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Historical: American - (1811-1820) Regency era
The Regency era began when the Prince of Wales was appointed Regent of England after his father, King George III, fell insane. Encompassing the years of 1811-1820, the period signaled the end of Georgian exuberance and the advent of Victorian sensibilities.

The United States maintained its independence against England during the Regency era. After declaring war in 1812, the two nations engaged in a two-year naval battle along the Canadian border. In 1814, the Treaty of Ghent brought the futile war to an end. However, America remained entangled in several domestic controversies such as the First Seminole War in 1817 and the mounting tensions over slavery fueled by the Missouri Compromise in 1820.

Title: Bewitching by Gloria Dale Skinner
Title: Bride and the Buccaneer, The by Darlene Marshall
Title: Cabinetmaker's Daughter, The by Joan Overfield
Title: Capital Match by Theresa Grazia
Title: Captain Sinister's Lady by Darlene Marshall
Title: Charleston Tangle by Joan Overfield
Title: Delicate Dilemma by Luanne Walden
Title: Duchess and the Dragon, The by Jamie Carie
Title: English Alliance, An by Dawn Lindsey
Title: English Bride, The by Theresa Grazia
Title: Fair Exchange by Emma Harrington
Title: Freedom to Love (ebook) by Susanna Fraser
Title: Gentleman's Trade by Holly Newman
Title: Hearts in Disguise by Emma Harrington
Title: Innocent Betrayal by Mary Campisi
Title: Lady No More, A by Eileen Witton
Title: Let Sleeping Rogues Lie by Sabrina Jeffries
Title: Love's Gambit by Emma Harrington
Title: Love's Hidden Treasure by Carol Finch
Title: MacGregor's Bride by Barbara Dan
Title: Miss Lavigne's Little White Lie by Samantha Grace
Title: Racing Hearts by Eileen Witton
Title: Reluctant Debutante, The by Marilyn Carter
Title: Siren's Song by Constance O'Banyon
Title: Stolen Promise by Lisa Marie Wilkinson
Title: Unspoken Vows by Connie Rinehold
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