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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Sharon Buchbinder

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Sharon Buchbinder
Legacy of Evil: Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 2
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Search by Heroine

Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroines with first name starting with N

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Noelle Seymour - (Book: Accidental Courtesan, The)
Nell - (Book: Ace of Hearts)
Nellie Pearce - (Book: All Their Days)
Nell - (Book: April Lady (reissue))
Norah Hawkins - (Book: Betting It All (ebook))
Nan Bassett - (Book: Between Two Queens)
Neala - (Book: Bewitching Lord Winterton)
Nealie Bent - (Book: Bride's House, The)
Nicole Lassiter - (Book: Captain of All Pleasures, The)
Nadine Ellington - (Book: Cash)
Nell - (Book: Chase the Heart)
Natalie Vallance - (Book: Cloudcastle)
Natalie Vallance - (Book: Cloudcastle (reissue))
Nicola Crawford - (Book: Counterfeit Heart, The)
Nicole Courtalain - (Book: Counterfeit Lady)
Nikin Gilbraux - (Book: Courageous Bride)
Nancy Browne - (Book: Cousin Nancy)
Nichole Frotier - (Book: Creole Temptress)
Norah Denby - (Book: Dakota Destiny)
Norah Denby - (Book: Dakota Promises)
Nara - (Book: Damask Rose)
Nora Thorngoode - (Book: Dark Obsession)
Nell Gwyn - (Book: Darling Strumpet, The)
Noelle Tremaston - (Book: Daughter Of Deceit)
Nora Malone - (Book: Day at the Races, A)
Nora Bowen - (Book: Desire's Glory)
Nora - (Book: Desire's Rebel)
Nell Hetherington - (Book: Devilish Marquis, The)
Nadezhda - (Book: Eagle's Fate, The)
Nadezhda - (Book: Eagle's Fate, The (UK))
Noelle Armstrong - (Book: Earl and the Heiress, The)
Natasha - (Book: Explorer)
Norah Rutherford - (Book: Fire at Midnight)
Nichole Lucretia - (Book: Forever and a Lifetime)
Nerissa Dufresne - (Book: Fortune Hunter, The)
Nell Pennington - (Book: From the Heart)
Nell Simmons - (Book: Gilded Knight, The)
Nina De Bonnard - (Book: Gilded Lily, The (Hardcover))
Natalie Blair - (Book: Gunfighter and the Heiress, The)
Niki O'Hara - (Book: Heart Storm)
Natalie Palmer - (Book: Her Forbidden Pirate)
Nareen Grant - (Book: Highlander's Bride Trouble, The)
Nichola Westcott - (Book: His Captive)
Nicola Coldyngham - (Book: His Duty, Her Destiny)
Nora Lewis - (Book: Hope Remembered, A)
Nel - (Book: Horsemasters, The)
Nichola Hainesworth - (Book: How to Kiss a Hero)
Nola Grenvale - (Book: Ideal Bride, The)
Nerissa Wingate - (Book: Lady and the Rake, The)
Nicole - (Book: Lady Killer, The)
Nicole Ashford - (Book: Lady Vixen)
Nell Whitby - (Book: Lady's Lesson in Scandal, A)
Nell Latham - (Book: Lord and the Wayward Lady, The)
Nell Ashley - (Book: Lord Langdon's Kiss)
Nympha Herbert - (Book: Lord Nick's Folly)
Nyssa Wyndham - (Book: Love Remember Me)
Nicole de Leon - (Book: Magic in His Kiss)
Niniver Carrick - (Book: Match for Marcus Cynster, A)
Noelle Braddock - (Book: Meant to Be)
Ninian Malcom Siddons - (Book: Merely Magic)
Nell Ryan - (Book: Montana Angel)
Nell Nolan - (Book: Moonlit)
Nelda Hanson - (Book: More Than A Memory)
