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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroines with first name starting with P

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Penelope Darlington - (Book: 'Twas the Night Before Mischief (ebook))
Phillida Morgan - (Book: Acceptable Arrangement, An)
Phoebe - (Book: Accidental Bride, The)
Phyllida Tallent - (Book: All About Love)
Priscilla Calvert - (Book: All's Fair)
Lady Claringworth
- (Book: Almost A Gentleman)
Phoebe a.k.a. Philip - (Book: Almost a Gentleman [reissue])
Pepper Schuyler - (Book: Along the Infinite Sea)
Pauline Simms - (Book: Any Duchess Will Do)
Parris Sutherland - (Book: Art of Seduction, The)
Penelope Sandringham - (Book: Awakening of Lord Dalby, The)
Princess Amy - (Book: Barefoot Princess, The)
Penny - (Book: Bargain Bride, The)
Priscilla Holladay - (Book: Beauty's Daughter, The (Hardcover))
Penelope Deveraux - (Book: Betrayal of the Blood Lily, The (Hardcover))
Penelope Deveraux - (Book: Betrayal of the Blood Lily, The (paperback))
Pippa Cochran - (Book: Blue Clouds)
Prudence Duncan - (Book: Bride Hunt, The)
Perrin Waverly - (Book: Brides of Prairie Gold)
Phoebe Caldicot - (Book: Candlelight Wish, The)
Penny Foster - (Book: Captain Cupid Calls the Shots)
Princess Victoria - (Book: Captive Of Kensington Palace, The)
Portia Edwards - (Book: Captured Dreams)
Princess Alesandra - (Book: Castles)
Patricia Hayden - (Book: Christmas Gift, The)
Penelope Garth - (Book: Christmas Matchmaker, The)
Polly MacNamara - (Book: Christmas Pie)
Polly Percy - (Book: City Heiress (Hardcover))
Patsy - (Book: Cockney Diamond)
Princess Elwytha - (Book: Commander's Desire, The)
Princess Dara O'Dwyre - (Book: Conquer The Mist)
Phoebe Thorp - (Book: Contrary Corinthian, The)
Penelope Stanwood - (Book: Convenient Bride, A)
Penelope Creed - (Book: Corinthian, The)
Penelope Creed - (Book: Corinthian, The (new edition))
Philippa Davenport - (Book: Courting of Philippa, The)
Penny Anderson - (Book: Cowboy For Christmas, A)
Perpetua - (Book: Crescent Moon, The)
Philippa Lisle - (Book: Crossed Quills)
Psyche Hathaway - (Book: Cupid's Kiss)
Pippa - (Book: Dancing On Air)
Prudence Merryweather - (Book: Dangerous)
Phoebe Allardyce - (Book: Dark and Brooding Gentleman, A)
Psyche Hill - (Book: Dear Imposter)
Phoebe Batten - (Book: Dearest Rogue)
Pamela Taylor - (Book: Debonair Duke, The)
Princess Isabella - (Book: Deceived)
Princess Deirdre - (Book: Defiant Captive)
Princess Rowena of Hartzburg - (Book: Delight)
Paris McKenna - (Book: Desire's Treasure)
Phoebe Millbury - (Book: Desperately Seeking a Duke)
Philippa - (Book: Destiny's Interlude)
Prudence Lancaster - (Book: Devil Earl, The)
Portia Townsend - (Book: Devil She Knows, The)
Prue - (Book: Devil's Angel, The)
Portia Easton - (Book: Devil's Bargain)
Princess Eleanor - (Book: Dragon and the Jewel, The)
Princess Eleanor - (Book: Dragon and the Jewel, The (reissue))
Pina - (Book: Dream Thief, The)
