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Harmony's Way
by : Lora Leigh

You meet our hero, Lance, in Megan's Mark. The sheriff of Broken Butte New Mexico and a man who doesn't like have his carefully constructed life becoming messy.

Enter one fully grown, fiery female lion breed assassin.

Harmony's life is on the line and saving her won't be easy. Breed Law gives her only one chance to turn her Breed talents to serve the law, rather than to mete out justice. Has she confined the killing to Coyotes or Council members, she could have slid by, but Harmony's weakness is the predators who attack children and destroy young lives forever. That weakness finds her paired with Lance Jacob's, whose job it is to teach the lioness the difference between law and justice.

Mating her wasn't in the job description that the Director of the Bureau of Breed Affairs, Jonas Wyatt, outlined. But nature, lust, and love will eventually have its way. As will death if Lance doesn't find a way to solve the mystery of several deaths in his town. Murders obviously committed by a Breed. And highest on the list of suspects, is Lance's mate.

Series: The Breeds
Overcome (anthology) - Book
Feline Breeds - Tempting the Beast - Book 1
Tempting the Beast - Book 1
Feline Breeds - The Man Within - Book 2
Wolf Breeds - Elizabeth's Wolf - Book 3
Feline Breeds - Kiss of Heat - Book 4
Coyote Breeds - Soul Deep - Book 5
Soul Deep - Book 5
Breed Next Door, The (ebook) - Book 6
Megan's Mark - Book 7
Harmony's Way - Book 8
Tanner's Scheme - Book 9
Wolf Breeds - Wolfe's Hope - Book 10
Wolf Breeds - Jacob's Faith - Book 11
Wolf Breeds - Aiden's Charity - Book 12
Beyond the Dark (anthology--reissue) - Book 13
Dawn's Awakening - Book 14
Mercury's War - Book 16
Magical Christmas Cat, The - Book 17
Coyote's Mate - Book 18
Bengal's Heart - Book 19
Hot For the Holidays - Book 20
Lion's Heat - Book 21
Styx's Storm - Book 22
Primal (anthology) - Book 23
Navarro's Promise - Book 24
Lawe's Justice - Book 25
Stygian's Honor - Book 26
Rule Breaker (paperback) - Book 27
Rule Breaker (hardcover) - Book 27
Bengal's Quest (hardcover) - Book 28

Harmony's Way

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Publish Date:
December 2006
Paranormal: Genetically altered

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