Nannerl Mozart - (Book: Mozart's Sister)
Nissa Gedhaul - (Book: My Captain Jack)
Nefertiti, Mutnodjmet - (Book: Nefertiti: A Novel)
Nicole - (Book: Nicole LaBelle)
Nicola Falcourt - (Book: No Other Love)
Nicola Falcourt - (Book: No Other Love (reissue))
Noelle Brown - (Book: Noelle)
Noelle Brown - (Book: Noelle (reissue))
Nora Marlowe - (Book: Nora)
Nora Marlowe - (Book: Nora (Hardcover))
Nora Marlowe - (Book: Nora (reissue))
Naomi - (Book: Once an Innocent)
Nerissa Raleigh - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas)
Nonna Lambert - (Book: Opera Dancer, The)
Nadine Quinn - (Book: Passion In The Wind)
Natalie Palmer - (Book: Passion's Web (reissue))
Nikki - (Book: Passion's Wild Delight)
Nettie Gilbert - (Book: Peach of a Pair, A)
Nadine DuMonte - (Book: Perfect Love, A)
Nicholaa - (Book: Prize, The)
Nicola Lacy - (Book: Proper Proposal, A)
Nella - (Book: Queen of the Big Time, The)
Nicollette Caron - (Book: Rabbit Heart)
Nancy Maguire - (Book: Raveled Ends of Sky)
Nancy Faulconer - (Book: Reluctant Protege, The)
Nell Armstrong - (Book: Rival Heir, A)
Nancy Partrain - (Book: Running Fox)
Nichole Ramoneur - (Book: Satin Seduction)
Nicole Tyler - (Book: Savage Dawn)
Nell Anslowe - (Book: Scandal Becomes Her)
Nicole Bragg Shelton - (Book: Scandalous Love)
Nell Trim - (Book: Scoundrel by Moonlight, A)
Nora - (Book: Shadow Of The Lynx, The)
Nina Juarez - (Book: Shameless)
Nevada Marie Hamilton - (Book: Silken Bondage)
Nicole Beaumont - (Book: Spring Gambit)
Norah Linton - (Book: Stealing Heaven)
Nesta - (Book: Stealing Heaven (reissue))
Natalie Haislett - (Book: Stolen Charms)
Natalie Haislett - (Book: Stolen Charms (reprint))
Nora - (Book: Taming the Scotsman)
Nell - (Book: Texan's Reward, The)
Nichole Hayward - (Book: Texan's Touch, The)
Noelle Bromleigh - (Book: Theft, The)
Natasha Simonov - (Book: Time for Roses, A)
Naomi Lutonville - (Book: Times Fool)
Naomi Kessling - (Book: To Have and To Hold)
Nell de Bonvile - (Book: To The Castle)
Nell Stornaway - (Book: Toll-Gate, The)
Nell Stornaway - (Book: Toll-Gate, The (new edition))
Nicolette Llewelyn - (Book: Touched by Magic)
Nicole Miles - (Book: Traitor's Moon (ebook))
Nita Haddonfield - (Book: Tremaine's True Love)
Natalie Whittaker - (Book: Under the Wishing Star)
Noramary - (Book: Valiant Bride)
Narcise Moldavi - (Book: Vampire Narcise, The)
Notsah - (Book: Virtue and Vice)
Nesta - (Book: Vixen Princess, The (ebook))
Nancy Hoffman - (Book: Walking on Air)
Natalie Blandford - (Book: Wallflower Christmas (mass market))
Natalie Blandford - (Book: Wallflower Christmas, A (paperback))
Nessa - (Book: Wary Hearts)
Nell Mason - (Book: Wedding Journey, The)
Nell Page - (Book: West Winds of Wyoming)
Nathalia - (Book: Where the Heart Leads)
Nell Harte - (Book: White Mist)
Nicole Worth - (Book: Willful Wife, The)
Nicolaa - (Book: Willing Wife, The)
Nicki Chandler - (Book: Willow Creek)
Nora Seabrook - (Book: Windswept)
Nellie Grayson - (Book: Wishes)
Nicole Aldridge - (Book: Wishes In The Wind)
Nicole Duchard - (Book: Yankee Princess)


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