Pamela Comstock - (Book: Drury Lane Darling)
Penelope Clayton - (Book: Duke's Quandary, The (ebook))
Paget Ellsworth - (Book: Earl in My Bed, The (novella))
Pippa Harrington - (Book: Earl is Mine, The)
Piety Grey - (Book: Earl Next Door, The)
Philippa de Beauchamp - (Book: Earth Song)
Patricia Patterson - (Book: Education of Miss Patterson, The)
Penelope Parker - (Book: Elaborate Hoax, An)
Princess Alina - (Book: Embers)
Paulina Winthrop - (Book: Emerald Dreams)
Paulina Winthrop - (Book: Emerald Dreams (Hardcover))
Princess Gaelle of Germani - (Book: Enchant The Dream)
Patricia Westerly - (Book: Enchanting Stranger, The)
Pandora Featherstone - (Book: Enticed)
Princess Giana of Karolya - (Book: Ever a Princess)
Prudence Varney - (Book: Exquisite Deception, An)
Princess Judith - (Book: Fearless)
Pilar, Lady Gilmore - (Book: Fine Silk Purse, A)
Phoenix Shapell - (Book: Firelight)
Perdita - (Book: Flame and the Sword, The (UK edition))
Primula Greetwell - (Book: Fleeting Fancy)
Prudence Drake - (Book: Folly's Reward)
Polonaise Hunt - (Book: Gabriel)
Phoebe Baker - (Book: Game and the Governess, The)
Persephone Welton - (Book: Game of Hearts)
Patience Ballard - (Book: Game of Patience, A)
Peri - (Book: Gift for Pamela, A)
Phina - (Book: Glory Nights)
Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff - (Book: Golden Barbarian, The)
Princess Erin - (Book: Golden Surrender)
Phoebe Churchill - (Book: Heartbreaker, The)
Polly Wyatt - (Book: Hearts Folly
(aka Venus))
Pia Caranza - (Book: Hearts Unbound)
Prudence Walker - (Book: Heather and Velvet)
Princess Sophia - (Book: Her Every Pleasure)
Penelope Tolbertson - (Book: Her Highland Fling (novella))
Princess Tatiana - (Book: Her Highness, My Wife)
Prudence Thistlewaite - (Book: Her Master and Commander)
Phoebe Hartwell - (Book: Highland Rivalry)
Pinkie MacCrighton - (Book: Highland Spirits)
Philomena - (Book: Highlander, The)
Princess Ciara - (Book: His Forbidden Touch)
Phoebe Brackenton - (Book: His Lady Midnight)
Philadelphia Prentiss - (Book: His Lordship's Landlady)
Phoebe Linville - (Book: His Mistletoe Bride)
Prudence Greene - (Book: Hogtied)
Prudence Lincoln - (Book: Home by Morning)
Penelope Langham - (Book: Honorable Affair, An)
Portia Worth - (Book: Hostage Bride, The)
Princess Anya - (Book: Hostage Most Royal)
Phoebe Vale - (Book: How the Marquess Was Won)
Penelope Prestwick - (Book: How to Dazzle A Duke)
Penelope Prestwick - (Book: How to Dazzle a Duke (reissue))
Prudence Whittaker - (Book: How to Wed a Warrior)
Primrose Wootten - (Book: If He's Noble)
Penelope Wherlocke - (Book: If He's Sinful)
Pandora Tremantle - (Book: Impetuous Pandora, The)
Phoebe Benedict - (Book: Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife)
Prudence - (Book: Imprudent Lady)
Penelope Lacey - (Book: In for a Penny)
Penelope Seton - (Book: Indigo Blade, The)
Princess Siobhan O'Rourke of Donegal - (Book: Irish Princess, The)
Prudence MacTavish - (Book: Journey to Enchantment)
Pippa Ewell - (Book: Judas Kiss, The)
