Colton - (Book: Apache Legacy)
Jenny - (Book: Apache Runaway)
Joanna - (Book: Ardent Suitor, The)
Jennie McCaine - (Book: Arizona Temptress)
Jennie McCaine - (Book: Arizona Temptress (reissue))
Jillian Ashcroft - (Book: Ashcroft Curse, The)
Juliana Romanov - (Book: At The King's Command (reissue))
Jane, Countess of Stanwell - (Book: At the Spy's Pleasure (ebook))
Jane Fremney - (Book: Back in Society)
Jenny Fortune - (Book: Bad Luck Wedding Dress)
Jocelyn Kendal - (Book: Bargain, The)
Jocelyn Kendal - (Book: Bargain, The)
Jocelyn Kendal - (Book: Bargain, The (reprint))
Jane Neville - (Book: Baron, The (ebook))
Judith Cadwell - (Book: Bartered Bridegroom, The)
Jordan St. James - (Book: Bayou Bride)
Justine Riggs - (Book: Beguiling Intrigue, A)
Jessica Greenwood - (Book: Behold, A Mystery)
Jane Maitland - (Book: Beleaguered Lord Bourne, The)
Jane Maitland - (Book: Beleaguered Lord Bourne, The)
Juliana Mendoza - (Book: Beloved Warrior)
Joyous MacQuarrie - (Book: Bewitching)
Jeanne - (Book: Beyond the Sunrise)
Jeanne Morrisette - (Book: Beyond The Sunrise)
Jennifer Alston - (Book: Big Sky Rancher)
Joanna Patterson - (Book: Birds of a Feather)
Joanna Patterson - (Book: Birds of a Feather (e-book))
Justine DeCabrillan - (Book: Black Hawk, The)
Jenny Lennox - (Book: Bonny Bride, The)
Julia Elliston - (Book: Born of Persuasion)
Joan Galloway - (Book: Borrowed Kisses)
Jacy Kimble - (Book: Branded)
Jessie Blair - (Book: Brave the Wild Wind)
Jessie Blair - (Book: Brave the Wild Wind (ebook))
Julien d'Artiers - (Book: Brazen Temptress)
Jessica Tierney - (Book: Bride for McCain, A)
Josselyn ap Carreg Du - (Book: Bride of Rosecliffe, The)
Jocelyn Montagne - (Book: Bride of the Lion)
Jocelyn Finch - (Book: Bride Ship, The)
Jamie - (Book: Bride, The)
Jamie - (Book: Bride, The (Hardcover))
Jamie - (Book: Bride, The (reissue))
Jamie - (Book: Bride, The (reissue))
Jamie - (Book: Bride, The (reissue))
Jenny Sullivan - (Book: Brides of Durango: Jenny)
Josie Hardwick - (Book: Bright Morning Star)
Julia Colton - (Book: By Any Other Name)
Joan - (Book: By Design)
Judith Canmore - (Book: By Queen's Grace)
Josephina Gregorian - (Book: Bylines)
Jodie Zaleski - (Book: Byron's Child (Hardcover))
Jasabel Buchanan - (Book: Captain Devlin's Captive)
Julianna Adams - (Book: Captain's Castaway, The)
Josephine Mallington - (Book: Captain's Forbidden Miss, The)
Jacinda Blanchett - (Book: Captain, The)
Janet - (Book: Captive Flame)
Jeanne de la Rocque - (Book: Capture)
Jeanne de la Rocque - (Book: Capture (UK))
Jenna Llewellyn - (Book: Carolina Dawn)
Judith Winslow
Antonia Thornton
- (Book: Carousel of Hearts)
Jo McCaine - (Book: Charming Jo)
Johanna Benison - (Book: Chieftain)
Jemma Bailey - (Book: Chivalrous Rake, Scandalous Lady)
Judith Rossiter - (Book: Christmas Angel)
Judith Rossiter - (Book: Christmas Angel)
Judith Rossiter - (Book: Christmas Angel (reissue))
Judith Rossiter - (Book: Christmas Angel (reissue))
Judith Easton - (Book: Christmas Beau)
Juliana Archer - (Book: Christmas Promise, A)
Juneclaire Beaumont - (Book: Christmas Wishes)
Juneclaire Beaumont - (Book: Christmas Wishes (reissue))
Juliana - (Book: Circle in the Water)
Jenny Chawleigh - (Book: Civil Contract, A)
Jenny Chawleigh - (Book: Civil Contract, A (new edition))
Josie Laclede - (Book: Claiming the Heart)
Jin Soing - (Book: Clockwork Samurai (ebook))
Jilly Jones - (Book: Cloudy with a Chance of Marriage)
Jessica Beaumont - (Book: Colorado Courtship)
Jessica - (Book: Comanche Flame)
Jennifer - (Book: Comanche Promise)
Jennifer Carlisle - (Book: Comanche Sunset)
Jennifer Andrews - (Book: Comanche Sunset)
Jessica Summers - (Book: Come the Spring)
Julia O'Shea - (Book: Commander, The)
Justine Brightmore - (Book: Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom)
Jennet Graeme - (Book: Conqueror's Kiss)
Jennet Graeme - (Book: Conqueror's Kiss (reissue))
Jessamyn Dacre,
Lady of Curlew
- (Book: Constant Flame, The)
Jenny Heron - (Book: Cornish Rose, A)
Juliet Barre - (Book: Cost of Honor, The)
Jane "Jenny" Dresden - (Book: Country Courtship, A)
Julianna Devereux
Countess of Rosmar
- (Book: Court of Love, The)
Jenny Hastings - (Book: Courted by the Captain)
Julia - (Book: Courtesan Duchess, The)
Jeanne Yvette Mas Du Bois - (Book: Courtier's Secret, The)
Julia Maynard - (Book: Courting Julia)
