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Book Review
Overall: 9
Sensuality: 10
Historical Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Historical Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Erotic Romance! Review for Almost A Gentleman
Author: Pam Rosenthal
Date of Review: 09/01/03
Reviewed by: Marilyn

Reviewer Comments: WOW! When I read reviews and see such opposing viewpoints on a book I often find myself intrigued and want to see for myself what could cause such opposing viewpoints and after reading the book myself, I tend to think that the negative reviews were from people who either did not read the entire story or just ‘didn’t get it’!

After four years as a ‘trophy’ wife Phoebe, Lady Claringworth, had by way of a carriage accident caused by her hateful husband, been released from a marriage of misery and degradation - but at a terribly high price that also cost her the life of her son and unborn daughter. Widowed and emerging from injuries her way of life would be forever changed. With the help of a dear friend, she lay to rest Lady Claringworth and reemerged disguised as a young man, Philip “Phizz” Marston. Phizz would be the impeccable dandy who would over the next three years reign over the ton as the new “Beau” Brummel – who would dictate fashions that would set the standard and whose censure could destroy a persons reputation. Those early years would see her cold and unfeeling. Then one day feelings Phoebe once thought were dead would reemerge in startling intensity when the Earl of Linseley, David Hervey, came to Almacks one evening. The widowed Earl, thinking to find himself a new wife found, much to his chagrin, that the only person at Almacks that he was attracted to was a man - the beautiful androgynous Phizz Marston. Days later, and not very successful erasing Phizz's image from his mind, David would overhear a plot against Phizz and make an appointment with him to warn him and offer his assistance. Soon to his great relief David discovers that Phizz is, thankfully a woman and he must find a way to help her uncover the person behind the vile threats and drop her disguise to begin a new life with him.

For a debut novel I found this to be an outstanding as well as a sizzling and very erotic romantic love story. The plot which I originally thought might have been something on the comic side, I soon found to be thought provoking and original. I found the writing to be very graceful and appealing in it’s sensuality. While quite hot, there is also a definite feeling of reverence and honor David felt for Phoebe that I found most appealing in this very unselfish love story! Very sensual writing and artfully poetic – this is an author who bears watching!

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