Patricia Fairchild - (Book: Kindled Flame, A)
Princess Allora - (Book: Knight of Fire)
Polly Seagrave - (Book: Lady Polly)
Priscilla - (Book: Lady Priscilla's Shameful Secret)
Petre d'Avernio - (Book: Lady's Secret, A)
Patricia Morgan - (Book: Lady's Wish, A (ebook))
Paris Garrett - (Book: Lasso The Moon)
Priscilla Wentworth - (Book: Last Man in Town, The)
Princess Alysa - (Book: Last Viking Queen, The)
Penelope Grantham - (Book: Learned Lady, The)
Phaedra Blair - (Book: Lessons of Desire, The)
Prudence Penhallow - (Book: Light-Fingered Lady, The)
Philippa - (Book: Lilac Seduction)
Portia Merriem - (Book: Lilies on the Lake)
Penelope Wingrave - (Book: Lord Avery's Legacy)
Prudence Fairworthy - (Book: Lord Fox's Pleasure)
Prudence Fairworthy - (Book: Lord Fox's Pleasure (UK))
Pilar, Lady Gilmore - (Book: Lord Gilmore's Bride)
Patricia Surrey - (Book: Lord Longshanks)
Penelope Fairfax - (Book: Lord of Enchantment)
Prudence Stanhope - (Book: Lord Ramsay's Return)
Prudence Campbell - (Book: Lord Sayer's Ghost)
Portrait Divorce - (Book: Lord Scandal)
Prudence - (Book: Love Child, The (UK))
Penelope Carlisle - (Book: Love Forever After)
Penelope Weston - (Book: Love in the Time of Scandal)
Primrose Hythe - (Book: Love's Lady Lost)
Priscilla Eversleigh - (Book: Love-Child, The)
Priscilla Wilcox - (Book: Lover's Charm, The)
Princess Valeria of Badenberg - (Book: Luke)
Page FitzSimmons - (Book: MacKinnon's Bride, The)
Polly Peach - (Book: Magic Jack O'Lantern)
Princess Kathryn Kentyre - (Book: Magnificent Rogue, The)
Penelope Jermaine - (Book: Maid of Honor)
Pandora Compton - (Book: Major Chancellor's Mission)
Phoebe Bridgerton - (Book: Marplot Marriage, The)
Penelope Mayes - (Book: Marriage of Inconvenience, A)
Phillipa Westleigh - (Book: Marriage of Notoriety, A)
Polly Brandon - (Book: Marrying the Royal Marine)
Prudence Tremaine - (Book: Masqueraders, The)
Prudence Tremain - (Book: Masqueraders, The (reissue))
Pru Perkins - (Book: McCavett's Bride)
Peg Mannering
(Meg Miller)
- (Book: Meg Miller)
Peg Mannering
(Meg Miller)
- (Book: Meg Miller (Large Print))
Peachy McGee - (Book: Midnight and Magnolias)
Patricia Cottingham - (Book: Milady in Love)
Prudence Hixsby - (Book: Misadventures in Seduction (ebook))
Pemba - (Book: Miss Redmond's Deception (ebook))
Pamela Kendall - (Book: Miss Tibbles Investigates)
Persys Timothy - (Book: Miss Timothy Perseveres)
Penelope Winthorpe - (Book: Miss Winthorpe's Elopement (UK))
Penelope Winthrope - (Book: Miss Winthrope's Elopement)
Penelope Lancer - (Book: Missing Brides, The)
Penelope Lancer - (Book: Missing Brides, The)
Penelope Appleton - (Book: Mistletoe and Magic (ebook novella))
Pascale de Ravenault - (Book: Moonrise)
Polly Babcock - (Book: More Than Magic)
Patty - (Book: Morning is a Long Time Coming)
Penelope Hastings - (Book: Most Suitable Duchess, A)
Pearl Parker - (Book: Most Unsuitable Wife, The)
Penny Lindsey - (Book: My Dark Prince)
Princess Tyra of Stoneheim - (Book: My Fair Viking)