Jenny Bright - (Book: Courting of Jenny Bright, The)
Jane Charlotte Davis - (Book: Courtship, The)
Juliana Mitchell - (Book: Creed Country Christmas, A)
Jasmine Du Maurier - (Book: Creole Captive)
Jenna Marchand - (Book: Creole Caress)
Jocelyn - (Book: Crusader Captive)
J. Whitney Bradford - (Book: Cutter's Woman)
Juliana Penridge - (Book: Dame Fortune's Fancy)
Julia St. Clement - (Book: Damsel in Disguise)
Jocelyn Robards - (Book: Dangerous Baron Leigh, The)
Jess Maury - (Book: Dangerous Desire)
Jolie McKibben - (Book: Daniel's Bride)
Julia Landreth - (Book: Daring Deception, A)
Jessica Coulter - (Book: Daring, The)
Jennifer Winwood - (Book: Dark Angel)
Julia - (Book: Dark Enquiry, The)
Jane Barclay - (Book: Dark Fires)
Jane Barclay - (Book: Dark Fires (reissue))
Juliana Rains - (Book: Dark Of The Moon)
Jane Heatherington - (Book: Dark Prince)
Jasmine - (Book: Darling Jasmine)
Julia Woolcott - (Book: Deadliest Sin, The)
Jamaica de Bowen - (Book: Debt of Honor, A)
Jilana - (Book: Defy the Eagle)
Jolie LeFleur - (Book: Desert Dreams)
Jayne Worthington - (Book: Desert Heat)
Juliette Hamilton - (Book: Desire in His Eyes)
Jillian Hollingsworth - (Book: Destined to be Mine)
Jane Lucas - (Book: Destitute on His Doorstep)
Jane Lovet - (Book: Devil Claims a Wife, The)
Jonty Rand - (Book: Devil in Spurs)
Jenny - (Book: Devil Water)
Juliana of Stanmore - (Book: Devil's Knight)
Janeta Cobham - (Book: Devil's Mark, The)
Janeta Cobham - (Book: Devil's Mark, The (UK))
Julia Beaumont - (Book: Devil's Pearl, The (ebook))
Julianna Harte - (Book: Devil's Thief, The (ebook))
Jocelyn Byrd-Carrington - (Book: Devilish Montague, The)
Jenna Campbell - (Book: Diamond King, The)
Janet Lambert - (Book: Disobedient Daughter, The)
Juliet Manchester - (Book: Dreadful Duke, The)
Joanna Hawkforte - (Book: Dream Island)
Juliet Carleton - (Book: Dreamspinner)
Jane Pridden - (Book: Dreamstone, The)
Julia Bennett - (Book: Drifter, The)
Jessica Pendle - (Book: Duchess Hunt, The)
Judith Denny - (Book: Duke and Miss Denny, The)
Jeanne de Falleron - (Book: Duke of Dark Desires, The)
Jane Smith - (Book: Duke's Cinderella Bride, The)
Joanna Milford - (Book: Duke's Double, The)
Jane Wood - (Book: Duke's Governess Bride, The)
Jewel Bona - (Book: Duke's Lady, The)
Jacob Kalner - (Book: Dunkirk Crescendo)
Julia Kenney - (Book: Earl Takes All, The)
Juliana Whitfield - (Book: Earl's Season, The)
Justice, Lady - (Book: Earl, The)
Jessica - (Book: Eden)
Julie Jones - (Book: Edge of Town, The)
Julianna Redmere - (Book: Elusive Bride, The)
Jewel MacKenzie - (Book: Enchanted Bride, The)
Julie Elkheart - (Book: Enchanted By You)
Jenny Godstowe - (Book: Enchanting Jenny)
Jessie Watson - (Book: Endless Ecstasy)
Julai Howard - (Book: Engagement of Convenience)
Judith Goddard - (Book: Enticing the Spymaster (ebook))
Julia Barclay - (Book: Errant Earl, The)
Jayne Chilcott - (Book: Escapade and An Engagement, An)
Jennifer Baxter - (Book: Escape Not My Love)
Judith LeGrand - (Book: Escape to Destiny)
Judith LeGrand - (Book: Escape to Destiny (UK))
Jasmine of Salisbury - (Book: Falcon and the Flower, The)
Jasmine of Salisbury - (Book: Falcon and the Flower, The (reissue))
Juliane - (Book: Fall, The)
Jennie Sheridan - (Book: Family for Carter Jones, A)
Jillian Allister Whitney - (Book: Fanning the Flame)
Juli - (Book: Far Pavilions, The)
Juli - (Book: Far Pavilions, The (reissue))
Juli - (Book: Far Pavilions, The (reissue))
Juliette Broussard - (Book: Fever)
Joy Winslow - (Book: Fiery Ring, The)
Janelle Coolidge - (Book: Fire Cloud)
Joanna Neville - (Book: Fireheart)
Joanna Maclnnes - (Book: Flame)
Jessica Manning - (Book: Flames of Glory)
Juana de Arrelanos - (Book: Flesh and the Devil, The (hardcover))
Jacinth Essex - (Book: Flower of Love)
Jennifer - (Book: Fly With The Eagle)
Jessica Lane - (Book: Follow The Wind)
Juliet Hampton - (Book: For honor's lady)
Juliet Darcy - (Book: For Honor's Sake)
Julia - (Book: For Pete's Sake)
Jewel - (Book: Forbidden Magic)
Jo Attenborough - (Book: Force of Nature)
Jo Attenborough - (Book: Force of Nature (reprint))
Jenny Delaney - (Book: Forever In His Arms)
Johanna Patterson - (Book: Forever Man, The)
Juliana Roessler - (Book: Forever the Flame)
Joanna Sinclair - (Book: Forever, My Love)
Josie Freeman - (Book: Forged by Love)
Josephine Whittaker - (Book: Forget Me Not)
