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Bobbi Smith

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Halfbreed Warrior (reprint)
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His Immortal Embrace (Anthology)
by : Hannah Howell ,
Sara Blayne, Kate Huntington, Lynsay Sands

Darkly handsome and dangerously seductive vampires offer women their eternal love, in four all-new romantic tales.

Book 1 - Sara Blayne: “Stranger in the Night.”
Georgiana Thornberry hopes to unearth ancient treasure while exploring the moldering ruins of her ancestral home. Instead she encounters Julius Lathrop. Does the enigmatic — and disturbingly attractive — stranger hold the key to a family legend? Or something far more sinister?

Book 2 - Hannah Howell: “The Yearning.”
Tormented by an ancient curse, the young men of Clan MacCordy reach manhood only to walk forever in darkness, thirsting for blood — and Alpin MacCordy is no different. He must wed for coin and land, despite his betrothed's terror — and his own fascination with another woman, Lady Sophie Hay . . .

Book 3 - Kate Huntington: “The Awakening.”
Orphaned Thalia Layton is stricken to hear that her beloved, eccentric Aunt Cordelia has taken ill. But upon her arrival at Cordelia's remote estate, Thalia discovers that her aunt has harbored dangerous secrets — and that Thalia's own attraction to Adrian Lucerne, Cordelia's mysterious — and oddly nocturnal — companion, may prove to be a sensual temptation that will cost her life . . .

Book 4 - Lynsay Sands: "Bitten."
After brooding Keeran MacKay saves Emily Wentworth Collins from a storm-tossed ship, he offers her shelter in his secluded castle. But when a savage kiss reveals Keeran's true nature, Emily realizes that yielding to Keeran's untamed desire may change her own life . . . forever.

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His Immortal Embrace (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
September 2003
Anthology- Paranormal

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