Princess Shana - (Book: My Rebellious Heart)
Penelope Westmoreland - (Book: My True Love)
Penelope Westmoreland - (Book: My True Love (reissue))
Phyllida Dearne - (Book: Mysterious Miss, A)
Priscilla Wills - (Book: Natchez Flame)
Patience Rose Farnaly - (Book: Naughty By Nature)
Poppy Hammond - (Book: Night of a Thousand Stars)
Princess Calhoun - (Book: No Ordinary Princess)
Philia Ainsley - (Book: Nonpareil, The)
Philadelphia Ainsley - (Book: Nonpareil, The (reissue))
Princess Drifa - (Book: Norse King's Daughter, The)
Perry McLain - (Book: Northern Star)
Patience Mandeley - (Book: Notorious Bridegroom, The)
Philippa Mayhew - (Book: Notorious Lady)
Prudence Armitage - (Book: Once a Gentleman)
Princess Leonie - (Book: Once a Princess)
Philippa Marbury - (Book: One Good Earl Deserves a Lover)
Phoebe Gray - (Book: Other Bride, The)
Phoebe Gray - (Book: Other Groom, The)
Patch Hendrick - (Book: Outlaw Bride)
Piper St. James - (Book: Outlaw's Christmas, An)
Polly - (Book: Overlander's Bride, The (ebook))
Pamela Neville - (Book: Pamela's Second Season)
Philippa Wyckfield - (Book: Passing Fancies)
Passion Elizabeth Dare - (Book: Passion)
Penelope Rastmoor - (Book: Passion and Pretense)
Prudence MacAfee - (Book: Passion of an Angel, The)
Prudence MacAfee - (Book: Passion of an Angel, The)
Promise O'Rourke - (Book: Passion's Betrayal)
Patience Emmalina Dare - (Book: Patience)
Peach de Courmont - (Book: Peach)
Penelope Adair - (Book: Peculiar Case of Lord Finsbury's Diamonds, The)
Penelope Vesey - (Book: Penelope)
Penelope Trask - (Book: Penelope & Prince Charming)
Penelope Wilkins - (Book: Penelope Goes to Portsmouth)
Perdita - (Book: Perdita)
Perdita - (Book: Perdita)
Penelope Mortimer - (Book: Perfect Gentleman, The)
Portia Ashford - (Book: Perfect Lover, The)
Prudence Merridew - (Book: Perfect Rake, The)
Perola - (Book: Perola)
Philippa Winslow - (Book: Philippa)
Philippa Meredith - (Book: Phillipa)
Phyllida Barton - (Book: Phyllida)
Phyllida Barton - (Book: Phyllida (reissue))
Patience Waverly - (Book: Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness, The)
Polly Howard - (Book: Polly and the Prince (Hardcover))
Phoebe Rafferty - (Book: Potent Charms)
Princess Elizabeth - (Book: Poyson Garden, The)
Penelope Montgomery - (Book: Practice To Deceive)
Prairie Rose Jernigan - (Book: Prairie Ecstasy)
Priscilla Wentworth - (Book: Precious Jewel, A)
Priscilla Wentworth - (Book: Precious Jewel, A (reissue))
Primrose Dunsworthy - (Book: Primrose Wedding, A)
Princess Sorcha - (Book: Prince Kidnaps a Bride, The)
Princess Serefina - (Book: Princess)
Princess Marlena of Hartz-Coburg - (Book: Princess Goes West, The)
Philippa - (Book: Promise Me)
Penelope Harwood - (Book: Proper Conduct)
Penelope Harwood - (Book: Proper Conduct (reissue))
Portia Haverall - (Book: Proper Taming, A)
Prudence Hursley - (Book: Prudence)
Prudence Stockworth - (Book: Prudent Match, A)
Priscilla Herbert - (Book: Pursuing Priscilla)
Pam - (Book: Raining Fire)