Jessica Franklin - (Book: Fortune-Hunters, The)
Justine Bryerly - (Book: Fox Hunt, The)
Julia Prior - (Book: From Ruin to Riches)
Joanna Merrill - (Book: From Waif to Gentleman's Wife)
Judith Preston - (Book: Gallant Gambler, The)
Julia Carruthers - (Book: Gentleman by Any Other Name, A)
Jessie Randall - (Book: Gentleman, The)
Jillian Montgomery - (Book: Gideon's Angel)
Jessica Leighton-Curtis - (Book: Gifts)
Josie Storm - (Book: Give All to Love)
Jessie Hale - (Book: Give Me Tomorrow)
Julia Antonia - (Book: Gladiator's Honor)
Julia Antonia - (Book: Gladiator's Honour, The)
Johanna Doan - (Book: Glorious Dawn)
Janet Lewis - (Book: Gold Star Wife)
Jenny Dell - (Book: Golden Lord, The)
Jenny Shaw Halpern - (Book: Golden Swan, The)
Jenny Shaw Halpern - (Book: Golden Swan, The (reissue))
Jane Shore - (Book: Goldsmith's Wife, The)
Josephine Hale - (Book: Good Groom Hunting)
Jean Morrison - (Book: Governess of Distinction, A)
Julia Foster - (Book: Governess of Highland Hall, The )
Jade - (Book: Guardian Angel)
Jin Soling - (Book: Gunpowder Alchemy (ebook))
Jacqueline Douglas - (Book: Hawk's Pledge)
Jena Leigh Hawk - (Book: Hawk's Pursuit)
Jenny Hanson - (Book: Healing, The)
Julia Chandler - (Book: Heart of a Duke, The)
Juliana Pendarvis - (Book: Heart of the Storm)
Janet Leslie - (Book: Heart Queen, The)
Jane Grantley - (Book: Heart's Companion, The)
Jenny Randal - (Book: Heart's Song)
Julie de Valme - (Book: Heart's Wager, The)
Judith - (Book: Heir Presumptive)
Juliet Drake - (Book: Heirloom)
Jane - (Book: Hemingford Scandal, The)
Jenny Garvin - (Book: Her Heart's Captain)
Jenna Aleyne - (Book: Her Highland Protector)
Jane Fenton - (Book: Her Notorious Viscount)
Joanna - (Book: Here Be Dragons)
Joanna - (Book: Here Be Dragons (reissue))
Josephine Lalique - (Book: Here Is My Heart)
Jessica Maitland - (Book: Hidden Heart, The)
Jolene Gerard - (Book: Highland Conqueror)
Juliet White - (Book: Highland Rogue)
Jeannie Gordon - (Book: Highland Scoundrel)
Jeanette MacAlpin - (Book: Highlander Avenged)
Jane Lockwood - (Book: Highwayman, The)
Jessalyn MacInnes - (Book: Hint of Heather, A)
Jennifer Appleton - (Book: Hint of Mischief)
Jennifer Appleton - (Book: Hint of Mischief, A (ebook))
Jane Chatham - (Book: His Dark and Dangerous Ways)
Juliet Bucheron - (Book: His Dark Desires)
Jessica O'Neill - (Book: His Lordship's Mistress)
Julianne Sutton - (Book: His Sinful Secret)
Jeannie MacWherter - (Book: His Wicked Highland Ways)
Jenny Burke - (Book: Holding Out For A Hero)
Juliana Skeffington - (Book: Holiday of Love, A)
Jeannette Boucher - (Book: Honor Bound)
Judith Haviland - (Book: Honor's Bride)
Juliet Townsend - (Book: Honorable Wish, An (ebook))
Julia Bonneaux - (Book: Horse Soldier, The)
Jane Lindsay - (Book: House Of A Thousand Lanterns, The)
Juliet Shelby - (Book: How to Romance a Rake)
Julianne Gatewick - (Book: How to Seduce a Scoundrel)
Janet of Mar - (Book: Hunter, The)
Jane Osbourne - (Book: Ideal Match, An)
Jane Vernon - (Book: If the Viscount Falls)
Jane Weyland - (Book: If You Desire)
Jane Dalrymple - (Book: Impudent Widow, The)
Jane de Weston - (Book: In The Master's Bed)
Joisse Radcliffe - (Book: In the Shadow of the Crown)
Jane Middlebourne - (Book: In Want of a Wife)
Juliana Holcott - (Book: Independent Woman, An)
Jessica Fox - (Book: Innocence Undone)
Jessica Fox - (Book: Innocence Undone (reissue))
Jamie Macpherson - (Book: Intended, The)
Jess Mathews - (Book: Into The Wilderness (Hardcover))
Jessica Beverly - (Book: Intrigue, The)
Jackie O'Neill - (Book: Invitation, The)
Juliet Dante - (Book: Iron Rose, The)
Jade Donovan - (Book: Irresistible)
Jade Lotus - (Book: Island Ecstasy)
Jane Maxwell - (Book: Island of the Swans)
Jade Carrington - (Book: Jade)
Jade Farrow - (Book: Jade)
Jade Douglas - (Book: Jade)
Juliana DuPres - (Book: Jade Star)
Jennie Robsjohn - (Book: Jennie Kissed Me)
Jenny Dunn - (Book: Jenny)
Jessica Durleigh - (Book: Jessica)
Jessica Barnes - (Book: Jessica)
Judith Wyatt - (Book: Jewel of the Night (UK))
Jewelene Henshaw - (Book: Jewelene)
Joanna - (Book: Joanna)
Joanna - (Book: Joanna)
Joanna - (Book: Joanna (reissue))
Jordan Alcott - (Book: Jordan's Heart)
Josette - (Book: Josette)
Jacinda Malvern - (Book: Journals of Lady X, The)
Julia Shackleford - (Book: Julia)
Julia Maitland - (Book: Julia and the Master of Morancourt (trade))
