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Overall: 9
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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Historical Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Notorious Countess Confesses, A
Author: Julie Anne Long
Date of Review: 02/11/13
Reviewed by: Heather

Reviewer Comments: Can Adam and Eve meet in a later time and make it work?

Evie Duggan is quite open about her past. Yes, she was a singer and actress. Yes, she was a courtesan of sorts. Yes, she had a duel fought over her. Yes, the earl won her in a card game. And yes she married the Earl and became a countess. Evie is trying to hide from her Black Widow label among the ton and finds herself in a small manor house near the Everseas’s property. She wants the quiet life but she also wants to be accepted by the local community but when they find out about her past she is more ostracised than if she was among the ton. It seems that no matter what she does, including taming the O’Flaherty children and Lady Fennimore, she will have trouble being accepted by the community especially when it appears she is leading their minister into sin.

Adam Sylvaine is the youngest of six and his option in life was to become a vicar although he doesn’t believe he is very good at it. Yet he carries the burdens and sin of his parishioners more than they are willing to admit or even he realizes at times and when his prayer brings Henny out of her fever, Ellie is grateful and amazed. He is astonished at the tasks Evie is set to accomplish for acceptance by the local women and more astonished when she achieves success in the tasks but he knows that under the exterior is a woman who cares deeply.

The relationship between Adam and Evie develops through looks and words and simple touches after all he is the vicar and appearances do count. He makes his feelings known when he dances the waltz with Evie at the Assembly and it is the only dance he does especially as all of the single women in the village leave that spot available on their dance card just in case he asks.

Adam needs to make his feelings known before Evie accepts an invitation from Lord Haynesworth to return to London. Adam has to decide whether he wants to let Evie go or have her with him. This was certainly a story that was very different to one I have read before. I enjoy the way in which Ms Long spins her tale and the characters seem so real. This is the story of a woman who was brought up in poverty and became a countess and a man who doesn’t believe he is a good vicar. While they are seeming to be opposites they actually have their insecurities in common. It was certainly a sweet but fulfilling love story.

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