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Overall: 9
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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Paranormal Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
Date of Review: 09/07/05
Reviewed by: Marilyn

Reviewer Comments: Dentist Shanna Whelan is a woman with problems – she’s in a federal witness protection program and working in a 24 hour dental clinic on the graveyard shift. On top of that, after witnessing a brutal and bloody crime, she can no longer function well as a dentist - fainting at the mere sight of blood. She needs to stay hidden and normally, she sat around by herself with very few patients coming by during the middle of the night. The most dangerous part of the job would be dying of boredom! With the ring of the phone, Shanna’s peaceful world was about to come tumbling down – she’d been found by the bad guys! It couldn’t get much worse but after locking the doors and getting ready to run, in walked Roman Draganesti – a vampire with to his mind, an even bigger problem. He’d lost a fang after biting something he shouldn’t have and had to get it reattached before dawn and his natural healing ability closed the wound forever.

After convincing Shanna that he wasn’t there to kill her – showing his bloody mouth and having her promptly pass out – Roman spirited her out, before the hit men busted in. In Shanna, Roman had discovered a mortal who could block him out as he tried to manipulate her mind, and though SHE wasn’t quite sure what HE was – other than a little bit odd, and enormously sexy – Shanna thought here was a man who she felt safe with and he just might be able to save her life. Then again, maybe NOT, after she realized that the ‘wolf tooth’ she had re-implanted was really a vampire’s fang!

*** This was an appealing, sometimes funny, and sometimes serious paranormal that I found enormously entertaining. The lead couple was very likeable with the requisite sexual chemistry between the two, YET the plot was robust enough not that it didn’t have to rely on heavy sensuality to keep the readers attention. Roman, was not only one sexy vampire, but a brilliant scientist whose creation of synthetic blood saved not only mortals lives but kept vampires satisfied as well as he tried to create a world where vamps and mortals could live together in peace. All of the characters from the leads, to a plethora of secondary characters, their backgrounds, and motivations were expertly drawn and kept the action fresh and lively. I found myself chuckling out loud over the sexy double entendres, and totally enjoying ‘vampire sex’. This was a true delight and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next in this highly entertaining vampire series

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