Julia - (Book: Julia's Last Hope)
Julia Carleton - (Book: Julia's Portion)
Julia, Lady Winton - (Book: Julia's Spirit)
Juliana Townsend - (Book: Juliana)
Julia Delacroix - (Book: Just Impossible)
Jemma O'Hurley - (Book: Just Once)
Josie Cooper - (Book: Just This Once)
Jennifer Merrick - (Book: Kingdom of Dreams, A)
Jessamine Stone - (Book: Kissed)
Jacqueline of Sensaire - (Book: Kisses, She Wrote (ebook))
Jacqueline of Sensaire - (Book: Kisses, She Wrote (paperback))
Jane Ramsey - (Book: Kissing Bough, The)
Juliana D'Aubenville - (Book: Knight Everlasting)
Jesse Foltry - (Book: Knight on the Texas Plains)
Joanna of Galstonbury - (Book: Knight's Enchantment, A)
Jesselynn Harcourt - (Book: Knight's Honor)
Janette Aston - (Book: Lady Can Never Be Too Curious, A)
Julianna of Moncrieff - (Book: Lady Fortune)
Joanna Warwick - (Book: Lady in Disgrace)
Jenny Penny - (Book: Lady In Waiting)
Jane Coombs - (Book: Lady Jane)
Jane Derwent - (Book: Lady Jane's Ribbons)
Jenny Windham - (Book: Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait)
Jeanne Nicolet - (Book: Lady Lavender)
Julia - (Book: Lady of the Mists)
Jacquetta - (Book: Lady of the Rivers, The (hardcover))
Jane Mason - (Book: Lady's Code of Misconduct, A)
Juliet Pervill - (Book: Lady's Code, The)
Joan Price - (Book: Lady's Guide to Ruin, A )
Jane Lennox - (Book: Laird for Christmas, A)
Jassy McCloud - (Book: Lakota Renegade)
Julie Leighton - (Book: Land of Gold)
Jane Trowbridge - (Book: Last Rogue, The)
Jeanette - (Book: Lavender Blue)
Julia Renwick - (Book: Lessons in Indiscretion)
Julia Renwick - (Book: Lessons in Indiscretion eBook)
Jennifer Somers - (Book: Letter of Intent)
Jennifer Leigh Chilton - (Book: Light in the Darkness, The)
Jenny Allen - (Book: Lingering Laughter)
Jane Love - (Book: Listening Sky, The)
Lady Chester
- (Book: Little Bit Wicked, A)
Jane Sperling - (Book: London Belle, The)
Jacob Kalner - (Book: London Refrain)
Jane Sedgwick - (Book: London Season, A)
Julia Preston - (Book: Lone Wolf's Woman )
Juliana Hamilton - (Book: Lord Barry's Dream House)
Jane Sterling - (Book: Lord Devlin's Dilemma)
Jeannette Saincouer - (Book: Lord Endicott's Appetite)
Jarvia - (Book: Lord of Fire)
Jessica Trent - (Book: Lord of Scoundrels (reissue))
Joan Swan - (Book: Lord of the Hunt)
Julianne - (Book: Lord Richard's Daughter)
Joscelin Morley - (Book: Lord Trenchard's Choice)
Jane Sandiford - (Book: Lord Wraubourne's Betrothed)
Jane Sandiford - (Book: Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed)
Jade Nethercott - (Book: Lost In Shadow)
Jane Austen - (Book: Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, The)
Jessica - (Book: Louisiana Rose)
Jade O'Bannon - (Book: Love and Dreams)
Jane Bonde - (Book: Love and Let Spy)
Joan Bennett - (Book: Love and Other Scandals)
Jessica Lund - (Book: Love Once In Passing)
Jennifer Lee - (Book: Love's First Surrender)
Jessamy Montgomery - (Book: Love's Gambit)
Jennifer Hunter - (Book: Love's Long Journey)
Juliette Bergerine - (Book: Lovers Kiss, A)
Jane Halsey - (Book: Lovers' Quarrels)
Jessica Landon - (Book: Loves Sweet Bounty)
Jessie McAllen - (Book: Loving a Lawman)
Jewel Combs
"Julia Stratham"
- (Book: Loving Julia)
Jewel Combs
"Julia Stratham"
- (Book: Loving Julia (reissue))
Jess - (Book: Loving Lord Ash)
Julia Carey - (Book: Loving Tyler)
Jenny Eriksen - (Book: Luke's Runaway Bride)
Jane - (Book: Lure of the Moonflower, The)
Jenna - (Book: Mackenzie's Woman)
Joanna Macdonald - (Book: Maclean Groom, The)
Julia Westfall - (Book: Mad Marquis, The)
Jocelyn Tolliver - (Book: Madame's Deception)
Juliet Stoddard - (Book: Magic Embrace)
Jura - (Book: Maiden, The)
Julia Elliston - (Book: Mark of Distinction)
Jane Stanfield - (Book: Marriage of Convenience, A)
Julia of Childress - (Book: Marriage Test, The)
Josephine Horne - (Book: Married By Christmas)
Jezebel Montclair - (Book: Marrying Jezebel)
Jo O'Malley - (Book: Marshal and Mrs. O'Malley, The)
Juliana Beveridge - (Book: Masked Marquis, The)
Jacqueline Holt - (Book: Masque of Betrayal)
Juliet Branscombe - (Book: Matched Pairs)
Julia Drummond - (Book: Matchmaker, The)
Jessica Linton - (Book: Meeting at Scutari)
Jane Ryder - (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Jenna Lee - (Book: Midnight Hearts)
Juliana Dare - (Book: Midnight Mistress)
Jenny Holland - (Book: Midnight Princess)
