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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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(More historical romances can be found at: Erotica Romance Writers - Historical and Inspirational Romance Writers - Historical)

Anthology- Historical
Anthology- Historical: Seasonal- Christmas etc.
Anthology- Regency
Contemporary: Amish
Electronic: Historical (various time periods)
Historical: (1914-1918) World War I
Historical: (1939-1945) World War II
Historical: Africa (various time periods)
Historical: American - (1492-1775) Colonial
Historical: American - (1492-1900) Native American
Historical: American - (1775-1800) Revolution
Historical: American - (1795-1810) Turn of the 19th Century
Historical: American - (1800-1890) West
Historical: American - (1811-1820) Regency era
Historical: American - (1812) War of 1812
Historical: American - (1820-1861) Antebellum
Historical: American - (1837-1901) Victorian
Historical: American - (1845-1916) Frontier
Historical: American - (1860-1920) South
Historical: American - (1861-1865) Civil War
Historical: American - (1865-1887) Reconstruction
Historical: American - (1890-1915) Turn of the Century
Historical: American - (1900-1930) Early American
Historical: American - (1929-1940) Depression
Historical: American - (1945-1950) Post WWII
Historical: American - (1950-1960) Urban
Historical: American - Turbulent 1960's/War in Vietnam
Historical: Ancient Civilization - 753BC - 509BC Rome
Historical: Ancient Civilization - 1100BC - 612BC Assyrian
Historical: Ancient Civilization - 1900BC - 1100BC Babylonian
Historical: Ancient Civilization - 3500BC - 2340BC Sumerian
Historical: At Sea/Nautical (various time periods)
Historical: Australia (various time periods)
Historical: Aztec (1250 - 1521)
Historical: Byzantine Empire - Early (330-800)
Historical: Byzantine Empire - Late 1261-1453
Historical: Byzantine Empire - Middle (843-1260)
Historical: Canadian - Colonial (pre 1867)
Historical: Canadian (1867 - to present)
Historical: Caribbean 1492-1899
Historical: Celts 600BC-50AD
Historical: Constitutional Revolution in Persia (1906)
Historical: Crusades 1095-1200
Historical: Dark Ages- 350AD-999AD Western Europe
Historical: Eastern Asia (the Far East- various time periods)
Historical: Egypt (Ancient 3300 BC - 30 BC)
Historical: Egypt (various time periods)
Historical: England - ( 43- 410) Roman Britain
Historical: England - ( 410-1066) Anglo-Saxon
Historical: England - (1066-1154) The Normans
Historical: England - (1154-1399) Plantagenets (founded- Henry II)
Historical: England - (1399-1471) House of Lancaster
Historical: England - (1471-1485) House of York
Historical: England - (1485-1603) Tudor (includes-Henry VIII-Elizabeth I)
Historical: England - (1603-1714) The Stuarts
Historical: England - (1660-1689) Restoration (Charles II restored)
Historical: England - (1714-1810) Georgian
Historical: England - (1820-1837) Industrial Period
Historical: England - (1837-1901) Victorian
Historical: England - (1901-1910) Edwardian
Historical: England - (1910 . .) House of Windsor
Historical: England - Camelot & Arthurian
Historical: England - Legend of Robin Hood
Historical: England (various time periods)
Historical: Exotic Locale (various time periods)
Historical: Fantasy - (various time periods)
Historical: France - French Revolution 1789-1799
Historical: France - Napoleonic 1799-1815
Historical: France (various time periods)
Historical: Gothic - Classic 1764-1900
Historical: Greece - Ancient (1100 BC - 50 BC)
Historical: Incan Empire (1150-1572)
Historical: India (British India 1612-1948)
Historical: India (various time periods)
Historical: Ireland - (800-1500) Medieval
Historical: Ireland (various time periods)
Historical: Italy (various time periods)
Historical: Korean War (1950-1953)
Historical: Mayan Empire (300 - 900)
Historical: Median Empire
Historical: Medieval & Middle Ages 481-1453
Historical: Middle East (various time periods)
Historical: New Zealand (various time periods)
Historical: Pacific Islands
Historical: Pre-history
Historical: Renaissance (1380-1600)
Historical: Roman Empire (31BC-476AD)
Historical: Russia - Imperial Russia 1689-1917
Historical: Russia (various time periods)
Historical: Scotland - (1034-1371) Wars of Independence (Medieval)
Historical: Scotland - (1371-1707) Stewart/Stuart era (Renaissance)
Historical: Scotland - (1707-1746) Jacobites
Historical: Scotland - (1714-1811) Georgian era (UK)
Historical: Scotland - (1820-1901) Victorian era- extended
Historical: Scotland (various time periods)
Historical: Sheik - various time periods
Historical: South America (various time periods)
Historical: Spain (various time periods)
Historical: Vienna - 1800's
Historical: Vietnam War (1950 - 1975)
Historical: Viking (789 - 1066)
Historical: Wales - (800-1460) Medieval
Historical: Wales (various time periods)
Inspirational: Historical (various time periods)
Multicultural: African - Historical (various time periods)
Multicultural: African American Harlem Renaissance 1900-1940
Multicultural: African-American - Historical (various time periods)
Multicultural: Latino - Historicals (various time periods)
Multicultural: Pacific Islander - Historical (various time periods)
Paranormal: Historical
Plane Crashes
Regency: Adventure- Road Romance
Regency: Antagonists- Competitors- Opposites
Regency: Betrayal- Jealousy- or Revenge
Regency: Blackmail- Criminal Plot- or Murder
Regency: Bluestocking- Bookish- Governess
Regency: Bow Street Runners
Regency: Brussels, Belgium
Regency: Comedy- Caper- Farce
Regency: Danger- Fear- Suspense
Regency: Detective- Sleuth- Mystery
Regency: Era - England 1811-1820
Regency: Era - Scotland 1811-1820
Regency: Era - Wales 1811-1820
Regency: Family Saga
Regency: Fantasy- Paranormal- Supernatural
Regency: Friendships- Acquaintances
Regency: Gothic
Regency: Guardian- Ward
Regency: Ireland
Regency: Lost Love- Old Flames- Second Chances
Regency: Love- Unacceptable- Unrequited- Unexpected
Regency: Marriage of Convenience- Marriage Proposal
Regency: Mistaken Identity- Wrong Impression
Regency: Napoleonic 1811-1815
Regency: Nautical
Regency: Political- Agent of the Crown- Espionage
Regency: Scandal- Disgrace- flagrant Proposition
Regency: Seasonal motif- Christmas- Valentine etc.
Regency: Secrets- Deception- Hidden Past
Regency: Sensual
Regency: Spinster- Widow- Companion- Chaperone
Regency: Tutor- Pygmalion effect
Suspense: Detective-Sleuth - Historically Set
Time Travel: Future to Past
Time Travel: Historical Time Period to Past
Time Travel: Modern Day to Past
Time Travel: Past to Future
Time Travel: Past to Modern Day
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