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Overall: 9
Sensuality: 10
Historical Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Historical Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Madame Bliss
Author: Charlotte Lovejoy
Date of Review: 04/22/10
Reviewed by: Heather

Reviewer Comments: This story is a bawdy and erotic romp through the Georgian period. This story is designed to titillate (pardon the pun) the reader as per some of those timeless stories (Fanny Hill, Tom Jones). Ms Lovejoy takes the reader through this romp with amusement and a tongue in cheek approach which will definitely entertain the reader.

Mary Wren is a foundling and works in the scullery of the woman who discovered her. She has a very strict upbringing until she is corrupted by a visitor to Worthy Hall. She is caught with the man who ruins her and is cast out of the only home she has known as there are strict conditions on her upbringing. Luck is with her and she meets an Earl’s mistress who after introducing her to what could only be scandalous exploits, she lives with this lady and begins to live a life she never thought she would live. Mary finds her feet and becomes the toast of the men about town. Still, there are scares and secrets ready to be uncovered as the story progresses.

Mary is the central figure in the story and one particular hero is not evident and as she moves from man to man and situation to situation. However, she does find happiness at the end with a man of her choosing. Mary goes very quickly from naive and innocent young servant girl to seductive temptress and enjoys the power she has over men. Her new friend tells her so and Mary believes and uses that power to enjoy life. Mary’s character is very lucky as she finds what she wants to do with her life. Of course, there are some things that do not go smoothly but nevertheless she does manage to find her feet again. It is often Mary’s naiveté and over enthusiasm that leads her astray into any so called bad situation but she does find her way through.

There are many sex scenes during the story and these include male to female, female to female, threesomes, orgies and voyeurism. These scenes are not described in great depth as might be expected but provides the reader with enough description to ensure this is definitely in the erotica section. The scenes are designed to suit the circumstances and be integral to Mary’s life.

Ms Lovejoy certainly uses names to effect as the Earl’s title will provide some laughter and do many other names of characters in this story. This you will have to read for yourself! This is a story that is designed to be bawdy and to be taken lightly. The reader will find many different scenes inthe story to amuse them.

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