Julia Flores - (Book: Midnight Promise)
Julia Witton - (Book: Midsummer Masque)
Jane Reynolds - (Book: Midsummer Moon)
Jane Douglas - (Book: Miscalculations)
Josie Cardworthy - (Book: Mischief by Moonlight)
Jane Woodley - (Book: Mischievous Matchmaker, The)
Juliet Foster - (Book: Miss Foster's Folly (ebook))
Jane Milton - (Book: Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind)
Juliana Spencer - (Book: Miss Spencer's Dilemma)
Juliet Winters - (Book: Miss Winters Proposes (ebook))
Julia Forsythe - (Book: Mistake, The (ebook))
Jennifer Leighton - (Book: Mistress Firebrand)
Joellen James - (Book: Mistress of Moontide Manor)
Jessica Callaghan - (Book: Montana Surrender)
Joline Masters - (Book: Montana Woman)
Julianne Baxter - (Book: Moonlight on My Mind)
Julia - (Book: Moonlight Whispers)
Jenny Graham - (Book: Moonlit Magic)
Jessica - (Book: Moonshadow)
Jillian Devlin - (Book: Moonspell)
Jessica Blakely - (Book: More I See You, The)
Juliana Wrenn - (Book: More Than a Governess)
Jane, Lady Sara Illingsworth - (Book: More than a Mistress)
Jessica Lindsay - (Book: Morning Song)
Jessie Lindsay - (Book: Morning Song (reissue))
Julia St. Claire - (Book: Most Scandalous Proposal, A)
Jeannie McVinnie - (Book: Mrs. McVinnie's London Season)
Justina Travers - (Book: Mummer's Play, A (ebook novella))
Joelle Quint - (Book: Mutiny of the Heart (ebook))
Juliana - (Book: My Beloved)
Juliana St. Germaine - (Book: My Enchanted Enemy)
Juliana St. Germaine - (Book: My Enchanted Enemy (reprint))
Jennifer Winston - (Book: My Enemy, My love)
Jemma Ramsden - (Book: My Fair Highlander)
Julianna Hawthorne - (Book: My Fair Mistress)
Jennifer, Lady Wroxham - (Book: My Lady Royal)
Jess Whitby - (Book: My Lord and Spymaster)
Jocelyn Kingly - (Book: My Lord Eternity)
Juliette Berceau - (Book: My Lord Ghost)
Julianna Ramsay - (Book: My Lord Protector)
Jane Brooke - (Book: My Lord Winter)
Jonna Remington - (Book: My Reckless Heart)
Josephine Clancy - (Book: Nate)
JoAnna Lund - (Book: Navajo Night)
Julia Bancroft - (Book: Never Less Than A Lady)
Jessye Kane - (Book: Never Love A Cowboy)
Jacobin de Chastelux - (Book: Never Resist Temptation)
Josy Warner - (Book: Night Thunder)
Jane Whittington - (Book: No Ordinary Groom)
Joanna Northrup - (Book: No Role for a Gentleman)
Jessie Kelham - (Book: Not Always a Saint)
Julia - (Book: Notorious Rake, Innocent Lady)
Julietta Bassano - (Book: Notorious Woman, A)
Juliet Capelletti - (Book: O, Juliet)
Julia Tresilian - (Book: Officer and a Proper Lady, The)
Josephine Malloy - (Book: Oklahoma Wedding Bells)
Jennie McBride - (Book: On Rapture's Wing)
Joanna Fisk - (Book: Once A Rebel)
Jessamy Windsor - (Book: Once a Rebel)
Jessalyn Letty - (Book: Once in a Blue Moon)
Julia Thomas - (Book: Once More)
Justina Penny - (Book: Once Upon a Kiss)
Jane Fitzsimmons - (Book: Once Upon a Scandal (ebook))
Jilliana - (Book: Once Upon a Time)
Jessica Leonardo - (Book: One Knight in Venice)
Jana - (Book: One Month Marriage, The)
Juliana Mackay - (Book: Only for a Knight)
Judith Ashton - (Book: Only In Your Arms)
Joya Penn - (Book: Orchid Hunter, The)
Jaime Chandler - (Book: Orchids in Moonlight)
Jenny McBride - (Book: Orphan, The)
Jessica O'Donovan - (Book: Otherwise Engaged)
Josie Miller - (Book: Outlaw Bride, The)
Jennifer Colter - (Book: Outlaw Hearts, The)
Janice Harrison - (Book: Paper Moon)
Jacob Kalner - (Book: Paris Encore)
Juliana Greeley - (Book: Passion Becomes Her)
Juliana Greeley - (Book: Passion Becomes Her (reprint))
Julia Thornton - (Book: Passion for Hire)
Jacinta McIver - (Book: Passion's Furies)
Joy Claret - (Book: Passion's Joy)
Judith Ainsworth - (Book: Passion's Tempest)
Judith Aveton - (Book: Passionate Friends, The)
Judith Aveton - (Book: Passionate Friends, The (UK))
Jane - (Book: Passionate Love of a Rake, The (ebook))
Julia - (Book: Passions of the Mind)
Jessica Stanbridge - (Book: Past Promises)
Jahanna Shelby - (Book: Pattern, The)
Jemima Jewell - (Book: Penniless Bride)
Jessamyne Calderwood - (Book: Penniless Prospect, A)
Julianna Sterling - (Book: Perfect Hero, A)
Julia, Lady Winterset - (Book: Perfect Mistress, The)
Juliet Moseby - (Book: Perfect Scoundrel, A)
Jane Wentworth - (Book: Perfect Scoundrel, A)
Jade - (Book: Pharaoh, A Spell And Jade, A)
Jessica Thornton - (Book: Pieces of Sky)
Jessica Thornton - (Book: Pieces of Sky (reissue))
