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Book Review
Overall: 9
Sensuality: 8
Historical Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Historical Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Wicked Becomes You
Author: Meredith Duran
Date of Review: 10/10/10
Reviewed by: Heather

Reviewer Comments:
How much disappointment can a girl have in her life? Gwen is about to find out. She wants to be a society rebel but can’t seem to overcome society’s view of her- as the darling who bad things happen to. Even when she does scandalize society, everyone thinks there are other reasons.

Gwen Maudsley has been left at the altar, twice. She wants to be married to stop those in society speaking about her - even if it is in a pitying way. She no longer has the guidance of her brother as he was killed but she has the support of family friends. Gwen heads to France to find the man who jilted her to get her brother’s ring back. In France, she meets up with Alex and follows him as he tries to find a Mr Barrington, the man who has the deed to some of his family land. When she meets Alex, she makes tentative steps to make him realize she is the one for him.

Alexander Ramsey is consumed with guilt. He feels responsible for Richard’s (Gwen’s brother) death. He appears in her life at some of the significant moments. As it turns out he discouraged one suitor but has no idea why the other abandoned Gwen at the altar (which has an interesting twist). Alex is also upset that his brother has sold an un-entailed property and he tries to track down the man and regain the family property. He pursues Gwen as he realizes she is the one for him but is devastated when she leaves him at the altar.

This story has some interesting plotlines. Initially that Gwen had twice been left at the altar and was looked upon sympathetically by society. The usual circumstance would be for the woman to be unable to hold her head up in society as she had been jilted more than once. Gwen seems to be able to be involved in scandal and still be approved of by society even though she didn’t marry a duke or earl. Gwen is very different from the normal society women. She doesn’t care about scandal and wants to become a scandalous woman but has difficulty following through even with Alex’s help. She visits the illicit places in Paris and enjoys being there.

This pair seem to be quite opposite but some of their underlying characteristics are similar. It is the nature of society that Alex can do things that it is unacceptable for women to do but Alex encourages her, if he can get what he wants. There is a chemistry between the pair and this is certainly a love match. I liked this story of an apparently mismatched pair who can overcome the differences to be together.

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