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Review for Wedded Bliss
Author: Barbara Metzger
Date of Review: 09/02/04
Reviewed by: Marilyn

Reviewer Comments: Robert, the Earl of Rockfort is a tried and true diplomat who takes his duties to the crown seriously, but appallingly neglects his two sons. Married and widowed twice, each wife had presented him with a son before expiring – sons that he was not quite certain were his. After being notified by the butler at Rock Hill that his spinster sister had run off with the bailiff who had both misappropriated funds from the estate as well as taken his precious Rembrandt, he hastened home only to discover that a widowed neighbor had also kidnapped his youngest son William. Arriving at the widow Hennings cottage and thinking the smallest young lad who appeared the right age was his (he hadn’t seen the child for two years and after all) he started for the door only to be stopped in his tracks by our heroine holding a gun aimed at his back demanding he unhand 'her son'! Later discovering that Alissa Henning was not the criminal he was led to believe, but a wonderful mother who his son had grown very attached to, he began to see the possibilities that a marriage of convenience would bring.

Initially Alissa swore she would never marry the pompous earl, until her landlord, the very vile Sir George decided to raise her rent; propose that she marry him and produce his heir, whilst he puts her two sons to work on his estate, plus marry off her dear sister to the first taker! Facing the alternatives of Sir George, or starvation, she decides to accept the Earl, who wants to marry immediately. Alissa complies with his dictates then is infuriated when the pompous ass leaves her right after the wedding to return to London to resume his bachelor life! Seeing her abandoned by her husband, Sir George thinks her fair game and accosts Alissa once again. Furious, Alissa has had enough of a convenient marriage and packs up bag and baggage, four children, four puppies, and his errant spinster sister and descends upon her husband’s town house demanding her connubial rights! Now that the stage has been set – let the fun begin!

Though our hero was quite reluctant in the beginning, he is soon brought to heel both as a father and an adoring husband in a most delightful way. Alissa is a charming and an extremely brave heroine who had the moral fiber and strength to pull this entire madcap family and retainers together. Along with a secondary romance between Robert’s sister and the duke who’d jilted her 20 years before, a madcap eccentric aunt, and the very exuberant youngest son, Billy, the reader is in for a delightful treat and will find themselves chuckling throughout. Metzger has totally won me over with her humor, witty dialogs and vastly entertaining cast of zany characters. Bottom line – For a truly entertaining sweetheart of a madcap romantic tale, Metzger is certain to deliver!

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