Jennifer Grey - (Book: Pirate's Lady, The)
Jahane Beaudette - (Book: Pirate's Princess)
Jill Jones - (Book: Place Called Rainwater, A)
Jessie - (Book: Place in My Heart, A)
Jane Seymour - (Book: Plain Jane)
Jane Hart - (Book: Plain Jane)
Josie Essex - (Book: Pleasure For Pleasure)
Jane Popyngcourt - (Book: Pleasure Palace, The)
Jacquelyn - (Book: Pleasuring the Pirate)
Jo-Beth - (Book: Pledge, The)
Jessica Seton - (Book: Poetic Justice)
Jennifer Brewster - (Book: Portrait of Desire)
Jennifer Brewster - (Book: Portrait of Desire (mass market))
Juliette Walburn - (Book: Prairie Knight)
Julia - (Book: Pretender to Love)
Juliet Sinclair - (Book: Pretender, The)
Julia Elliston - (Book: Price of Privilege)
Jessica Clavering - (Book: Pride Of The Peacock, The)
Julienne Laurent - (Book: Prince of Pleasure, The)
Jessamine Maitland - (Book: Prince of Swords)
Jessamine Lassiter - (Book: Printer in Petticoats)
Janessa St. John - (Book: Prisoner of Desire)
Jeanne O'Shea - (Book: Promise Given, A)
Jenny Jones - (Book: Promise of Jenny Jones, The)
Judith Cuthbertson - (Book: Promise Of Love, A)
Jana Rutherford - (Book: Promise, The)
Jessica Greaves - (Book: Promises)
Jenny - (Book: Proof By Seduction)
Jessica Haven - (Book: Proposition, The)
Julia Wilson - (Book: Proud Wolf's Woman)
Jessica Taggert - (Book: Raider, The)
Jenny Sutherland - (Book: Rainbird's Revenge)
Julia Dobson - (Book: Rainbow Promise)
Josselyn “Red” O’Rourke - (Book: Rainbow's End)
Jacelyn Trevaine - (Book: Rake's Ransom)
Juliana - (Book: Rake's Redemption, The)
Jemima Vale - (Book: Rake's Retreat, The)
Juliet Smythe-Clyde - (Book: Rake, The)
Joheved - (Book: Rashi's Daughters, Book I: Joheved )
Jenna Guildenbergh - (Book: Raspberry Island)
Julia Casca - (Book: Raven and the Rose, The)
Josephine Armstrong - (Book: Rebel and The Redcoat, The)
Jane Purefoy - (Book: Rebel, The)
Joey McBride - (Book: Reckless Embrace)
Janna Wayland - (Book: Reckless Love (reissue))
Julia Edgeworth - (Book: Reckless Orphan, The)
Jem - (Book: Reckless Wind)
Joya Ellingham - (Book: Red Badge, The (ebook))
Jessica Eastwood - (Book: Red Jack's Daughter)
Juliana Hutton - (Book: Redwyck Charm, The)
Judith Taverner - (Book: Regency Buck)
Judith Taverner - (Book: Regency Buck (new edition))
Jean Lindsay - (Book: Regency Gold)
Josephine Stanton - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Juliet Brandon - (Book: Reluctant Cyprian, The)
Jane Steadford - (Book: Reluctant Ghost, The)
Jennifer, Lady Wroxham - (Book: Reluctant Marchioness, The (UK))
Jane Rutledge - (Book: Reluctant Rogue, The)
Jaline - (Book: Renegade )
Josie McLaury - (Book: Renegade Lady)
Julianne Lowell - (Book: Return of the Earl, The)
Jessica - (Book: Return Of The Gypsy, The)
Janine Morgan - (Book: Righteous Rogue, The)
Jana Hartmann - (Book: Rimfire Bride)
Joanna Rowntree - (Book: Rivals of Fortune)
Janna Maclachlan
-Corinna Swift
- (Book: Road to Camelot, The
Arthurian Trilogy)
Juliana Lowell - (Book: Rogue's Lady)
Jancy Otterburn - (Book: Rogue's Return, The)
Juliette Armant - (Book: Rogue's Salute)
Juliette Armant - (Book: Rogue's Salute (UK))
Jessica Harlan - (Book: Romancing the Rumrunner (ebook))
Jenny Heron - (Book: Rose Arch, The)
Juliet - (Book: Rose for Danger, A)
Julia Allington - (Book: Rose in Winter, A)
Jane - (Book: Royal Escape (new edition))
Julia Reynolds - (Book: Royal Snuff Box, The)
Juliette - (Book: Ruby Pendant, The (UK))
Jane Bancroft - (Book: Runaway Countess, The)
Joan Pennington
Lady Amory
- (Book: Runaway Countess, The)
Jancie Renbrook - (Book: Satisfaction)
Jessie Pilson - (Book: Savage Arrow)
Joanna - (Book: Savage Autumn)
Janice Edwards - (Book: Savage Devotion)
Josephine Taylor Stanton - (Book: Savage Fires)
Julie Marshall - (Book: Savage Heart, This)
Jolena Edwards - (Book: Savage Illusion)
Jae - (Book: Savage Shadows)
Jeanine - (Book: Savage Splendor)
Joylynn Anderson - (Book: Savage Tempest)
Jocelyn Fleming - (Book: Savage Thunder (ebook))
Judith - (Book: Savage Torment)
Judith McMahon - (Book: Savage Torment (reissue))
Joanna - (Book: Savage Winter)
Janice Sherwood - (Book: Say Yes to the Duke)
Jacie Calhoun - (Book: Say You Love Me)
Jane Cavenhurst - (Book: Scandal at Greystone Manor (ebook))
Jessica Heyer - (Book: Scandalous Duke Takes a Bride, The )
June - (Book: Scandalous Marriage, A)
Jean MacDonald - (Book: Scandalous Scot, A)
