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Moon Swept
by : Rebecca York ,
Two previously released books in 1 volume

Two of Rebecca York's acclaimed werewolf novels, now come together in one exhilarating volume of suspense and sensuality under the pale light of the moon.

Book 1 - “Witching Moon.”
The swamp is their sanctuary. Its nights echo with the beat of their moonlit revels, feeding their dark hunger for power — and for revenge. The Nature's Refuge preserve deep in the southern Georgia swamp was a place steeped in superstition and legend — and death. The previous head ranger had ended up dead, but werewolf Adam Marshall is ideally suited to explore the park and investigate its dangers. But in the still of the night, a mysterious fire burns, and even Adam's highly honed instincts are disoriented by the thick, drugging smoke — leading to a near disaster. Adam's suspicions are raised by Sara Weston, a botanist who has come to the swamp to research the vegetation. He finds himself drawn to her in ways he doesn't understand, yet fights the passion that threatens to cloud his judgment. And when a coven of witches with a score to settle with the locals decides that Adam and Sara are in their way, Adam will discover that Sara is hiding secrets as powerful as the one that runs through his blood.

Book 2 - “Crimson Moon.”
He wants to save the world. Then he meets a woman who arouses his hunger as no other — a woman who needs the protection of both man and wolf. Johnny Marshall spent his life looking for trouble...until a bar brawl' left him half dead. Needing a fresh start, the young werewolf headed west and changed his identity. As Sam Morgan, he now dedicates his life to protecting the environment and steals from those that abuse the land. His latest target is a lumber baron. But before Sam has a chance to implement his plans, he encounters the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. The problem: She's the lumber baron's daughter! Olivia Woodlock is a woman of many secrets — and she isn't about to surrender them to anyone. Especially not Sam Morgan — an enigmatic stranger who is obviously harboring a few secrets of his own. But she can't resist the heat smoldering between them — or Sam's offer for help. Because Olivia is in danger, and if she doesn't stop the man intent on dominating her — and destroying anyone who stands in his way — she and Sam will have no chance to explore the passion that promises to bind them together for an eternity!


Moon Swept

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Publish Date:
November 2006
Anthology- Paranormal

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