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Book Review
Overall: 9
Sensuality: 9
Historical Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Historical Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Sword & the Sheath, The
Author: Bonnie Vanak
Date of Review: 01/07/07
Reviewed by: Lettetia

Reviewer Comments: Author, Bonnie Vanak has penned another action packed story of Egypt in THE SWORD & THE SHEATH. Come along as Fatima must pass the Khamsin warrior tests to become Guardian of the Ages to Tarik, son of Sheikh Jabari bin Tarik Hassid of the Khamsin warriors (The Falcon and the Dove).

Fatima, daughter of Ramses bin Asad Sharif (The Tiger and the Tomb), desperately wants to become a Khamsin warrior and will use her “gift of the Sight” to protect her people. Always on the outside, not accepted because of her strangeness Fatima desperately needs to prove herself worthy. Women are not permitted to carry weapons or to become warriors, yet Fatima has had a life long dream, and destiny has provided the perfect opportunity to fulfill that dream. When her “Sight” allows her to save the Tarik’s life, she is finally given the opportunity to prove herself capable of becoming a warrior. But will her “Sight” help her to keep Tarik safe from an assassin?

Tarik has been friends with Fatima and her twin, Asad, since childhood. Asad is Tarik’s Guardian of the Ages as his father is the Sheikh’s Guardian of the Ages. But Asad has another calling; a healer, yet he is honor bound to be Guardian. Tarik wants Fatima and has waited for the day when she would return to Egypt and the Khamsin. It has been eight long years since they have laid eyes on each other, and when it does happen she catches him making love to a woman. Tarik has fantasized only of Tima, wanted only Tima and yet she will stubbornly refuse him over and over again to be a warrior instead. He will die if something happens to Tima, and someone wants him killed in the worst way. Will she be caught in the cross-fire?

A rousing adventure of highest order, THE SWORD & THE SHEATH is passionate, richly detailed, action packed and fun, all rolled into one. Tarik and Fatima are antagonists that just won’t give an inch; neither wanting to reveal their feelings and give the opponent an advantage. They are well matched; the sparks leap off the pages whenever they are together. The author makes the Egyptian sands come alive on the pages in a way few can; allowing this reader to step back in time on a grand adventure. I highly recommend this book, and will gift several friends with a copy. Bravo!

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