Jasmine Tristan - (Book: Scorpion and the Seducer, The)
Jade Smithfield - (Book: Scoundrel in Disguise)
Jessica Morgan - (Book: Scoundrel's Captive)
Jane Tindall - (Book: Season for Scandal, A)
Jenny Blythe - (Book: Season for Scandal, A)
Julia Herington - (Book: Season for Temptation)
Julia Weston - (Book: Season of Surprises, A)
Julia Leighton - (Book: Secret Life of Lady Julia, The)
Jane Loverling - (Book: Secret Passion, A)
Judith Hampton - (Book: Secret, The)
Josselin Ancrum - (Book: Seduced by Destiny)
Juliet Lockwood - (Book: Seducing Miss Lockwood)
Julianne Greystone - (Book: Seduction)
Juliana St. John - (Book: Seduction of Elliot McBride, The)
Jenny Pennington - (Book: Seduction of Shay Devereaux, The)
Juliet Seton - (Book: Seduction, The)
Jane Lane - (Book: September Queen, The)
Jennifer Britewell - (Book: Shadow's Bliss, A)
Jessie Kenton - (Book: Shadows on the Nile)
Jolie Chesney - (Book: Shady Lady)
Jehanne - (Book: Shattered Rose, The)
Jehanne - (Book: Shattered Rose, The (reprint))
Jessica Gifford - (Book: Shocking Lord Standon, The)
Jessica Stanton - (Book: Silent Revenge)
Juliet Cameron - (Book: Silk and Secrets)
Jamelyn - (Book: Silk and Steel)
Jessica Randall - (Book: Silver Thunder)
Juliet Wayborn - (Book: Simply Scandalous)
Juliana Gresham - (Book: Sin and Surrender)
Jocelyn Lydbury - (Book: Sinful Nights of a Nobleman, The)
Josefina Katarina Embry - (Book: Sins of a Duke)
Josefina Katarina Embry - (Book: Sins of a Duke (Large Print))
Juliana - (Book: Sins of a Wicked Princess)
Judith Law - (Book: Slightly Wicked)
Juliana Paget - (Book: Smile of the Stranger, The)
Julia Cooper - (Book: Smuggler's Bride (ebook))
Jeanne du Marchand - (Book: So In Love)
Joanna Fulgrave - (Book: Society Catch, The)
Joanna Fulgrave - (Book: Society Catch, The (UK edition))
Jane Middleton - (Book: Some Like It Wicked)
Julia Wentworth - (Book: Somewhere I'll Find You)
Jubilee Jones - (Book: Song of the Lark)
Julie Marshall - (Book: Souls Aflame)
Joanna Carew - (Book: Sound of Snow, The)
Jessamyn Tyler Evans - (Book: Southern Devil, The)
Juana Los Delores de Leon - (Book: Spanish Bride, The)
Juana Smith - (Book: Spanish Bride, The (new edition))
Jerusa Sparhawk - (Book: Sparhawk Bride, The)
Jillian Lamb - (Book: Spirited Affair, A)
Jane Chance - (Book: Spring Bride, The )
Jade - (Book: Stolen Promise)
Julia Dupré - (Book: Storm and the Splendor, The)
Julia Dupre - (Book: Storm and the Splendor, The (ebook))
Julia Dupre - (Book: Storm and the Splendor, The (reissue))
Juliette de Clement - (Book: Storm Winds)
Juliana St. Albans - (Book: Stormswept)
Juliana St. Albans - (Book: Stormswept (reprint))
Judith Malory - (Book: Stormy Persuasion (hardcover))
Jocelyn Egmont - (Book: Strange and Ill-Starred Marriage, A)
Jane Towsend - (Book: Stranger in Paradise)
Jacey Forester - (Book: Stryker's Bride)
Jasmine Fairchild - (Book: Suddenly, You)
Joanna Tharp - (Book: Sugar and Spice)
Jane Nichol - (Book: Sugarplum Surprises)
Jane Nichol - (Book: Sugarplum Surprises)
Jane Cummings - (Book: Summer of You, The (mass market))
Juliette LaCroix - (Book: Sunrise)
Jennifer Lee - (Book: Surrender)
Juleah - (Book: Surrender the Wind)
Jacqueline - (Book: Surrender To A Stranger)
Jenna Cresswell - (Book: Surrender To The Night)
Jane Hampton - (Book: Sussex Summer)
Juliana Lindsey - (Book: Swan Maiden, The)
Joan of Kent - (Book: Sweet Passion's Pain)
Julia Sydney - (Book: Sweet Rewards)
Jasmine - (Book: Sweet Savage Eden)
Jane Shaw - (Book: Sweet Seduction)
Jocelyn Asbury - (Book: Sweet Vengeance)
Jocelyn Asbury - (Book: Sweet Vengeance (reissue))
Jenny Gray - (Book: Sweetwater)
Julia Armiger - (Book: Swept Away)
Julianna Somerset - (Book: Tale of Two Lovers, A)
Jessie Barton - (Book: Tall, Dark and Texan)
Jenny Easdale - (Book: Tamed by a Laird)
Jame Smythe-Haughton - (Book: Taming of a Scottish Princess)
Jocelyn MacCallum - (Book: Taming the Highlander)
Johanna de Pomeray - (Book: Tapestry of Pride)
Jane Bunting - (Book: Taste for Scandal, A)
Jane Lonsdale - (Book: Tea and Scandal)
Jasmine Fitzpatrick - (Book: Tempestuous Debutante, The )
Jillian Forbes - (Book: Tempt Me Not)
Jainee Beaumont - (Book: Tempted by Fire)
Juliana Chase - (Book: Tempting Juliana)
Julia Nash - (Book: Tempting of Julia, The)
Jessa Winter - (Book: Tempting Torment)