Phoebe Lowell - (Book: Rake's Fiancée, The)
Phaedra Gillian - (Book: Rake's Redemption, A)
Patience Debbington - (Book: Rake's Vow, A)
Piper Sullivan - (Book: Ranger's Woman, The)
Primrose Chartley - (Book: Raven's Ransom)
Perdita Brooke - (Book: Ravished by a Rake)
Princess Alais - (Book: Rebel Princess, The (Hardcover))
Pippa Reid - (Book: Rebel Wind)
Perdita - (Book: Rebellious Debutante, The)
Perdita - (Book: Rebellious Debutante, The (UK))
Phoebe Layton - (Book: Reckless)
Paralee Blake - (Book: Reclaiming Her Heart (ebook))
Penny Ramsey - (Book: Refuge at Highland Hall, A)
Priscilla Tyrrell
Lady Braeburn
- (Book: Regency Charade, A)
Priscilla McCain - (Book: Reluctant Enemies)
Penelope Potter - (Book: Restless Spirits)
Phillippa Benning - (Book: Revealed)
Parineeta Singh - (Book: Revolutionary Hearts (ebook))
Priscilla Springton - (Book: Right Suitor, The)
Penelope Bryant - (Book: Road to Gretna, The)
Penelope Marbury - (Book: Rogue by Any Other Name, A)
Prudence Filby - (Book: Rogue In My Arms)
Penelope Featherington - (Book: Romancing Mister Bridgerton)
Penelope Featherington Bridgerton - (Book: Romancing Mister Bridgerton (Epilogue ebook))
Countess of Glasbury
- (Book: Romantic, The)
Princess Renee of France - (Book: Royal Blood)
Princess Tatiana - (Book: Royal Escapade, A)
Penelope Jones - (Book: Ruby Ghost, The)
Pamela Lockhart - (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Pamela - (Book: Savage Eden)
Penelope Talcott - (Book: Saving Lord Vernwood)
Phoebe Smith - (Book: Scandal and Miss Smith)
Princess Caroline Marguerite Marie Isabella - (Book: Scandal to Remember, A)
Priscilla Hamilton - (Book: Scandalous)
Priscilla Hamilton - (Book: Scandalous (reissue))
Phoebe - (Book: Scandalous Innocent (US edition))
Pamela Premington - (Book: Scandalous Proposal, A)
Polly Rice - (Book: Scarlet Spinster, The)
Pamela White - (Book: Scarlet Sunset, Silver Nights)
Persephone Seaborne - (Book: Scarred Earl, The)
Phoebe, Lady DeVaux - (Book: Scholarly Gentleman, A)
Portia Maclean - (Book: Scottish Witch, The)
Prudence Cabot - (Book: Scoundrel and the Debutante, The)
Prudence Belmont - (Book: Sealed with a Kiss)
Pearl Belladonna - (Book: Sean)
Phoebe Thompson - (Book: Seduced By a Rogue)
Portia Crompton - (Book: Seducing the Heiress)
Phoebe Stanhope - (Book: Seduction of Lady Phoebe, The)
Princess Zara - (Book: Sheik)
Princess Ashiana - (Book: Silver and Sapphires)
Princess Sophia Alexeyevna Golitskova - (Book: Silver Nights)
Paige Mallory - (Book: Sinister Silence, A)
Pamela Pennyworth - (Book: Sins of Lady Dacey, The)
Pippa Kingslake - (Book: Sir Ashley's Mettlesome Match)
Penelope Lindon - (Book: Slight Change of Plans, A)
Pandora Maybury - (Book: Some Like it Wicked)
Pamela Darby - (Book: Some Like It Wild)
Princess Laurentia - (Book: Someday My Prince)
Peg - (Book: Southern Treasures)
Pilar Sandoval y Serna - (Book: Spanish Serenade)
Pilar Sandoval y Serna - (Book: Spanish Serenade (ebook))
