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Book Review
Overall: 9
Sensuality: 6
Historical Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Historical Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Just in Time
Author: Judith A. Lansdowne
Date of Review: 03/22/04
Reviewed by: Marilyn

Reviewer Comments: Setting – Shropshire, England 1795 --- Richard Dempsey, a clergyman and scholar had been invited by the Duke of Berinwick to become the new rector for St. Milburga’s of the Wood. Due to the time it took him to arrive from his other pursuits, the Duke who offered him the living has died and his son William Thorne, a rather sullen young man, is now the new Duke of Berinwick. First impressions being what they were, it was then not surprising that he and the duke did not immediately hit it off very well as Richard’s hound, Theophilus attacked the duke’s boot – particularly since the Duke was still wearing it.

It is not long before Richard discovers that Williams mother, the dowager Duchess Veronica, was the young girl that he’d fallen in love with at the age of seven. In his eyes every bit as beautiful as long ago, but with her eyes revealing the pain of harboring a mother’s secret. Soon Richard and the family’s faithful and devoted retainers would be swept into keeping Veronica, along with William and his younger sister Hannah, safe from the madman that had engineered the previous duke’s murder. A murder that up until then had been thought to be an accident.

For those readers who look for ‘classic’ regency tales that provide pure entertainment with humor, adventure, and elegant prose, you need look no further. I have found this author to fit the bill in all aspects when looking for just that. Out of the ordinary, are the two main protagonists as they are in the ‘autumn’ of their lives with a second chance at love. You will also find undeniably sweet, the words that every 40 plus woman would love to hear…. “You must be the most beautiful woman ever created by God, and every year of your life, God has added to your beauty inside and out until now, at the very sight of you, my heart cries aloud in wonder…” Poetic, humorous – you’ll just love the old hound Thoephilus – and a truly wonderful ‘love’ story. This was a really lovely read! ---

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