Jesse Forbes - (Book: Tenderness)
Julie Farroux - (Book: Terms of Surrender)
Jennie Munday - (Book: Texan And The Lady, The)
Julia Miller - (Book: That Perfect Someone (Hardcover))
Jane Higgenbothem - (Book: That Scandalous Evening)
Jemma, Duchess of Beaumont - (Book: This Duchess of Mine)
Jane Barnaby - (Book: Tiger Prince)
Jenna Stevens - (Book: Timeswept)
Julie Hart - (Book: Timeswept Passion)
Jessica Taggart - (Book: Tin Angel)
Juliet Wentworth - (Book: Tis the Season to Be Sinful)
Joan - (Book: To Marry a Scottish Laird)
Jane Mayhew - (Book: Too Wicked To Love)
Julianne Cambourne - (Book: Touch of a Rogue)
Jane Leighton - (Book: Touched By Time)
Jacqueline Tregonning - (Book: Truth About Love, The)
Judy Lambini - (Book: Twist in Time, A)
Jennifer - (Book: Two Into Time)
Juliette Devereaux - (Book: Two of a Kind)
Jane Matthews - (Book: Unacceptable Offer, An)
Jessica Farleigh - (Book: Unclaimed)
Justina Wincott - (Book: Unexpected Pleasures)
Juliet Winterton - (Book: Unexpected Wife, The)
Jessica Moore - (Book: Ungrateful Governess, The)
Josephine Middleton - (Book: Unlikely Duchess, An)
Jane Lowndes - (Book: Unlikely Lady, The)
Jane Marlow - (Book: Unpredictable Bride, An (UK))
Juliette Andrews - (Book: Unraveled by the Rebel)
Josie Baum - (Book: Untamed)
Jane Rosemoor - (Book: Unveiled)
Jessica Winslow - (Book: Unwavering Miss Winslow, The)
Janine Oldfield - (Book: Unwilling Heiress, The)
Jessie Warfield - (Book: Valentine Legacy, The)
Jane Lindsay - (Book: Valentine's Day Ball, The)
Julia Preston - (Book: Valentine's Day Gambit, A)
Judith - (Book: Velvet Promise, The)
Juliana Ridge - (Book: Vice)
Jessica Lansdowne - (Book: Victory Summer)
Jane Ambergate - (Book: Vignette)
Juliana Hearnshaw - (Book: Virgin Courtesan, The)
Julia Livia Rufa - (Book: Virgin Slave, Barbarian King)
Judith Davenport - (Book: Virtue)
Jessie, Lady Blackwood - (Book: Viscount's Addiction, The (ebook))
Juliann Alard - (Book: Wagered Heart, The)
Jen Saunders - (Book: Waiting For Eternity (ebook))
Julie Jane Parham - (Book: Wanted Man, A )
Johanna McFarley - (Book: Warrior's Embrace)
Jacob Kalner - (Book: Warsaw Requiem)
Jane Fitzsimmons - (Book: Way of the Heart, The)
Jane Fitzsimmons - (Book: Way of the Heart, The (reissue))
Juliana Myfleet - (Book: Wayward Widow)
Jordan - (Book: Wedding Bells)
Juliana Nevins - (Book: Wedding Day Deception, A)
Julia Hepworth - (Book: Wedding Night of an English Rogue, The)
Jayne Dawson - (Book: West of Heaven)
Jane Lovelace - (Book: Westerby Inheritance, The)
Joan Flynn - (Book: What a Lady Needs for Christmas)
Josephine Quincy - (Book: What An Earl Wants)
Jessica Linden - (Book: What an Earl Wants)
Josephine Shy - (Book: What He Doesn't Know)
Josephine Cathcart - (Book: Where the Horses Run)
Jessie Strong - (Book: Where the Wind Blows)
Jessie Strong - (Book: Where the Wind Blows)
Josie Webster - (Book: Whirlwind Groom)
Jessica Jones - (Book: White Wolf)
Jane Harris - (Book: Whitefeather's Woman)
Judith Lovington - (Book: Wicked and Wonderful)
Jocelyn Angelica Woodbridge - (Book: Wicked Angel)
Julia Barclay - (Book: Wicked Pursuit, A)
Jenna Montague Fairchild - (Book: Wicked Wager)
Joanna, Lady Welbourne - (Book: Widow of Bath, The)
Julia Hollis - (Book: Widow of Larkspur Inn, The)
Jeannette Brantford - (Book: Wife Trap, The)
Julia Larson - (Book: Wild Heart )
Juliana Merton - (Book: Wild Marquis, The)
Juliet Paige - (Book: Wild One, The)
Juliet Paige - (Book: Wild One, The (ebook reissue))
Joletta Caresse - (Book: Wildest Dreams)
Jennifer Allison - (Book: Wildfire)
Jenny Latham - (Book: Wildflower)
Jessica Sommer - (Book: Wildstar)
Jenny Duncan - (Book: Wind of the Wolf)
Jenna Duncan - (Book: Winning Jenna's Heart)
Judith Callard - (Book: Winter Dreams)
Jade Terese Devon - (Book: With One Look)
Jonet Maxwell - (Book: Without Honor)
Jenny Wilde - (Book: Wolf's Lady)
Judith Bainbridge - (Book: Woman of Dreams, A)
Jonet Rowland - (Book: Woman Scorned, A)
Julia Reed - (Book: Woman's Innocence, A)
Jael - (Book: Women of the Bible: Jael's Story )
Jocelyn Kendal - (Book: Would-Be Widow, The)
Josephina "Duchess" - (Book: Wyndham Legacy, The)
Jessie Hammond - (Book: Wyoming Wildfire)
Jenny Daniels - (Book: Yankee Angel)
Jane Leslie - (Book: Year and a Day, A)
Jessica Hayward - (Book: You Only Love Twice)


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