Pilar Sandoval y Serna - (Book: Spanish Serenade (reissue))
Pauline Ray - (Book: Spirit of the Valley)
Philippa Atwater - (Book: Spy, The)
Polly Gowan - (Book: Starlight)
Phillipa Damson - (Book: Storming the Castle (ebook))
Penelope Bridgeman - (Book: Sweet Madness)
Patience McCord - (Book: Sweet Talkin' Stranger)
Portia MacIntosh - (Book: Sweetwater)
Phoebe Marlow - (Book: Sylvester)
Phoebe Marlow - (Book: Sylvester (new edition))
Portia Tofton - (Book: Tall, Dark and Disreputable)
Padua Belvoir - (Book: Tall, Dark, and Wicked)
Pandora Wyatt - (Book: Tangled Hearts)
Phyllida Hurst - (Book: Tarnished Among the Ton)
Poppy Hathaway - (Book: Tempt Me at Twilight)
Priscilla Burke - (Book: Tempting A Proper Lady)
Portia St. Claire - (Book: Tempting Fortune)
Portia St. Claire - (Book: Tempting Fortune (reissue))
Portia St. Claire - (Book: Tempting Fortune (reissue))
Priscilla Stillbottom - (Book: Tempting Miss Prissy)
Patience Gordon - (Book: Texan's Honor, A)
Pilar - (Book: Texas Homecoming)
Pru Reynolds - (Book: Texas Star)
Priscilla Bedford - (Book: Texas Treasure)
Piper Malone - (Book: Thunder's Tender Touch)
Paulette Brandt - (Book: Thursday's Child)
Priscilla Pemberton - (Book: Timeswept Bride)
Phoebe Malleson - (Book: To Distraction)
Phillipa Carstairs - (Book: To Love a Wicked Lord)
Paulette Hamilton - (Book: To Tempt an Irish Rogue)
Penelope Parrish - (Book: Tomorrow's Dreams)
Portia Flagstaff - (Book: Touch of Passion, A (ebook))
Phadra Abbott - (Book: Treasured Vows)
Phoebe Ramsay - (Book: Tyrant, The)
Phoebe Sloan - (Book: Under the Desert Sky)
Penelope Ffolliot - (Book: Unexpected Bride, The)
Prudence Youlgrave - (Book: Unlikely Countess, An)
Portia Cabot - (Book: Vampire Who Loved Me, The)
Polly Wyatt - (Book: Venus
(aka Heart's Folly))
Princess Breanne of Stoneheim - (Book: Viking in Love)
Princess Thyre - (Book: Viking's Captive Princess, The)
Phillipa Stratten - (Book: Viscount Claims His Bride, The)
Phillipa Lambert - (Book: Viscount's Vixen, The)
Patience Harrington - (Book: Viscount's Wicked Ways, The)
Persephone “Persy” Daltry - (Book: Wallflower, The)
Penny Shoemaker - (Book: Wedded in Sin)
Pandora Effington - (Book: Wedding Bargain, The)
Penelope Shaw - (Book: Wednesday's Child)
Penelope Thorne - (Book: What a Duke Dares)
Prudence Merryweather - (Book: What a Wallflower Wants)
Priscilla Dalloway - (Book: What Price Love?)
Pamela Effington - (Book: When We Meet Again)
Pegeen MacDougal - (Book: Where Roses Grow Wild)
Penelope Ashford - (Book: Where the Heart Leads)
Perdita - (Book: Why Lords Lose Their Hearts)
Penelope Winthrop - (Book: Wicked Proposal, The)
Pepper Fitzpatrick Brown - (Book: Widow's Salvation, A (ebook))
Pleasance Dunstan - (Book: Wild Conquest)
Pleasance Dunstan - (Book: Wild Conquest (reissue))
Patience Pedigrue - (Book: Wild Serenade)
Penelope Rose - (Book: Winter Wedding, A)
Polly Ann Bray - (Book: Wishing)
Prisca Hawthorne - (Book: Wolf Next Door, The)


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